What is Apache Hadoop | Hadoop Training in Hyderabad


What is Apache Hadoop | Hadoop Training Hyderabad


Now a day’s most Java developers are switching to Hadoop. Because Hadoop presents an easy and convenient way to deal, unequal data and it will give a meaning of it.


What is Apache Hadoop?


Apache Hadoop is nothing but Hadoop these days. Hadoop is an important tool to maintain the big amount of data and analyze. It is an easy process when compared to the Java development. So, we use for better productivity and business growth.


It is the best way to earn benefits from this Technology. It increases benefits for your organization. First thing, is life is full of options and choose right option that is most important in our life.


For example, if they are two girls seat in front of you. The first girl is very cute and beautiful, interesting and anybody would attract to her. The second girl is average looking and not so impressive when compared to the first girl. Which girl you will love…?  You see, life is full of options, choosing the right option is more important. If you are a Java developer, then you have a lot of choices to make the switch from Java to Hadoop.


Bid data and Hadoop are the two most popular repeated words in the industry. We have options for java developers, many of your colleagues switch from java to Hadoop.  The difference from Java to Hadoop, it is not only updated with the latest technology. It is about being competent and keeps your career in the highest gear.


The great news for Hadoop developers is that Big Data industry has crossed $60 Billion. Worldwide top 720 companies’ uses big data Hadoop.




  • According to IDC report, The Apache Hadoop industry is growing at the rate of 31.7% per year
  • For java developers, it is the best replacement option to set career in Apache Hadoop.
  • Hadoop developers enjoy a mighty 250% pay hike than Java developers, as stated in an
  • Analytics Industry Report


Special Things of Apache Hadoop:


Apache Hadoop offers the cheapest and quickest way to store data and the huge amount of data. For this reason, big data is popular in corporations, government organizations, universities financial services etc… This is the best way to check out a beginner’s Apache Hadoop course online. 



Now, see some Reasons Why Java developers Switch to Apache Hadoop

  1. Easy to learn for Java Developers
  2. It will help to keep you at top position in competition
  3. We have chances to move into other domains
  4. Packages are more when compared to Java developers
  5. To improve quality of work
  6. It is easy to process & less time taken when compared to Java
  7. Grow with the industry


Some industrial Applications of Apache Hadoop:


  1. Business: business industry uses Big Data for profit analysis
  2. Hospitals: It involves to record patient record & clinical, financial data analysis.
  3. Banks & financing: Hadoop to find solutions for easy workloads. It improves the efficiency of the data.
  4. Retail industry: It connects the customers, forecasting their buyers and preferences.
  5. Manufacture industry: To analyze import and export product data using Hadoop.


These are important reasons why learn hardtop and how it can help to set your career decision in your life. If you are not familiar this then easy to learn the basics of Hadoop is all about to do Google search.


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