How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp


How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

There many windows via Selenium web drivers. that clicking on a link which opens the page in a fresh browser screen. Selenium web drivers keep tabs on glass windows it opened throughout a session. Any browser windowpane Exposed Opened by a prior treatment of Selenium Webdriver period. We mean the duration of the time instantiates a WebDriver occasion enough time. we kill it via WebDriver.Give up or by hand killing the process.

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

This will click on the “New Browser Windowpane” button 3 times. As a result, you will see 4 house windows that will come into existence. Take into account window opened during driver initialization is the Parent home window.

How to Handle Screen in Selenium CSharp?

To identify a web browser Selenium WebDriver map of Opened windows VS Window Deal with. It distinctive string value identifies an Internet browser screen on the desktop. It guaranteed that every browser will have a unique window cope with. To get Screen handle WebDriver program provides two methods CurrentWindowHandle – WindowHandles

The current window handle method returns a string value. its profits the Window take care of current focused browser windows. WindowHandles. This method results in a ReadOnlyCollection of all Window handles browsers opened period.

Console Output: This is the output that gets on the system. Focus on the Window take care of values, they can be unique to the other person

The way to handle Many House windows in Selenium CSharp?

Their idea of currently focused windows selenium web driver commands focused home window. By default the emphasis definitely on the Parent windowpane, please start the screenshot. To shift concentrate from Parent Window to any child home window. We use the next command line on WebDriver – driver.SwitchTo(). Home window This control takes in a window handle and switches the driver context on that screen. Once the Transition happens all the driver commands will go to the focused home window. That important to comprehend, without switching to the desired window. we will never be able to perform any action on that windowpane. Which across all the open up glass windows and navigates to a specific page in every the open windows one at a time.

Concluding all the Windows

There quite two commands. that people use to close browser windows WebDriver.close() and WebDriver.Quit().

WebDriver.Close() command line will close the current window on which the focus is present. This used to close glass windows. The windows would like to nearby use the right Window take care. the call the WebDriver.Close command word. That may close the existing browser window.


It will close all the house windows exposed in the program. This command shuts down the driver instance and WebDriver leads to the exception. That’s pretty much it that people have for handling many windows.

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

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