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Brief History of Selenium Training

Selenium Training Online Session

The Selenium Training Online/ Class mode happens to be the in the strike set of all the program testers. its start, Selenium many of its good features and right now it is small of a hot cup cake. The promised to get a basic understanding of Selenium. whether should go for selenium training to market career Brief History of Selenium Training.

 Brief History of Selenium Training

Selenium made for Software Testing Specialists. which is better-understood learner has the basic understanding of Java. A slight knowledge of testing concepts can be the feather in the cap selenium training in hyderabad.


Selenium open source lightweight and automated software evaluation tool. It used for assessment of web applications. Selenium can operate across different operating systems and different web browsers. It isn’t a single tool but a couple of various tools. Those aid testers in automating the net based applications Brief History of Selenium Training.

This is a brief understanding of various tools that make Selenium the apple of testers’ sight.

Selenium IDE

The Integrated Development Environment of Selenium is a Firefox plugin. which allows the testers to record activities follow the workflow to test. It offers the graphical user interface that reports the user’s Firefox actions. This may use with Firefox web browser and other browsers are not reinforced.

Selenium RC

Selenium HANDY REMOTE CONTROL is a flagship screening framework. that enables testers to perform simple browser activities and linear execution. It completely uses the advantages of programming languages. like Java, C#, Python, PHP, PERL, and Ruby that helps in the creation of more technical tests selenium training in hyderabad.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is the successor of Selenium RC. It immediately sends commands to the web browser and then the results retrieved.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid is an instrument. Which employed to run lab tests parallel across different machines and different browsers. This results in reduced amount of execution time Brief History of Selenium Training.

Benefits of Selenium
  • Selenium is a wide open source tool
  • It extended for several different technologies that expose DOM
  • The ability to perform scripts across different browsers
  • It also can perform scripts on different os’s
  • They support cellular devices.
  • It executes exams within the browser. Thus no concentrate needed during script execution.
Cons of Selenium

The few cons of Selenium which definitely will not affect the acceptance of Selenium. Here we go.

  • Selenium supports only online applications
  • It generally does not own the feature of recovery scenario
  • They do not have IDE credited to which the development of script becomes slow
  • It does not have the ability to control access within the browser
  • This does not have test article generation
  • The user has to depend on program writing language for parameterization

 Brief History of Selenium Training

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Fundamentals of Regression Testing

Uses of Regression Testing


Fundamentals of Regression Testing

The sort of software testing technique execution of new features. changes of the prevailing functionality named regression screening. Its purpose is to ensure all changes to the code do not evoke any aspect effects. interrupt the right operation of the complete system and its own components Uses of Regression Testing.

Uses of Regression Testing

Regression tests also performed after certain pests fixed. It has done for verifying the problems removed. the task of bug repairing should not influence anyhow the existing functionalities selenium training in hyderabad

To perform the procedure of software product any changes or alterations. the number of techniques employed.

What Are the Regression Evaluating Techniques?

  • Retest all
  • Test selection
  • Prioritization of test cases

The method of retesting all designed test situations in the quite cost-intensive. time-consuming as it needs much work and resources. In case the deadline is arriving, then this system will not affect.

 Than reusing the whole suite, it is best to make use of only the given tests. that divided into obsolete and reusable test circumstance. The specialists will be given consideration and rerun only reusable lab tests.

 The most resultative strategy is the selection of test cases based on their priority. the specialists reuse only those scripts are essential corresponding to business purposes. The main features, etc. As a result, testing needs less time and resources selenium training in hyderabad

What Cases OUGHT TO Checked out with Regression Assessment?

  • The efficient aspects that happen to be noticeable for the end-users.
  • Every complex test case.
  • Scripts that find the frequent issues.
  • Boundary value checks.
  • One successful and one inability cases as samples.
  • Every integration script.
  • Cases that cover center features of the merchandise under test.

If the machine functionality is changes and new functionality added. then to conduct regression testing is rather costly. the test tools that help to simplify the checking process and reduce its price selenium training in hyderabad

What Are the various tools for Regression Evaluation?

  QTP (Quick Test Professional) produced by HP. It designed to write programmed regression, as well as practical cases. For automation, VBScript language used. This tool is keyword-based and data-driven.
  Selenium – the open-source tool for automated testing of web apps. Browser-based regression evaluation carried out with the consumption of Selenium.
  RFT (Rational Functional Tester) – Java tool created by IBM. It applied to automated regression tests. the tool included with Rational Test Manager.

