digital markting training in kukatpally hyderabad

Digital Markting training in Kukatpally Hyderabad

Digital Marketing course is designed from basic level to integrated strategies. All are eligible to learn this course but they must have computer knowledge. This course help you to understand Latest techniques and tools used in Digital marketing.  Online Marketing is a latest technique to promote the service and Brand of your business. Learn How to build your career in Digital Marketing.



What is Digital Marketing and how can IT Help You and Your Organization?

Digital Marketing is promotion of Brand and services in Online. It’s easy enough, anyone can learn who have basic computer knowledge. Digital Marketing course is designed in such a way that you can learn from Basic to integrated Level. Digital Marketing is the Latest technique to get Business from the Online.

Course highlights

  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Word press Development & Blogging
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page & Off-Page Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Tools
  • Social Media Optimization
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Intro to AD-Words
  • Landing Pages
  • Google AD-words editor
  • Goal Setting and Conversion Tracking
  • Video Marketing
  • Advanced Web Analytic
  • Content Marketing

Course Content


Module 1-(digital marketing basics)

Introduction to digital marketing

Advantages of digital marketing

Digital marketing strategies for websites

How can digital marketing be a tool of success in marketing?

Carrere opportunities in digital marketing


What is a domain & how to register a domain?

What is web hosting and types of web hosting

How to change DNS

Differentiate between http, https.

Clear idea about web technologies

Difference between blogs/websites/portals

Dynamic, static websites

Module 2-wordpress development -blogging

What is word press?

Difference B/w word and word

How to choose best web hosting

Drawbacks of free hosting

How to use c panel and ftp s/w

How to create web mails and databases

Word Press manual installation

Word Press configuration and setup

Choosing a suitability word press theme

Installing and customizing word press themes

Pages, posts, categories creation

Pages Vs posts

Using images in word press

Videos and audio in word press-word press media

Widgets setup, managing ur page structure and menus

Word Press user setup and management

Complete explanation about editor

Word Press settings, word press theme settings and customization

How to decide what word press plug-in you need

Plug-in configured

Blogs creation, blogs submissions, blogs promotion blogs weekly postings

How to integrate blogs to custom domain

Module 3-search engine optimization (seo)

What is search engine??

How search engine is important for companies?

History & Types of search engines

Www server and search engine

Search engine working process

Introduction to SERP


Crawling and indexing

Search engine algorithm

What is search engine optimization?

Search engines and optimization

Search engines and directories

How search engine index pages

How search engine rank pages

Website relevance factors

Site navigation

Uses of Alexa rank

What is page rank

What is domain authority?

What is website page authority?

What is traffic? Different types of traffic?

What are back links?

What is link juice?

Types of back links

Latest updates in see

Google algorithm change history

Black hat SEO

Grey hat SEO

keyword research


What are keywords? Different types of keywords?

Keyword research process

Understanding keywords mix

Keyword density analysis & placement

Business analysis

Keyword research and methodology

Keyword analysis tools

Competition analysis

Preparing a keyword list for the project

Localized keyword research

Google keyword planner tool

How to find hidden Gold mine keywords

The best niches.

on page optimization


Initial site analysis, competition analysis

Keywords planning, keywords optimization

Site structure analysis, site (url) structure analysis

Url rewriting technologies (301,302)

Title/description/keyword/other Meta tags development

H1, H2, H3 tags, image, alt tags and image optimization

Anchor text, bread crumb optimization

Internal linking, content optimization and planning

How to write an optimized content

SEO content rules and regulations

Keyword density and keyword proximity

Keyword placement

Uses of canonization

Creating a privacy policy page

404 implementation

Creation of xml/ html/ Ror/ text sitemaps

RSS feed creation

Google feed burner and feed submission

Creating a feed subscription form

Checking broken link

Html validation

Doorway pages, invisible text

Cloaking, keyword stuffing

W3c compliance: html/ css validation

Page speed insights (mobile/desktop)

Using no flow attribute

Build an .ht access file

Creating of favicons

Protect website images access

Redirect non www traffic to www

Create a robot.txt file

Working with Google analytic

Installing analytic s in site

Generating reports

Goals and conversations

Working with webmaster tools

Add a website to a Google webmaster tool crawl editors, crawl stats, block edu urls

Fetch as Google, index status, malware, sitemap submission

Remove url’s HTML improvements

Submitting sites Bing webmasters

Use the Bing SEO analyzer

offpage optimization

What is Link building & Link spam?

One way links, two way link and three way links

Link building strategies for your Website & Bussiness

Easy link acquisition techniques

Back links submissions rules and regulations (do’s and don’t)

What is domain authority? How to increase It?

What is page rank? How to increase page rank

Submission to search engine directory submission

Book marking submission some real time traffic from reddit

Forums submission, forums commenting & signature

Blog commenting

Classified submissions

How to write press release, press release submission and distribution

Web 2.0 pages creation, blog creation

Guest posting, private blog networks

How to optimize your website as per Google hummingbird algorithm

What is Google panda algorithm?

