What is TOSCA

Tricentis Tosca is a testing tool used to automate end-to-end testing for programming applications. It is produced by Tricentis. Tricentis Tosca joins various parts of software testing to test GUIs and APIs from a business perspective.

Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Tosca Training in Hyderabad

Kosmik Provides Tosca training in Hyderabad. We are providing lab facilities with completely advanced training.   We will give 100% job assistance.



  • Automation Testing Introduction
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of automation testing
  • Various Automation Testing Tools

TOSCA Introduction       

  • Introduction
  • Advantages and Disadvantages by comparing with other tools


  • System Requirements
  • Tosca Installation Process
  • Standard Module Import
  • Tosca Architecture

Tosca Commander         

  • Actions/Sections – Requirements
  • Modules
  • Test Cases
  • Execution List
  • Test Case Design
  • Check in, check out & Update All


  • Record & Playback features
  • Generate script through recording

Modules & Test Cases  

  • Object Identification
  • How Tosca identifies objects
  • How to scan & create module
  • Create a basic test case
  • Object Identification methods – By properties, By Anchor, By image, By Index
  • Examples

Action Modes  

  • Working with various Action modes – Input, Verify, WaitOn, Buffer, Select, Constraint
  • Examples


  • WaitOn
  • Default Settings
  • Static Wait

Standard Modules

  • Buffer Operations – How to set buffer?
  • How to delete buffer?
  • Partial buffer
  • Expression evaluator
  • Window Operations – Send Keys, Window Operations
  • Process Operations

Reusable Test Step blocks

  • Create & Use Libraries
  • Examples

Conditions & Loops

  • Conditional Statement
  • If & Else
  • Iterations/Repetitions


  • Use of constraint
  • Dynamic data handling

Test Case Design

  • Create data in Test Case design
  • Mapping & Template conversion
  • Generating test cases from instances
  • Examples


  • Adding Technical Parameters
  • Steering Parameters
  • Dynamic objects handling

Execution List

  • Execution set creation
  • Test Cases linking to execution set
  • Test execution results
  • Examples

FAQs/Interview Questions

  • Discussion on interview questions