selenium training in Hyderabad

Selenium training in Hyderabad

kosmik technologies is best institute for selenium training in hyderabad. we offer class room and selenium online training courses by certified faculty. Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. This tool primarily developed in Java Script and browser technologies and hence supports all major browsers on all the platforms. Selenium is one of the best tool available in the market for web application..


Selenium training in Hyderabad 

kosmik is Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. learn selenium training in hyderabad by real time experts.  This tool primarily developed in Java Script and browser technologies and hence supports all major browsers on all the platforms. Selenium is one of the best tool available in the market for web application..

Course highlights

  • Introduction
  • Different Flavors of Selenium
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Remote Control
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Selenium GRID

Course Content


Introduction to Automation Testing

What is automation testing tool?

Advantages of Automation Testing

Various types of Automation tools

Introduction to Automation Testing

What is Selenium in Testing?

Advantages of Selenium tool?

Features of selenium automation tool

Difference between Selenium & QTP

Latest versions of Selenium Components

Selenium IDE commands

What is meant by Selenium Core ?

Selenium RC Introduction

How Selenium Grid works

Selenium 2.0 – Web Driver

Selenium IDE Commands

Selenium testing Overview

Selenium IDE Introduction

Downloading & Installing Selenium IDE

Recording & Running a Simple Test

Features of Selenium IDE

Installing Tools for Writing Tests

Selenium testing Concepts

Selenium testing Commands

Exporting IDE test scripts to RC/ Web Driver

Verifying Page Elements – Assertions & Verification

Wait Commands in selenium

Object Identification system

Selenium IDE Element Locators

Common Regular Expression patterns

How to Install Selenium Test Runner

Use Regular Expressions in Selenium IDE

Use Java Script functions in Selenium IDE

Capture Screenshot on failure

Create Selenium Test Suites

Disadvantage of using Selenium IDE

Core Java

Language Fundamentals in Java

Data types and String In Java

If, if else and nested if else In Java

How to use for loop In Java

While, do while loops In Java

One & two dimensional array In Java

Various methods in Java

Access Modifiers in Java class

Return Type of main Method in Java

Static, Non Static Methods and Variables

How to create object in Java

All variable Types in Java

Types Constructor in Java

Types Inheritance in Java

Use of Interface in Java

How to use Array list in Java

Hash table In Java example

How to Read, Write Text File in Java

Exception handling, try-catch-finally, throws and throws In Java

About Eclipse IDE

Installing Eclipse

How to create example Project in eclipse

Eclipse & Selenium together

Importing & Exporting

Debugging using Eclipse

Basic Exploring Eclipse

Advanced Exploring Eclipse

Find WebElement

How to Install Firebug in Firefox manually

Find Web Element using Firebug & Fire path

Locators in Selenium IDE

Difference between Absolute and Relative Xpath

Create customized Xpath

Generate CSS Selectors

How to Handle Dynamic Web Elements in selenium webdriver

Manage Links in Selenium using Locators

Selenium RC -1.0


Installing Selenium RC on windows

How to start and Stop Selenium Server using Java

How to create scripts by using functions

Client Libraries that come from Selenium RC

Example Browser commands

Example Validation commands

Debugging the shell scripts

Basic Selenium Webdriver 2.0


Advantages of selenium webdriver

Selenium webdriver vs RC

Architecture of Web Driver & RC

Installation Eclipse for Web Driver

Identifying the elements in Webdriver Using Id, Name, X-path, link & CSS

Working with Different drivers like HTML Unit driver, Firefox Driver, IE-Driver,

Chrome Driver, Android Driver etc

Create generic scripts in Webdriver

Create scripts by using functions

Advanced Stuff

Verify Objects on Webpage using Selenium

Difference between close and quit in selenium webdriver

Diff between click () & submit () in selenium

How to read font properties for that web-Element

How to Handle Dropdown in Selenium

How to verify label of the button

How to get all the values from dropdown list in selenium

How to select the dropdown value

Webdriver verify dropdown values

Verify multiple Selections in the list

What are the scenarios for your Test-case Failures?

Handle Check-Box & Radio Button in Selenium

Capture Screenshot using Selenium

Types of waits in Selenium

Set Page Load Timeout in Selenium

Browser Navigation in Selenium

Handling AJAX in Selenium

Handling Multiple Windows in Selenium

Handle Popups in Selenium webdriver

How to Handle SSL Certificates in Selenium

Mouse & Keyboard events in Selenium webdriver

Drop & Drag command in Selenium

How to perform Mouseover action on the web-element

How to perform Right Click on the web-element

How to perform Double Click on the web-element

Handling Web tables in Selenium

Ajax Auto Suggest in Selenium

Handling Frames using Selenium

Uploading Files in Selenium

JavaScriptexecutor in Selenium webdriver



How to configure TestNG in Eclipse

TestNG Annotations in selenium webdriver

Example test case using Test-NG

Execution order of TestNG Annotations

Test Suite in TestNG Example

How to Skip Test in TestNG

Set Test Dependencies in Test-NG

Assert in TestNG

Error Reporting in TestNG

Creating Test Groups in TestNG

Test case Prioritization in TestNG

Parameterized test in TestNG

Parallel execution of test cases Using TestNG

Auto IT

What Is AutoIT V3 script

Steps To Download & Install AutoIT V3

Create AutoIT Script to Upload File on Web Page

Upload File in Selenium WebDriver Using AutoIT

Working with Robot Class

What is meant by Robot Class?

Why Robot class in Webdriver

Usage of Robot class in Webdriver

Handling windows popup using Robot class in Webdriver

Selenium Grid


How to setup selenium Grid

Grid as Collection of Selenium Webdriver nodes

Understanding & Using desired capabilities Class

Running Parallel & Distributed tests using Selenium Grid

Log4j in Web Driver


Usage of Logger in Automation Testing

Download Log4j jar

Include Log4j Jar

Test Case with Log4j jar Logging

Configure Integrate Log4j in Selenium webdriver


Appenders in Log4j jar

How to configure log4j for spring Framework

ANT – XSLT report generation using TestNG and Ant


Download & install XSLT jar files

XSLT Reports package

XSLT report generation using Test-NG & Ant



Use of Jenkins in Automation Testing

How to run the test cases using Jenkins (without any manual interaction for Nightly builds)

Download & Install Jenkins

Adding email notifications in Jenkins

How to check Whether the Jenkins is installed successfully or not

Trigger the ANT Build file through Jenkins

Set up Selenium project for Jenkins

How to view TestNG results

Integration of Jenkins in framework

Maven for Selenium & Test-NG Integration

Apache – Maven

What is Maven?

What is pom.xml file?

Using the pom.xml file

Installing the Maven

Use of Maven project

Configuring the Maven

Setting up the Maven project in eclipse editor

Updating the jar files by using Maven

Building and running the selenium Maven project

Updating the libraries by using Maven

Update selenium project dependencies by using Maven

TestNG Maven Configuration

Executing TestNG from maven

Automation Framework

What is a Framework in selenium?

Use of Framework

What is meant by Data Driven Framework?

Integration of the framework architecture

How to execute the scripts from framework


Getting Started

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