Java Basic Concepts

Java training institutes in KukatpallyJava Basic Concepts

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a software programming. It design’s a program using classes and objects. This model divides data into objects (data fields). It describes object contents and behavior through the declaration of classes (methods). Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

OOP features & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

  1. Encapsulation: This makes the program structure easier to manage. Here each object’s implementation and state hidden behind well-defined boundaries.
  2. Polymorphism: This means abstract methods implemented in many ways.
  3. Inheritance: This refers to hierarchical arrangement of fragment implementation.

Object-oriented programming allows programming in simplified manner. It has benefits that include reusability, refactoring, extensibility, maintenance and efficiency. Java training institutes in Kphb.

Popular languages in OOP’s include languages of C-family,Java and Python.

So “pure” OOP languages include Ruby, Eiffel, Scala, Emerald and Smalltalk.


Inheritance is a process where one object acquires the properties of another object. With the use of inheritance the information is managed in a hierarchical order. Java training in kukatpally.

The keywords extend and implements are used in case of inheritance. These words determine whether one object is IS-A type of another or not. By using these keywords we can make one object acquire the properties of another object.


Abstraction refers the ability to make a class abstract in OOP. All other functionalities of the class exist. If its methods, fields and constructors are all accessed in the same manner. You just cannot create an instance of the abstract class. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

If a class is abstract and it cannot  be instantiated. A parent class contains the same functionality of child classes, but the parent class itself is abstract to use on its own.


Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms. The common use of polymorphism in OOP is parent class reference refers to a child class object. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

It is important to know that only possible way to access an object is through reference variable. A reference variable can be of only one type. Once declared, the type of a reference variable cannot change.

The reference variable can reassigned to other objects. The type of the reference variable would determine the methods that can invoke the object.

A reference variable can refer to any object of its declared type or any subtype of its declared type. A reference variable can be a class or interface type. Java training institutes in Kphb.


Java Programmers – Why They Are Highly In Demand

Java training institutes in KukatpallyJava Programmers – Why They Are Highly In Demand

Java is  a programming language. It is result of some concepts taken from other computer languages C and C++. Although there are some negative feedbacks. It is considered to be the most admired computing language used in today’s generation. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Java Programming Language & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

There are number of reasons why Java is on the top when it comes to computer language. The first fact is that composite dynamic website processes are achievable in Java programming. Its use in fast applications is increasing. An example of this is its presence in most applications to the fastest computers used today. .As Java applications are platform-independent. The software developer can access program and can run program in various platforms. One of the best features of Java is the truth that even it is powerful; this programming language comes out for free. It is an open source programming language. It has a mechanical garbage collection. Java can adapt to any database. Java language is a collection classes and objects. These help Java coders to give improved outputs without any errors. Java training institutes in Kphb.

Java Developers

The IT world has number of platforms these days. This number of choices provides advantage and disadvantages. On one hand it provides more options to the developers. On the other hand making software that is working on all platforms is becoming very rare. To consider this, there is now Java Platform which is intended for running extremely interactive, lively, and safe applications on a set of connections of different computers. Java training in kukatpally.

Software developers can make applications on a single platform to deliver to that same platform, the Java Platform. It is accessible on a wide array of operating systems. This reduces the developing cost of the software. For support, version management and advancement are much easier. Java-enabled software application is found in a central storage area. It can work from that location for each individual handling. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

The bottom line is, if you wish to study Java and become a professional in this field. You should definitely be good in Java. Since Java is a popular language. You can turn on to basic Java tutorials found online or find a Java book with positive reviews. Deciding to be in this field is an action you shall never regret. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.


What Is Java Inheritance?

Java training institutes in Kukatpally
What Is Java Inheritance?

Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming is one of the main principles. It can be used in the design of almost any application. Java inheritance allows a way to identify interaction between objects. It also helps in re-use of code. So that to make sure you are not using same code continuously. It provides code re-usability. So we need not write the code again but can re-use it. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Java Inheritance & Java training institutes in Kukatpally:

So what I mean when I say that inheritance allows you to define relationship among objects? Well, this allows us to think of some examples of Objects that have one or more relationships. Take for example object Vehicle, this is common term for:

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Car
  3. Bus

Now here you can see Car is a vehicle, Bus is a vehicle, Motorcycle is a vehicle etc. This “is a” relationship is what Java Inheritance is all about. When you say something “is a” something else. Then you really have relationship between those two Objects, therefore you have Inheritance. Java training institutes in Kphb.

How does Inheritance help us?

