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Data Joining


Data joining is a common need in any data analysis. We may need to join data from many sources or join data from different tables in a single source. It is provides to join the table by using the data pane available by under. Data menu in the Edit Data Source.

Creating a Join

Let’s consider the data source sample superstore. To create a join between Orders and Returns table. We have gone to the Data menu and then choose the option Edit Data Source. Next we drag the two tables, orders and Returns to the data pane. 

The below diagram displays the creation of inner join between orders



Editing Join Type

The type of join which Table creates automatic could change manual. We click on the middle of two circles showing join. A popup window appears below which displays the four types of joins available.

In the below diagram we see the inner and left outer join as the available joins.



Editing Join Fields

We should change the fields forming by clicking on the Data Source option for join condition. Available in the join popup window. While selecting the field we can also search for the field we are looking for using a search text box.




Data Blending

Data Blending is a powerful feature in Tableau. It is use when there is relate data in more data sources to analyze together in a single view. As an example which you want, The Present sales data is in a relational database. Then to compare actual sales to target sales.  We can blend the data based on common dimensions to get access to the Sales Target measure. The two sources involved in data blending are referring as Primary data sources.

Preparing Data for Blending

Tableau has two inbuilt data sources named Sample superstore. mdb which we will use to illustrate data blending. Let’s first load the sample coffee chain to tableau and look at its metadata. Go to the menu Data. Browse for the sample coffee chain new Data Source file which is a MS access database file. The below diagram displays the different tables and joins available in the file.



Adding Secondary Data Source

Next we add the secondary data source named by again following the steps Data. New Data Source and choosing this data source. Both the data sources now appear on the Data window as shown below.



Blending the Data

Now we can integrate the data from both above common dimension for based on sources. Note that a small chain image appears next to the dimension named State. This indicates the common dimension between the two data sources.  

Tableau Training institute in KPHB

We select the bullet chart option from Show me to get the bullet chart below. It showed how the profit ratio varies for each state in both the superstore and coffee chain shops.



what is Tableau Software?


certified tableau training in kphb hyderabad

Tableau established in 2003. Its provides all the core features mandatory in a Business Intelligence System. It is user interface is easy and can be ingress even by the non-experts. It allows to drag and drop data so that you can examine it’s the way you want to. Users can easy to connect to data and create dashboards quick. It follows a new resemble to BI so, that you can produce fast analysis and insights from data. It allows to merge data from different sources and use it as input. Which makes it more than 10 times faster than its candidates.

Tableau designed by meet the necessity of anyone who needs to analyze business data. It’s an executive, analyst or manager. It can support a wide range of industries like plan, real estate and lot others. It has spent years of research to install the best practices for the solutions. The Tableau is high featured software. Its includes a shareable dashboard, interactive reports, and expandability

Users can accept share information from anywhere. As it is total accordant with all the mobile platforms and tablets. You can clear view them as you would on a PC. You can strengthen your analysis by add extra layers of data and incorporate many sources of data. It keeps get rank as one of the superior software for offers BI solutions. It is a great option for small and medium enterprises.


Tableau Features

The Tableau offers solutions for all categories of industries, departments and data environments. Below are the unique features which qualify tableau manage so many various scenarios

Speed of Analysis:

As it does not need high level of program expertness. Any computer user with ingress to data can start use it to extract value from the data.



The Tableau doesn’t need a complex software setup. The desktop version which is use by most users is easy to install. Its Contains all the characteristic needed to start and intact data analysis


Visual Discovery: 

The user traverse and analysis the data by use of visual tools. There is little script done as near done by drag and drop.

Blend Diverse Data Sets: 

The Tableau allows you to mingle different comparative. Semi structured and raw data sources in real time, without exorbitant up front integration. The users don’t need to know the details of how data stored.

Architecture Agnostic:

The Tableau works in all kinds of devices where data flows. The user need not worry about specific hardware or software requirements to use Tableau

Real Time Collaboration:

It’s allow the colleagues to subscribe to your interactive dashboards. So they see the latest data just by refresh their web browser.

Centralized Data:

The tableau server offers a centralized location. To manage the organization’s published data sources. You can delete, change permissions, add tags, and manage schedules in one suited location. It’s easy to schedule extract refreshes and manage them in the data server.

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Future for Tableau software

Tableau Training Kukatpally Hyderabad

Tableau is one of the best data visualization tools that. It’s smooth and easy to learn. Tableau’s public version is also quite popular. However, we do feel that QlikView, Qliksense gives some real competition to Tableau. At an enterprise level, We can see more demand for QlikView/Qliksense than Tableau. As of now learning Tableau will definitely add value to your profile. And Qliksense & Tableau are pretty similar in functionality once you get comfortable.

Tableau Future Scope

The future of tableau is hard to predict. But at present tableau is a better help for a career. Having knowledge and skills in tableau will make professionals get a successful career.
It is the fast-growing BI tool in the market today, though its growth has hampered in last two quarters. It has a big fan club, great community, and devoted users, so it will be a leader for time to come for sure.
Tableau is good business intelligence tool, we impressed by looking at its big data attachment. There is a good amount of work is happening with cutting-edge technologies for the tableau. So it’s a good time to learn this technology and make a good career. If you are good at learning then definitely future is going to be bright for you.
There is a lot of scope for Tableau in India, considering that more startups and SMB’s are coming up in the country. These companies will generate a huge amount of data and then will use data science to analyze all that. Considering that they are not likely to have a lot of employees. They will need tools like Tableau to do the task of visualizing data for them.
Tableau is a tool with drag and drops serviceability. That can help you makes interactive and beautiful reports, graphs, charts and more.
All other data visualization and BI tools that are easy to understand. It provides the desired results have a lot of scope in India.

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