Uses of Regression Testing

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Success in Test Automation

Test Automation Success Steps

Success in Test Automation

Test automation very employed by companies because of the many benefits it offers. It is better-tested route coverage to repetitive and exhaustive evaluation. it overcomes individual problems that brought on by fatigue or neglectfulness. But along with so many advantages, it also poses many problems Test Automation Success Steps.

 Test Automation Success Steps

 The automation solution for every situation but managers often an automation solution for every situation but managers often think. it is very daunting to find the correct one and use it in the best way. Let’s have a look at 6 steps to have success in test automation. These steps easy but tend ignored, leading to failure selenium training in hyderabad.

Understanding and commitment

the team understands that automation is essential and everyone committed to the reason. The testers recognize that automation assisted by computer and not an automated process. the testers’ in technology, report analysis, assembly, script creation and result from analysis vital Test Automation Success Steps.

Dedicated team

There must be a dedicated band of automation testers. that are only assigned to look into test automation. Automation program shouldn’t treat as a part time work. the professionals to propagate this sense selenium training in hyderabad.

Goal of automation

 The clear about the exact goal of using test automation for your project. It increases the test coverage, lowering the time for test execution of destabilization. The other areas of tests like API tests. The concentrate of the automation program clarified and strategy Test Automation Success Steps.

Sticking with coding guidelines

Automation testers automation is development. the entire scripting should be in adherence to coding recommendations. Data driven method used to allow endless testing by changing the info. Ideas like reusability and data independence implemented selenium training in hyderabad.

Choosing the right tool

The success of test automation will depend on a good choice of automation tool. the factors like goal, efficiency, functionality, kind of product and cost. There are various specific tools for different kinds of trials. like, Be the successful runner and Silk Test for GUI trials, NUnit, and JUnit for unit testing. The open up source tools like Selenium. That manipulated and personalized as per the rule selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Figuring out the right tests

The test situations automated, the emphasis should be on automating those test circumstances. that are high on priority or that have high chances of failure. The high activity software pathways order position, integration factors between components or applications. techniques and the areas that need repetitive testing are perfect situations for automation selenium training in hyderabad.

 Test Automation Success Steps

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LeanFT UFT Is Still Functional?

 LeanFT UFT Functional Testing


HP’s dominance in neuro-scientific functional testing has grown over time. It’s been introducing new and powerful software evaluation tools regular and successful. That is to drop the negative factors of the prevailing tools and overcome. the eventual limits induced by the growth of related hardware and software systems LeanFT UFT Functional Testing.

LeanFT UFT Functional Testing

HP acquired and still automated functional tests tool called UFT the market. It used for practical, service and regression evaluation. It can automate an internet or client centered application’s user actions. perform the same actions for different data packages on different operating systems. When executed it will save a great deal of time and money.

UFT made to automate windows established and online client-server applications. But, it struggles to support all the technologies by default. it requires an extension by installing matching add ins selenium training in hyderabad.

 Features of LeanFT and UFT

LeanFT given features lengthen the functionality of UFT. It combines the existing features of UFT with those of Selenium. The issues encountered Dev Testers, SUBJECT MATERIAL Experts, and Test Automation Technicians. UFT cannot match the model of continuous integration and constant delivery. LeanFT makes this possible based on this model. Further, LeanFT leverages the top features of Object Oriented program writing language. which cannot provide by UFT selenium training institutes in hyderabad.


LeanFT can run as a standalone testing tool. it installed as an increase with UFT fulfilling a few pre-requisites. Experts in UFT may adapt to LeanFT. Those find themselves unacquainted with both should try to learn either from nothing LeanFT UFT Functional Testing.

LeanFT runs on the comprehensive documentation for API’s. which are being used for automated testing. It also provides an SDK for.Net and Java.

Object Identification Center

The combination of the Object Identification Center(OIC). LeanFT varieties a superset of the UFT functionalities. it is possible to convert the prevailing thing repositories of UFT into LeanFT. This regards to the best interests of the test method and not for the sake of the latest technology. it must talk through LeanFT includes extended features of UFT. it generally does not actually replace UFT. LeanFT combines the principles of superior software with those of open up source. It combines the features of Selenium with the key operation of UFT LeanFT UFT Functional Testing.

