Oracle DBA

Each database requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to administer it. Because an Oracle database system can be large and can have many users, often this is not a one person job. In such cases, there is a group of DBAs who share responsibility.

A database administrator’s responsibilities can include the following tasks:

Installing and upgrading the Oracle server and application tools.
Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system.

Creating primary database storage structures (tablespaces) after application developers have designed an application.

Creating primary objects (tables, views, indexes) once application developers have designed an application.

Modifying the database structure, as necessary, from information given by application developers.

Enrolling users and maintaining system security.

Ensuring compliance with your Oracle license agreement.

Controlling and monitoring user access to the database.

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database.

Planning for backup and recovery of database information.

Maintaining archived data on tape.

Backing up and restoring the database.

Contacting Oracle Corporation for technical support.



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Course highlights

  • Architecture
  • Startup and Shutdown Modes
  • Database Creation
  • Tablespace Management
  • User Management
  • Renaming a Datafile Etc.,

Course Content

Lesson 1 -Architecture

  • Physical Structure

  • Logical Structure

  • Memory Structure
  •  System Global Area(SGA)

  • Program Global Area(PGA)
  •  Background Processes

  • Oracle Server
  •  SQL Statement Execution

Lesson 2 -Startup and Shutdown Modes

Lesson 3 – Database Creation

  • Manual Script
  •  Oracle Managed Files(OMF)


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