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VMware Course Content:

Chapter 1: Introduction of Virtualization:

  • What is Virtualization and Types of Virtualization
  • Concept of Server Virtualization and need for it
  • Benefits of Virtualization
  • Hypervisor and Types
  • Overview of VMware vSphere Software Products

Chapter 2: Introduction, Install, Configuration and Management of ESXI Server

  • Understanding Concept of ESXi Server
  • Hardware/Software Requirements and Installation Types of ESXi Server
  • Install and Configure ESXi Server
  • Access ESXi through VSphere Client and First Look View

Chapter 3: Create, Configure and Manage Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machines Files
  • Creating Virtual Machines on ESXi Server
  • Configure Resources(CPU, Memory, Network and Storage) on Virtual Machines
  • Manage Virtual Machines (Monitoring, Performance Reports, VMware Tools etc.)

Chapter 4: Configure and Manage Virtual Networking

  • Basics of Virtual Networking and its components (NIC cards, Switches etc.)
  • Understanding concept of Standard Switch and Distributed Switch
  • Comparison between Standard and Distributed Switches
  • Creation of Virtual Switches and Port Group concepts

Chapter 5: Configure and Manage Virtual Storage

  • Basics of Virtual Storage
  • Types of Storages and supported Protocols
  • Configure Storage in Virtual Environment

Chapter 6: Introduction, Install, Configuration and Management of vCenter Server and Its Components

  • Understanding vCenter Server/Appliance
  • Components of VCenter Server
  • Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Install and Configuration of VCenter Server
  • Accessing vCenter Server by using VSphere Client and Web client.
  • Connecting to Active Directory and other identity sources
  • Features and Organizing Inventory Views
  • Importing ESXi Servers into vCenter Management
  • Manage ESXi and Virtual Machines from vCenter Console

Chapter 7: Concept of Snapshot, Clone, and Template

  • Creation, Deletion and Reverting Snapshot
  • Clone Types (Cold and Hot) and Creation of clone
  • Understanding Templates
  • Create, Import, and export templates
  • Difference between Snapshot, Clone, and Template

 Chapter 8: VSphere VMware Features

  • Understanding Fault Tolerance and Features
  • Understanding Cluster Configuration and HA/DRS Features
  • Difference between HA and Fault Tolerance
  • Concept of vMotion and Storage vMotion
  • Migrate Virtual Machines from One ESXi to another ESXi

Chapter 9: ESXi and VCenter Permission Levels:

  • Control User access management
  • Configure and Manage ESXI Firewall Ports and Services
  • Lock Down mode concept
  • Integrate ESXI with Active Directory

Chapter 10: Monitoring, Event and Tasks, Alarms and Performance Reports

  • Monitoring infra from ESXi and vCenter
  • Understanding Event and Tasks
  • Alarm categories and definitions
  • Creating custom alarms and actions
  • Reviewing alarms and acknowledging them
  • Prepare performance reports for Infra.

 Chapter 11: Patch Management – VMware Update Manager

  • Understanding concept of Update Manager
  • Install and Configure Update Manager
  • Perform Patches on ESXi Server using Update Manager (Download Patches, Create Baseline and apply patches to Servers)

Chapter 12: VMware Converter – VSphereStandaloneConverter (P2V/V2V)

  • Understanding concept of VMware Converter
  • Install and Configure Converter
  • Convert Physical Machine to Virtual By Using converter
  • Other useful concepts

 Chapter 13: Command Line Management

  • Basic commands for ESXI Server Management
  • Commands for Virtual Machine Management
  • Connect ESXi server via Putty

Chapter 14: Trouble Shooting

  • Various Real time troubleshooting scenarios
  • Virtual Machine common issues
  • Troubleshooting ESXi (Blue Dump, Server Not Responding etc.)
  • vCenter (Data Base, Services and Health Status)
  • Migrating Virtual Machines from One Server/Storage to Other Server/Storage

Chapter 15: Project

  • Virtual Environment Live Setup and Overview
  • Preparation of Resumes
  • Interview Question and Answers
  • Technology Related Blogs, links and videos.