LeanFT UFT Functional Testing

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Advantages of Selenium Live Project

Live project selenium training in Hyderabad

 Advantages of Selenium Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

There are many advantages of. In the Digital marketing, many websites become popular with the growth of the internet. millions of websites exist in the world. To get noticed much new application develop the experts and developers in the websites. Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad Web-based application testers are becoming popular by developing web-based applications. experts have a higher position in the world because selenium is the king of automation tool learners are increasing gradually training resources have been increasing.Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

Many selenium Training experts are coming out from the tutorials and creating the excellent career path.  areas becoming computerized many web applications are being relevant by the people. The trainers will provide chat facility for the students to contact and clear off the doubts if any. Besides, each student will get a free access to a community of experts. This community can also be used for clearing doubts and for exchanging ideas Live Project is a part of courses and it has great significance.  Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

 Here are some of those advantages Of Selenium Training Institutes In Hyderabad.

  • This will help the trainees to discuss ideas and to get more information about the technology from the experts.
  •  you get arrange teamwork, live project training will adapt the realities of teamwork. This will help you in your future endeavors.
  • When working as a team, you will get a lot of opportunities to interact with other team members. This will help you to improve your communication skills.Selenium Training Institutes In Hyderabad.
  • During the project, you can meet many professionals working with different companies. Their Experience will help you in your future as you will get timely information about opportunities.

Flexible and Easy to Use Of Selenium: Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

Selenium Training offers a user-friendly interface to create and execute test suites. Every user can write own extensions with help of open source and supports flexible test architecture.

Platform Portability Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

Testers have to write different test scripts to see the performance of a web application across different browsers. Selenium Training allows them to write the script once, and run it on different platforms as well as browsers to test the web application.

 Open Source Selenium Training Institutes In Hyderabad.

selenium offers all the advantages which open source software offers. It includes no licensing cost and is easy to customize as per user request. project still under development and a number of active contributors in the user forums. Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

 Programming Language

With some testing tools, testers have to write scripts in a specific programming language. This requires them to learn that language to write scripts. Selenium Training allows you to write scripts using any programming language. Also, a variety of tools can be used to generate reports, build systems and create IDE. Selenium Training Institutes In Hyderabad.

Conclusion: In this article gives the brief advantages of selenium live project, Live Project selenium training in Hyderabad

selenium testing training in hyderabad

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Selenium Automated selenium testing training in Hyderabad

The process of testing with the requirement when web site or web application develops. It takes much time unless users additional tools. The organizations plan to test for automation tests to save costs present on manual test processes. For the project development process companies recruit open source automation tools for the low investment. selenium testing training in HyderabadThe collection of open source testing tools obtains for various test types like the regression, functional, performance, user experience. Now best time to think about best automation tool that your website is well over all other devices. selenium testing training institutes in Hyderabad

The reason for selenium automation testing is: selenium testing training institutes in Hyderabad

The open source advantage:

Selenium is an open source software testing tool that allows its users to share, correct and extend the available code. It helps the programmers to save a lot of effort and time and thus increasing the productivity and eventually the return on investment. They can also use customized functions for better readability and manageability of the codes.selenium testing training in Hyderabad

Portability of the Platform:

Automation is continuous process as even the slightest modifications in the code needs test to ensure that the software offers desired results and functionalities. Performs manual tests repetitively involves lot of time and certainly pricey process. The selenium automation testing tool highly portable and runs on different browsers and platforms. This allows testing companies easy to write codes without worry about the platform on which it has to run.

 Remote Control: selenium testing training institutes in Hyderabad

Testers simply create and test the infrastructures includes cloud in order to drive the scripts on an out sized set of browsers by selenium features.

Multiple Language Support: selenium testing training in Hyderabad

Automation testers have to integrate automation tools along with the development of CI when they are used in different ways. But with the Selenium testing tool, bindings for python, Java, .Net, Groovy, it is quite easy to assimilate with the emerging environment.


