SpecFlow Feature File

History of SpecFlow Feature File


What is SpecFlow Feature File?

A feature file is an entryway to the SpecFlow test. That is a file where identify lab tests in Descriptive language. It an important part of SpecFlow, as it functions as an automation test script as well as live documents.

 History of SpecFlow Feature File

An attribute file can contain a scenario or many scenarios within a feature data file. it usually contains a set of cases. Let’s create one such file.
The head for writing the first script, let’s create a nice folder composition of the task.

Create a Feature File Folder

It will always be good to have a nice and clean folder framework in the job.Each folder signifies this content in it. So, first build a folder for the feature file.
1) Create a new Folder by right click on the ‘Task’ and navigating to include -> New Folder.
2) Name the folder as ‘Features’ and hit enter.
After the folder for feature document created, we have been all set to make a feature file.

Create a Feature File

1) Over the Feature folder Right-click and navigate to include -> New Item.
2) Select SpecFlow Feature File in the center. it logical name, with regard to this guide, please use the same name ‘LogIn_Feature’.
For SpecFlow to find the testimonies, It will need to make sure that they carry the ‘.feature’ file extension.
3) Write first feature file for LogIn Scenario.


A language named Gherkin. it implements the concepts of Business readable area specific language(BRDSL). Site-specific language provides the capability the application behavior without details of implementation.

If we have now come back to BDD/BRDSL we will see that we are able to describe checks in a more readable format. In the above test it’s quite clear and obvious, by reading, what test would do. At exactly the same time of being a test drive, it also documents the habit of application. The true power of BDD/BRDSL and it’ll become the electricity of cucumber works on the same principles.


Now moving forward we have described a test. You will notice colored part of the tests. They are keywords described by Gherkin.
Feature: Defines what feature you will be testing in the assessments
Given: Tells the pre-condition of the test
And: Defines extra conditions of the test
When: Defines the action of the test
Then: Says the postcondition. Able to say that it’s expected result of the test

 History of SpecFlow Feature File 

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