What is Google penguin??What is Google EMD update?

How to save your website from penguin, Google panda, and EMD update?

How to recover your site from panda, penguin, and EMD?

Latent semantic indexing

Daily work schedule creation, preparing SEO reports.


local seo

Local business listings

Importance of local listings

Submission to Google places

Google places optimization

Ranking on top of local results

Reviews and citations

seo tools

IBP tools complete explanation

SEO prolifier explanation

Working disavow tool

Keyword density checker

Competitive analysis tools

Competitor back links checker tools


module 4-social media optimization

Introduction to social media

Advantages of over other forms of online marketing

Social media strategy

Face book

Latest trends

Differentiate b/w profiles, places,  groups and pages

Social media communications strategy

Open graph, friction less sharing

FB (face book) connect (like, share comment)

FB (face book) pages (creating, managing, retention)

Face book pages (do’s & don’t s), face book apps

Measuring and monitoring

Sponsored stories

Face book places and check-ins

Face book and e commerce

Advantages and challenges


Introduction to LinkedIn

Creating the right profile and settings

Increasing reach and visibility

LinkedIn groups

Answers, events messaging and testimonials



Introduction to micro blogging and twitter

Twitter demographics

Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing,

Listening, research

Business examples: e-commerce, support

(Listening and responding), pr, image

Who to follow

Tweeting (responding to others, rt, hash tags, direct messages)

Tracking code, twitiquette

Advertising-tweet for pay, twitter lists

Twitter account promotion, searching tweets and users

Measuring influence




Setting social objectives

Social strategies &tactics for Google+

+1s& sharing

Integration with your site

Promoting a brand on Google+


Urls shortening tools

module 5-search engine marketing (sem)


Search fundamentals

Introduction to search

The search opportunity

Psychology of search

Basics of a web presence

Paid search market

Local search fundamentals

SEO fundamentals

intro to ad words


AD words basics

How ads are displayed

Account structure, defining Google network

Controlling what devices will display your ads

Tips for new advertisers

Ad groups and keywords

Introducing ad copy, writing compelling ad copy

Ad groups structure, example ad groups

Keyword match types

Negative keywords

Negative keywords match types

Ad words keyword tool

Effective ad copy

Create compelling ad copy

Dynamic keyword insertion


Display &destination url’s

Building track able destination url’s

Understanding trademarks

Reaching a mobile audience

Product extension ads

Creating image and video ads

Ad preview tools, ad copy types and testing ideas

Tips for increasing CTR

module 6-landing pages

Where should you send the traffic?
Dedicated landing pages
Landing page concepts: above the fold, load time & credibility and usability
Demystifying quality score
What is quality score?
Viewing your score
Quality score factors, landing page quality score
Identifying quality score problems
How to increase your quality score
Ideas for extreme quality score scenarios
Quality score updates
Google chief economist on the update
Location targeting
Why geographic targeting is important
How Google determines searches location
Creating geographic campaigns
Local business extensions

Introducing the add words editor
Ad-words editor live demonstration
Ad-words editor windows shortcuts

module 7-goal settings-conversion tracking

Determining business goals goal refinement-examples
What are conversion tracking, types of conversions?
Installing ad-words conversion tracker script
Conversion tracking preference docs
Practical case study
ROI calculation

module 8-video marketing

Major advantages of video marketing
How to create a video campaign
YouTube targeting methods
Bidding types
Types of you tube ads, reporting and analysis

module 9-advance google analytics/web analytics

Google analytics setup
Installation techniques
Campaign tracking and analysis
Interpreting essential website data motion charts
Advanced segmentation, reporting and analysis
Goals and funnels, custom reporting
Advanced filters
Clicky setup
Real time statistics, click usage
Internal search analytics
Website surveys, multivariate testing
Multi channel analytics

module 10-content marketing

Introduction to content marketing
Content marketing strategy
How to monetize content marketing
How to promote/publicize your content
Content marketing benefits
Digital content
Micro sites
White papers
Podcasts, video portals
Online events

module 11-online reputation management

Introduction to online reputation management
Why business needs online reputation
ORM strategy, case studies of brands
How to create branding for any business
Five stars at customer review sites
Tips for ensuring your happy customers spread the word
Ensure your customers defend you from a bad review
Responding to negative review
Reducing negatives
Blogging for brand control
Social networking meets reputation management
Tools for online reputation management

module 12-google adsense

Introduction to Google adsense
Google ad-sense program
Google ad-sense approval process
Google ad-sense secrets
How to get relevant ad-sense ads
Google ad-sense ad format sizes
High paying sites on ad sense
Making money with Google adsense
Google adsense add colors
Google adsense revenue sharing
Google adsense optimization tips

module 13-you tube money making concepts

Video creation and optimization
Video promotion
Video commenting
YouTube channel creation
YouTube adsense account creation and customization
Social sharing, comments and reviews
Using ads inside videos
Promoting YouTube videos
How to rank videos faster, YouTube adsense account
YouTube revenue increasing tips


Getting Started