 Programmers prefer to keep testing within the program itself. By using Selenium, the tests can reorganize or refectories according to the needs. This allows rapid changes in the codes and reduces replications and improves maintainability as well. This flexibility helps the programmers to manage the tests efficiently.selenium testing training in Hyderabad

For the conclusion selenium becomes more popular which uses by automation testers for the development of tools. Selenium uses for any web application and runs across various browsers and platforms. It is not single tool, but suite of software that caters to the different test requirements of organizations.selenium testing training institutes in Hyderabad

HP Leanft

Features of HP Lean FT

HP Leanft

Businesses in today’s world need to act with speed and deliver not useful. The impressive applications and software models. This involves them to install variations into their existing or upcoming product(s). This has led to the development of the Agile Model. Agility is main factors that have led to the businesses switch remaining. the introduce exams processes early into the software development life pattern Features of HP Lean FT.

Features of HP Lean FT

LeanFT or Low-fat Functional Testing an automated functional testing solution for enabling. It is better cooperation in Agile and DevOps trials teams. They announced by Horsepower on June 2, 2015.  This is developer-oriented and robust fix continuous screening and integration processes to develop. test and deliver high quality and secured applications selenium training in hyderabad.

Technical Features of HP Lean FT

  • It included with standard IDEs like Aesthetic Studio room, Eclipse.
  •  They come as a protracted plug-in for standard product test frameworks. like, Nunit, Junit, Cucumber and MS Test. It found in other trials frameworks or in a custom construction.
  • Modern languages like C# or Java are being used for test coding.
  • It supports standard AUT (Application Under Test) platforms. like, Glass windows Standard, Web,.NET Home windows Forms, WPF, Mobile, Information. It also allows changes to AUT and its own objects.
  • It is compatible with UFT object id engine motor. it adopts and boosts the test models of Unified Functional Tests (UFT). which is more willing towards Business Experts and QA Analysts.
  •  The offers the detailed movement of test execution and shows. exact reasons for the inability of the test selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Working of LeanFT

  •  Inside the IDE, a project for testing created using LeanFT. the framework libraries already referenced.
  • The test applied using LeanFT library.
  • More lab tests and classes added.
  • The project built and the checks are then performed using the platform runner. it ensured are running to say.
  • The source is then examined into Software Configuration Management.
  • The lab tests performed from the Continuous Integration system. the application form Life Circuit Management selenium training in hyderabad.
System Requirements as defined
  •  Processor 1.6 GHz or faster x86-bit or x64-bit processor
  • Hard disk drive 600 MB available drive space
  • Ram 2 GB
  • OS Windows(R) 7
  • .Net framework 4.5
  • LeanFT plug-in Windows 7, windows 8, House windows Server(TM) 2008 R2, or Home windows Server 2012
  • Visual Studio backed versions Visual Studio 2012 Visual Studio room 2013
  • Eclipse supported variants Eclipse Kepler 4.3. IDE for Java designers release Eclipse Luna 4.4; IDE for Java programmers edition selenium training in hyderabad.
  • It’s comprehensible group of tools accelerates test design and maintenance. Object Id Center employed for generating code and models. It used for abstracting applications under test.
  • this provides templates for standard unit testing frameworks. the communication between designers and test engineers. which allows for early on detection of pests in the SDLC.
  • the combines with and stretches the favorite IDEs and permits the scripting languages. the necessity for a fresh system will not exist and the same tools employed.
  • It combines structured and open-source principles by Selenium the key operation of UFT selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Features of HP Lean FT

We provide Features of HP Lean FT by real time experts. We offer classroom and project training of selenium training in hyderabad.

Main Users of LeanFT

 Users with LeanFT


LeanFT is a lightweight, powerful functional automated testing solution. It supporting a wide range of AUT solutions. The targeted to dev-testers in Agile teams, Test Automation Engineers and Subject Experts. LeanFT integrates with the development and Quality Assurance Eco Systems Users with LeanFT.

Users with LeanFT

LeanFT incorporates testing early into the development cycle. this is perfect for the Agile method. It is available with UFT 12.5. It can also be a standalone solution. This compatible with the already prevailing eco-systems and testing frame work. Git, Eclipse, Java, C#, Visual Studio, Cucumber, powerful, test scripting and integration IDE. This helps developers and testers to strengthen their scripts and improve their maintenance. It combines the best of vendor based and open source concepts. The wrapping up Selenium with the key functionality of UFT selenium training in hyderabad.

LeanFT is not based on a strategy to replace UFT. They are two different products preferred for different issues Users with LeanFT .

LeanFT IDE Integration:

HP has mentioned three main users for LeanFT. They are DevTesters, Test Automation Engineers, and Subject Matter Experts. HP identified the requirements of each user type and the tool used by each user selenium training institutes in hyderabad .