Well, considering cases given above, it means that Car inherits behavior or attributes from a Vehicle. So let us think about this, what exactly a Car is? Well, it’s a Vehicle with four wheels, doors and five seats. Now, what is a Bus? It is also a Vehicle exceeding four wheels, doors and approximately 30 seats available. What is a Motorcycle? It’s really a Vehicle with two wheels, no doors and one or two seats. At the time you begin to figure out every one of the characteristics of Objects. You shall start to observe just similarities they may have. In addition what they do not have in relation to other. This is very important with Java inheritance. Whenever Objects share something in common. Then this can be considered as attribute of super class. Whatever they do not share will be attributes of child classes. Java training in kukatpally.

What is a super Class and what is a child Class?

With this example, the super class is object Vehicle and child classes are Car, Bus and Motorcycle. The super Class is Object that will maintain each of the properties which are common. Therefore our Vehicle super Class will have the following components:

  • Wheels
  • Seats

Due to our observation of all the varieties of Vehicles above, we note that all types of Vehicles have wheels and seats. But, notice that I did not put doors as part of the Vehicle object. The reason is Motorcycles do not have doors. Doors would be attributes of Cars and Buses, so we will have a door attribute in Car and Bus Objects. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.



Introduction in Java Concurrency

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

 Introduction in Java Concurrency

Java is a programming language. It supports concurrent programming. Here all processes done in threads. Resources in Java virtual machine shared by any or several threads. Any object or resource in the program accessed by each thread. In this case the programmers must make sure that it manages access to resources. It means only one thread can use resources at that time. Other threads must prevent from using updated resources. As a programming language, Java has native support to manage resources. It is called Java Concurrency. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

For several reasons concurrency is useful. It minimizes response lag, maximizes throughput, simulates autonomous objects for modeling. It allows overlapping I/O and exploiting multiprocessors for parallelism. Java threads using concurrency must protected by locks. Concurrency implementation results in increase in complexity. It can lead to higher resource usage. Java training institutes in Kphb.

A concurrency library needed for different threads using a shared resource. In either on one core or on multicore. The Java concurrency library allows shared-memory concurrency. Message passing and distributed concurrency need extra frameworks. While executing computations in a concurrent system can interact with each other. In the system, the possible number of execution paths can be large. In concurrent computation, the result can be Indeterminacy. Indeterminacy is a source of concurrent use of shared resources. This leads to issues such as deadlock and Resource starvation. Java training in kukatpally.

Deadlocks & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

When protecting accesses from concurrent threads by locks, deadlocks can arise. This is of the fact that some threads are accessing same memory. These threads can be working at the same time with parallel programming. But it can be possible that one thread paused with concurrency. Here another thread tries to access same memory. Java concurrency library cannot ensure deadlocks do not occur, but provides lock. To write code in a message passing style is alternative to using locks. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

The concurrent components communicate by passing messages in message passing communication. Until the message received, the message passing done by blocking the sender. Passing messages in asynchronous manner may be reliable or unreliable.

Message passing concurrency seems to be easier to understand than shared memory concurrency. As it looks more logical at first glance. In concurrent programming, it’s considered to be a robust form. Various mathematical theories are there to help understand message passing system. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.



How To Become A Java Developer

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

How To Become A Java Developer

Find out Java’s Strengths & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java is one of many development languages in the IT industry. You could even know a few of these languages already, or may have heard of them – ASP, C, PHP are a few examples. Thus, with all these examples, why should you go with Java? Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

I am not here to state that Java is the best or worst language. What Let me mention is that Java has its place, and you have to know its strengths. Java is a good terminology for large systems, and ones that need the performance . It is most likely not the best language choice for smaller tasks or smaller websites – it’s possible but it’s not where Java’s strengths rest.Java training institutes in Kphb.

Download the Necessary Tools 

To get started learning Java you’ll need to down load the tools and software to develop with. You’ll need two things – the Java Development Kit and a development environment (also known as an IDE, which is short for Integrated Development Environment). Some IDEs that are quite popular are Net Beans and Over shadow.   Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

These are both available from the Java website. Once you’ve downloaded and installed them, it’s time to begin learning the language.Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

Learn the Java Language

To become a Java programmer you must learning how to put in Java. In the event you already know many it, that’s great – it’ll make this part easier. If not, you can learn how to program in Java from several sources:

Web-affiliated tutorials. Many websites offer tutorials how to develop in Java, from novice concepts to advanced subject areas. Do a Search to find some for you.   Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Textbooks – Shopping for a textbook is a great way to learn the vocabulary, as it also includes beginner and advanced ideas. Many of them have exercises and examples which are helpful.

