What is Robotic Process Automation
 What is Robotic Process Automation
What is Robotic Process Automation

What meant by RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

“Robotic Process Automation refers to a style of automation. where a computer can mimic human in completing rules based task.”
Which is quite mean that creating software robots to perform repetitive and rules-based computer work.

2) Where do we use RPA?

Certain work or certain process that do not need any manual intervention or any human interference. mean that no need to take any manual decision to complete that work.
For example, let say we have an employee whose day in day out job is to download some pdf files from a different web application. And e-mail these files to various users based on certain business rules. The bot can be programmed to do the exactly same that a human would do. It launches the application login with credentials searches the pdf files downloading. That pdf files by clicking save button and then use outlook and send emails. All these done on the front end like a human user would do.

3) Limitations in RPA?

1) No need to change structure of the application.
2) Robot work 24/7.
3) A robot used by one or more process on different schedules.
4) RPA reduce cost and improves efficiency and accuracy.
1) Speed of the bot depends upon the application.
2) The bot doesn’t responsible for the logic of the business application.
3) Even minor changes to the application need to reconfigure the bot.
4) Some RPA tools that are available in IT market?
a) Blue Prism
b) UI Path
c) Automation Anywhere
d) Work fusion
e) Open span………etc. and some other tools.

 Blue Prism? 

Blue Prism is one of the RPA tool. Which used to automate business applications. like windows applications, web applications, Java applications and mainframe applications. creating flowcharts using flowchart elements called stages in a blue prism. and create business objects that interact with external business. applications mean target application to automatic.

To learn more 

To learn more about Blue Prism: click here

robotic process automation interview questions
Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions  for freshers and experienced, Robotic process automation is the Set of Soft Bot technology that allows a company to configure computer software. Here we provide Top 10 RPA technical Interview questions and Answers.

RPA interview questions & answers

1. What is RPA?
A)RPA alludes to a style of automation. where a PC copies human activities in finishing rules-based assignments.
2. What is process studio and how different is it from object studio?
A) Process studio is a process diagram developed. where as object studio is where a business object developed.
3. What is a process?
A) A process is a diagram created in process studio. which is graphical representation of a working computer program. which interacts with external applications (through object), manipulates data, perform decisions and calculations.
Process used to combine application functionality (object) with business rules.
4. Difference between data item and collection?
A) Data item used to store a single value where as a collection used to store data in tabular form. Both these stages are not linked to diagram
5. What is exposure field in a data item?
A) Data items can have values controlled from outside the diagram. This done by exposing a data item using exposure field in data item.
We can expose a data item as environmental variable or a session variable.
6. What is difference between global data item and local data item? And how to make a data item as global data item?
A) Local data items are available only to the page on which it’s created. Global data items are available to all pages in my process.
We can make a data item as global by unchecking visibility checkbox in property window of data item.
7. Why an anchor stage used in a process?
A) Anchor stage is an inert stage used to link around corner.
8. What is stepping, step out, step over?
A)  Stepping used to run one stage at a time. Step out and step over used to traverse pages more fast.
B)  when step over used on page reference stage of main page. It prevents the flow going to referred page from main page. And execute that referred page in background and flow moves to next stage on main page.
C)  Step out used when process flow is on any of lower pages. During the execution of lower page if step out performed on any stage. With slight delay the flow moves back to main page.
9. What is use of loop stage?
A) Loop stage used to iterate the flow through each row of a collection.
10. How to extract a particular field value in a row in collection?
A) [CollectionName.FieldName].

robotic process automation interview questions 11 To 20 :coming soon

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