These users are the former UFT users who have moved to Selenium using C# or Java. They are missing some of the functionality that they had been using in UFT. LeanFT has targeted users able key functionalities of UFT with Selenium. The tests in LeanFT authored using C# and Java. The interactions with AUT scripted using the LeanFT libraries. The.NET / Java libraries and 3rd party libraries used to extend the test scripts. the technologies supported by UFT, LeanFT supports the Users with LeanFT

  • Windows Standard
  • .NET windows form
  • Web
  • WPF
  • Insight Recognition
  • Mobile
Test Automation Engineers:

These are the users who work with UFT with limited knowledge of other languages. They are loyal to UFT and are not keen on shifting to any other tool. LeanFT carries forward the existing concepts, mechanisms, and tools of UFT. It adopts UFT’s Test Objects and Descriptions, Object Identification Mechanisms. Test Automation Engineers leverage the knowledge of UFT. while using LeanFT and create robust tests handle the changes in the application. It appears learning curve for the testers, but it will lead to more collaborated solutions selenium training in hyderabad.

Subject Matter Experts/Business Testers/ Business Analysts:

They are the people with expert knowledge of what it would take to do a particular job. These are the nontechnical users who do not need to learn LeanFT. They have a more developer oriented focus for continuous delivery. They will be using BPT and script less keyword driven automation. Applying LeanFT development and path of continuous integration and continuous assessment. It results in delivery, high predictability, lower costs and excellent user experience selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Users with LeanFT

We provide Users with LeanFT training in real time experts. we offer classroom, project training in selenium training in hyderabad.

Ajax Testing Tools for Web Developers

Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools


Ajax Testing Tools for Web Developers

The Ajax development terms used to create dynamic online software. Ajax, as well as PHP coding, could also enrich PHP program development. There are many tools used to check bugs in a web software to verify performance as well as scalability Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools.

 Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools

 Testing Of programs developed with Ajax has difficulty. the latest innovations in technology, there are many methods and tools. that can relieve the issues are screening associated with programs working with Ajax selenium training in hyderabad.

This small Ajax article will educate you on lots of the fantastic test tools:


Sprajax will scan associated with web software produced on Ajax security threats. This may be because of this of supporting with Security analysis. Sparajax includes the following functions Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools

  • Spiders web applications
  • Picks up the Ajax frameworks utilized
  • Detects any Ajax-specific endpoints for the frameworks
  • Fuzzes endpoints using construction which is appropriate HTTP requests

SWExplorer Automation (SWEA):

SWEA uses automation API’s internet applications together with Ajax, Html page and DHTML. The automation API provides use of web software details along with associated adjustments selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

The SW Explorer Automation Visual Custom made makes the automation API work. Programmable objects may also create using the precise Visual designer component. SWExplorer Automation also provides protected login (HTTPS).

Test scripts created with C# as well as VB.NET. By use of SWEA macros, test scripts could use again without changes or even re-recordings.


An automated Graphical interface testing tool practical and regression testing of the GUI. Tests designed in programming languages such as Perl, Python and also JavaScript selenium training in hyderabad.

It’s main functions are:

  • Smart tracking and replay procedure.
  • Automated confirmation details for increased efficiency and also a ‘Squish Spy’ tool.
  • Batch execution with test data.
  • Support for Data motivated testing.
  • flexibility with full control of test out the execution and trial results.
Parasoft Webking:

Webking is an online site testing product. it produced by Parasoft Corporation found in performance, the robustness of the web program. This allows users to ability to record their clicks of the mouse and documents back again. This software picks up the run period problem taking place. The program execution including exceptions. It delivers an automated framework to check the different parts of Ajax programs. then merges these elements into a test suite.

Webking has easy to work with GUI interface to produce scripts. Testing produced using Junit assessments, along with Java development. that could use to improve its effectiveness selenium training in hyderabad.


Is usually a software testing platform produced for web applications. Selenium gives users Record/Playback features. Selenium Instructions are being used to run lab tests. Users can create lab tests in many development languages. like Python, Ruby, Pearl, Groovy, PHP. Selenium utilized on Macintosh, Linux and Glass windows platform.

Selenium tests run on internet browsers and allow simulating an individual experience. They can operate with popular browsers such as Firefox, Internet explorer Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools.