Programs at university or college. A whole lot of colleges or universities offer short courses and some may include Java development. This has the benefit of being in bunch environment and having a teacher, rather than self-learning from a book or website.Java training in Kukatpally.

Start Your Very own Java Project

Once you have got the basics dealt with, you can start your own project to help advance your Java skills. This can be whatever you like. The aim is to train and develop your Java skills, so you’re more proficient in the Java development language and how to use the IDE. You’ll get practical experience on debugging, growing your own code, and sticking to best practices. These items should have been learnt from your tutorial or other learning methods, but putting them into use is a good way to improve these skills.Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Take the Next Step

Once you’re self-confident in your Java development abilities. This is the toughest part of the process. Many companies will vary experience requirements, which may include certifications, degrees and professional.

These kinds of positions may need some kind of recognition or demonstration of your abilities. This is where your side project comes in  when you have built applications or websites.Java training institutes in Kphb.

Java Server Pages


Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java Server Pages & Java training institutes in kukatpally    

Java Server Page is technology which allows developers to create the dynamic request like HTML, XML. This technology allows Java code and definite pre-defined procedures. The syntax in Java Server Pages has XML tag known as JSP actions. It is use to evoke the utility of built-in functions. Moreover, JSP permits to establish and form JSP tag libraries. It operates extension to  standard XML. These JSP tag libraries give good technique to improve potentiality  of the Web server by providing an independent platform. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

JSP compiler compiles JSPs into Java Servlets. JSP compiler can create servlet in  Java code. It might even produce bytecode for the servlet. Java Server Pages can treated high-level abstraction of servlets which is accepted an extension of Servlet2.1 API. Java Server Pages and Servlets were developed Sun Microsystems. Opening with 1.2 version of Java Server Page JSPs built under Java Community Process. Java training institutes in Kphb.

There are quite few JSP implicit objects that are consider by the JSP container
and it could be mention by the programmers.

JSP implicit objects:

• Config: It gives the data of servlet configuration.
• Application: Data is share by servlets and Java Server Pages in the application.
• Exception: Exceptions are not thin by codes in  application.
• Out data is written with help of JSP Writer to response stream.
• Request Here the Hypertext Transfer Protocol request the object.
• Response Here the Hypertext Transfer Protocol response the object.
• Session It is helpful to trace the data and information about a user from one request to another.

Several actions are performs in JSP actions. A JSP action is nothing but XML tags that evolves functionality of built-in web server. Some of the JSP actions are given as follows.

JSP: param

It defines parameter which will added in addition to the request of the existing parameters. It is uses inside jsp: params or jsp: include, jsp:forward blocks.Java training in kukatpally.
Jsp: include Java Servlet gives request and response to specific Java Server Page. The Control will come to the existing JSP as soon as other JSP has completed.


This action gives the request/response to the other servlet or JSP. The control will not come back to the existing JSP.
Jsp: plugin the ancient version of web browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. They use various tags to applet. This action creates definite tags that  required for browser to include applet.
Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

Jsp:fallback – This action used to confirm that if browser never gives support to applets.
Jsp: get Property – It obtains property from specific JavaBean.
Jsp: set Property – It sets property in specific Java Bean.

Advantages of Java

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Advantages of Java

Java has gained popularity since its origin. Due to its programming features, it has increased rapidly and accepted widely. The main reason for its growth is ‘write once and run anywhere’. Java chosen as the programming language for computer networks. It is popular because of its features. Java is simple, object-oriented, portable, platform independent, secured, robust, architecture neutral, multi threaded and distributed. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Java has advantage over other programming languages. Its environment makes it suitable for executing any programming task.

Advantages of Java training institutes in Kukatpally:

Java is easy to learn

When compared to C and C++. Java is easy to use. It means it is easy to write, compile, debug and learn than other programming languages. Java training institutes in KPHB.

Java is object-oriented

Object-oriented programming is a method that simplify software development. This allows to create modular programs and reusable code.

 Java is platform independent

Java is platform independent, it means it can  run on any operating system. The advantage of Java is its ability to move from one computer system to another. It is the ability to run the same program on different systems. Java succeeded at this being platform-independent at source and binary levels. Java training in Kukatpally.

Java is secure

Security in Java is important features. Java language, compiler, interpreter and run time environment  developed with security.

Java is robust

Robust simply means strong. Java uses strong memory management. There is automatic garbage collection in java. There is exception handling and type checking mechanism in java. Java puts lots of efforts on early checking for possible errors. This makes Java robust. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

Java is Architecture-neutral

There is no implementation dependent features. In C programming, int data type occupies 2 bytes of memory. or 32-bit architecture and 4 bytes of memory for 64-bit architecture. But in java, it occupies 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64 bit architectures.

