Apex Programming
Introduction about force.com
About the Apex Programming.
Access Modifiers And OPP’s Concepts
About the Data types
Creating the Apex Class.

SOQL and SOSL Queries.
How to Write the SOQL Queries.
SOSL Queries.
How to Write the SOSL Queries.

Types of Triggers
Trigger Events.
Trigger Context variables
Recursive Triggers
Sample Trigger with Real time Scenarios

Scheduler and Batch Apex
Scheduler Apex
Sample apex Scheduler with Real time scenarios.
Batch Apex.
Sample Batch Apex with Real time scenarios.

Custom Settings – Overview
List Custom Settings
Hierarchy Custom Settings

Dynamic Apex
Dynamic SOQL
Dynamic SOQL
Dynamic DML

Deployment Process
Inbound Change Sets
Outbound Change Sets
Data Migration Tool

Salesforce Packages
Managed Package
Un Managed Package

Visual Force
Introduction and Tools
Purpose of Visual force
MVC Architecture

Variables and Formulas
Standard Controllers and Standard List Controllers
Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions
Using static resources and custom components
Styling VF pages
Overriding buttons, links and tabs with VF