selenium training in hyderabad

Why Automation testing:

The complexity of software development process is increase at a rapid pace. In this situation. There must exist bugs in an application due to human errors. The industry now depends on the software, to test their applications with more precise. This software is also known as an Automation tool. It helps the testers to get a better and efficient end product. Hence this tool like QTP and Selenium are in huge demand in the industry. It is at the top of the market as far as automation tool is anxious. The reason is simple It’s Open Source distributed.

Web applications to rule future:

There is no second view about the future of web application development in the industry. There it comes into our mind. Because this is the best tool for web applications till date in the industry.

Selenium for web app testing:

It is designed for the modern web applications run on modern platforms like android, IOS. There is countless tool are accessible in the industry. But, it has a different existence which makes it rule the industry. It is full dedicated for different types of web applications for different purposes. Its test web apps for modern browsers efficient in less time. Selenium can test large size web applications using different methodologies in less time span

Selenium for cross platform:

It requires some basic code knowledge in which the application have to develop. We can develop a common application for both Android and IOS. It can test the application for the accordant in both platforms.  We can’t ignore the future prospective of Android and IOS web apps in the industry. Hence the importance of Selenium as well.

Future of Selenium testing Hyderabad:

Till there is a prospect of expansion for Android and IOS web applications in future. We must find a bright and potential future of Selenium in the industry. No doubt selenium overtakes other tools but you will see. It is only in the world major tool in the history. Because tools get the name changed. But the concept of automating remains similar.


  1. shweta


    As software becomes more complex, so does test automation. Selenium is a key skillset to any test automation engineer but not the only skill set. More and more AI is being used to overcome the complexity of today’s software.

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