Java is distributed

Java designed to create distributed applications. RMI and EJB are for creating distributed applications. Distribution is easy with the networking capability. Writing programs in Java is like sending and receiving data to and from a file. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Java is multithreaded

Multi-threading is the process of executing multiple threads simultaneously within a program. In Java, multithreading integrated into it. While in other languages, system-specific procedures are called to enable multithreading. Java training institutes in KPHB.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

 Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 

IDEs  developed to increase productivity of programmers. By providing an appropriate environment. To write code, edit, execute, and debug software programs. The advanced features of IDE help programmers save lot of time and money. For this there are notable IDEs. They give good programming experience. Register on to online Java Training get the best out of it. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.
As there are lots of IDEs available for Java, aspirants get confused to choose which IDE. This article gives a clear idea on top five IDEs suitable to practice Java.

Types Of IDE:

• NetBeans

NetBeans, available for more than a decade is an open source IDE. It is one of the best environment to learn Java. NetBeans IDE functions are available in packages. Due to this, independent programmers can extend applications as per their need. NetBeans work on Microsoft Windows, Linus, Solaris and many other platforms. That supports Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to execute java programs. Java training institutes in KPHB.

• Eclipse

Eclipse is also free software known for auto compilation feature. Using Eclipse, the aspirants can develop cross-platform Java applications. That can run on mobile or desktop. With plugins, Eclipse IDE helps to develop applications. In other programming languages such as C, C++, Perl, PHP etc. Eclipse can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linus, and Mac OS. Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

• IntelliJ

As that of NetBeans and Eclipse IDEs. IntelliJ Ultimate Edition is not free open source software. IntelliJ with its trendy User Interface, forms the foundational IDE. For Android Studio to develop Android applications in Java. Due to its advanced features, this IDE needs a proper license to be used. Lightweight designed IntelliJ IDEA Community version is an open version available for free. This IDE is a perfect environment to point out code errors during editing phase. Java training in Kukatpally.

• Android Studio

Developed on the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. Android Studio is a free open source IDE. Android Studio has the capability to configure. To work with Java Developmental Kit (JDK 6 OR 7) in Java coaching. Android Studio can be used on Microsoft Windows, Linus, and Mac OS. Java training institutes in KPHB.

• Jdeveloper

Jdeveloper being a free IDE, provides a great deal of features to develop Java learning. The coding, debugging, executing and configuring features of Jdeveloper. It simplifies the work of the programmer. The three highly distinctive editions of Jdeveloper are Java, J2EE and Studio editions. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.



innJava training institutes in Kukatpally


Java is simple and powerful language. It is similar to C++ in many aspects. Java is invented by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. It was developed to provide platform-independent programming language. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.


Unlike other programming languages including C and C++. Instead into platform independent byte code. This byte code is distributed over web. It is interpreted by virtual Machine on whatever platform it is run.  Java training institutes in Kukatpally.


 JVM plays important role. The environment in which Java programs execute is JVM. It is software that implemented on operating system. The JVM executes these bytecodes. Java training institutes in KPHB.


Object Oriented Programming is method of implementation, in which programs are organized. Each of which represents instance of class. Those classes are all members of classes united via inheritance relationships. Java training in Kukatpally.

OOP’s  Concepts

Four principles of Object Oriented Programming are


Hiding internal details and showing functionality is abstraction.
Abstract classes and interface help to achieve polymorphism.


Wrapping of data members and member functions together in class is encapsulation.
Java class is example of encapsulation. Java bean fully encapsulated class because all data members are private here.


Deriving new class from existing class is inheritance. Here all the super class properties comes into sub class. Existing class is super class. New class is child class. It provides code re-usability and used to achieve runtime polymorphism. Java training institutes in KPHB.


Performing one task in different ways is polymorphism.
In java, we use method overloading and method overriding to achieve polymorphism.

Java has powerful features. The following are some of them:-


We can create distributed applications in java. RMI and EJB create applications. We may access files by calling the methods from any machine on internet.


A thread is separate path of execution. It is process of executing multiple threads simultaneously. We can write Java programs that deal with many tasks at once by defining multiple threads. The advantage of multi-threading is it does not occupy memory for each thread. It shares common memory area. Threads are important for multi-media, Web applications etc. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.


It designed to allow secure execution of code. This is secured by removing many of features of C and C++. It does not use Pointers. Java programs cannot access arbitrary addresses in memory.