Users with LeanFT


LeanFT is a lightweight, powerful functional automated testing solution. It supporting a wide range of AUT solutions. The targeted to dev-testers in Agile teams, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Experts. LeanFT integrates with the development and Quality Assurance Eco Systems Users with LeanFT.

Users with LeanFT

LeanFT incorporates testing early into the development cycle. this is perfect for the Agile method. It is available with UFT 12.5. It can also be a standalone solution. This compatible with the already prevailing eco-systems and testing frame work. Git, Eclipse, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Cucumber, powerful, test scripting and integration IDE. This helps developers and testers to strengthen their scripts and improve their maintenance. It combines the best of vendor based and open source concepts. The wrapping up Selenium with the key functionality of UFT selenium training in hyderabad.

LeanFT is not based on a strategy to replace UFT. They are two different products preferred for different issues Users with LeanFT .

LeanFT IDE Integration:

HP has mentioned three main users for LeanFT. They are DevTesters, Test Automation Engineers, and Subject Matter Experts. HP identified the requirements of each user type and the tool used by each user selenium training institutes in hyderabad .


These users are the former UFT users who have moved to Selenium using C# or Java. They are missing some of the functionality that they had been using in UFT. LeanFT has targeted users able key functionalities of UFT with Selenium. The tests in LeanFT authored using C# and Java. The interactions with AUT scripted using the LeanFT libraries. The.NET / Java libraries and 3rd party libraries used to extend the test scripts. the technologies supported by UFT, LeanFT supports the Users with LeanFT

  • Windows Standard
  • .NET windows form
  • Web
  • WPF
  • Insight Recognition
  • Mobile
Test Automation Engineers:

These are the users who work with UFT with limited knowledge of other languages. They are loyal to UFT and are not keen on shifting to any other tool. LeanFT carries forward the existing concepts, mechanisms, and tools of UFT. It adopts UFT’s Test Objects and Descriptions, Object Identification Mechanisms. Test Automation Engineers leverage the knowledge of UFT. while using LeanFT and create robust tests handle the changes in the application. It appears learning curve for the testers, but it will lead to more collaborated solutions selenium training in hyderabad.

Subject Matter Experts/Business Testers/ Business Analysts:

They are the people with expert knowledge of what it would take to do a particular job. These are the nontechnical users who do not need to learn LeanFT. They have a more developer oriented focus for continuous delivery. They will be using BPT and script less keyword driven automation. Applying LeanFT development and path of continuous integration and continuous assessment. It results in delivery, high predictability, lower costs and excellent user experience selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Users with LeanFT

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