Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  • Introduction to the Cloud Computing
    Evolution of Cloud Computing
    Comparisons with other computing techniques fetchers
    Key characteristics of cloud computing
    Classification of Cloud Computing
    Based on as a service model
    SAAS (Software as a service)
    PAAS (Platform as a service)
    IAAS (Infrastructure as a service)

CRM – Introduction

Introduction to CRM?
How CRM can help?
What is Salesforcecom? CRM Editions Architecture & Navigation – Overview

Personal Setup
Managing Personal Information
Company Information

Customization in CRM
How to Create custom profiles & custom fields
How to Define dependent picklists
How to Customize lookup fields & formula fields
How to Customize page layouts
Customize standard related lists
Learn about record types & business processes
Use field-level security

Security & Access in CRM
How to Create & manage your users
How to Set organization-wide defaults
Learn about record access
How to Create the role hierarchy
Learn about role transfer & mass transfer functionality
Learn about the Sharing model
Manually share records
Set up opportunity team selling & account teams
Learn about folder access

Workflow in CRM
How to Define workflow
How to Set up workflow rules
How to Set up workflow tasks & alerts

Workflow Approvals
Plan approvals using workflow
How to use the approval wizard – standard vs. jump start
Create workflow approvals

Data Validation in CRM
Learn about Salesforce CRM data validation
Create data validation rules
Learn about custom field unique and duplicate properties
Execute an initial import
Update via the import wizard

Data Utilities for Import and manage data
Importing overview
Import solutions & custom object records using the data loader
How to use mass delete
Initiate weekly export
How to use storage

Analytics & Reports in CRM
Create custom reports
How to use advanced filters
How to use conditional highlighting
How to use custom summary formulas and dashboards

Marketing Administration
Terminology overview
Use the Integrated Campaign Builder
Learn about lead assignment setup
Learn Web-to-lead & auto-response rules

Service & Support Administration
Learn about case escalation
Identify solution categories, & suggested solutions
How to set up the self-service portal
Mass manage self-service portal users

Administration Console
Navigate the Administration Console
How to create a Administration Console

Extending Salesforce CRM
What are custom objects
Learn about custom tabs
Learn about custom Web tabs
Build a custom app
The AppExchange
What is the AppExchange
How to install an app
How to delete an app