Windmill allows users to automate plus debug your online applications. It supports a variety of domains and debugging and documenting is actually integrated. Assessments created in JavaScript since it involves Javascript platform.

Windmill wrote in Python and Javascript. It facilitates browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox, and Chromium. The Software supports integrated debugging tools. such as Firebug, Firebug lite as well as the inspector.

 Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools

We provide Web Developers use Aajx Testing Tools by real time experts. We offer selenium training in hyderabad by classroom training.

Selenium a Real Threat to UFT

Use of UFT in Selenium

Selenium a Real Threat to UFT

Nowadays most organizations automate their trials efforts to save lots of both time and cost. its software testing attempts, business from the variety of testing tools in the market. A few of these tools are the wide open source and free, whereas others registered. the features and functionality of specific test automation tools also change. it becomes businesses to choose the right assessment tools based on major standards. like screening needs, budget, availability of skilled resources, and test management Use of UFT in Selenium.

Use of UFT in Selenium

 Hp Unified Functional Examining and Selenium are popular test automation tools. the testing tools from each other in conditions of features, performance, and popularity. As highlighted by recent reviews, the recognition of UFT is declining. whereas Selenium has emerged as the pioneer in the program testing space. The info says the growing popularity of Selenium among QA specialists. software testing companies throughout the world. There are a variety of reasons why Selenium recognized as a real menace to Horsepower UFT in selenium training in hyderabad.

Why is Selenium affecting the Market Talk of Hp UFT?

Open Source

Each organization needs to build up and test applications without spending big money. That is decline is being known in the level of popularity of certified software trials tools. UFT happens available commercial and licensed test automation tool. But Selenium is available as an open source and free software. So users take good thing about the lightweight software testing framework. the same time, the QA professional can also avail the support. an active community to resolve all issues and questions related to selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Web Browser Support

The choice of web browser differs in one user to some other. the web software popular, the manufacturer needs to ensure. that it’s running on major browsers without any flaw or defect. So he opts for a testing tool that supports different browsers. The Hp UFT will not support different types and versions of browsers. Thus, it becomes difficult for QA professionals to test the applications. The feel and performance across many browsers Use of UFT in Selenium.

Platform Support

The operating systems supported by these two software trials frameworks also are different. HP UFT created to test software applications only in House windows environment. So it supports only an individual operating system, i.e., Microsoft Glass windows. Selenium facilitates major os’s like Windows, Macintosh personal computer OS X and Linux. The cross-platform easier for QA professionals to work with web applications in environments selenium training in hyderabad.

Programming Language Support

UFT testers have the option to write test scripts in VBScript. the scripting version of VB programming language and VBScript simply learn. It permits testers to write test scripts. the advanced functions made available from other modern object-oriented coding languages. Selenium facilitates several object-oriented programming languages including C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. the framework easier for QA specialists to the object-oriented method of test automation. At the same time, it also allows testers to write test script in their choice of programming language selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

Support for IDEs and Testing Frameworks

QA experts use IDEs to effectuate and speed up test script development. But the selection of IDE differs in one tester to some other. HP UFT does not allow testing professionals to use their preferred IDE. They required developing test conditions using one IDE, i.e., UFT IDE. Selenium allows testing experts to choose from several trusted IDEs. like Eclipse, Netbeans and Visual Studio. There is use a variety of tests frameworks with the Selenium based programming language Use of UFT in Selenium.

Reduced Execution Time

To complete all exams in a time frame, QA professionals ways to write and execute test scripts. UFT uses scripting time by using VBScript. But it increases the execution time by taking the whole load on Ram memory and CPU. it lacks the ability to run many situations or threads of the application. Selenium executes test scripts at a faster pace. it enables users to perform different threads of the web application on browser. The lower execution time and run cases Selenium web designers and testers the world selenium training in hyderabad.

Substitute for Create Complete Test Automation Suite

Hp UFT allows users to automate all sorts of functional trials using a sole GUI software. The interface permits to test the application’s GUI functionality, and back-end services. Selenium allows users to test automation suite for web program IDE and WebDriver. Selenium IDE used for creating quick bug duplication scripts. whereas Selenium IDE effectuates development of browser-based regression automation exams and suites. The distinct variants also make Selenium credit score over Use of UFT in Selenium.

Use of UFT in Selenium

We provide Use of UFT in Selenium training in real time experts. We offer selenium training in hyderabad by real time classroom training.