Mobile Testing Course Content


• Mobile Platform
• Mobile Real Devices
• Mobile Emulators or Simulators
• Mobile Testing
• Automation Testing
• Mobile Automation Testing
• Importance of Programming for Automation Testing

Introduction to Java Programming

• JDK Introduction
• Java Keywords and syntaxes
• Class / Objects
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Encapsulation
• Abstraction
• Arrays
• Collections
• Exception Handling

Android Platforms for Mobile Applications

• Introduction to Android Apps
• Android SDK Installation
• Android API Levels
• Android Apps Deployment
• Launching Android Apps on Emulators and Real Devices
• Concept of Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage

IOS Platform for Mobiles Applications

• Introduction to IOS Apps
• MAC OS for IOS Platform
• Xcode Installation on MAC
• Developers tools Installation on Xcode
• IOS API and Objective C Info
• IOS Apps Deployment
• Launching IOS Apps on Emulators and iPhone

Introduction to Appium

• Appium Driver and Remote WebDriver
• Architecture of Appium.
• Appium Installation
• Appium Port Setup
• Appium Client Libraries

Introduction to Test NG

• Test NG Plug in Installation in Eclipse
• Test NG Annotations
• Test NG XML Creation
• Test Cases building with Test NG
• Test Suite Execution in Test NG

Mobile Testing with WebDriver and Test NG

• WebDriver Architecture
• WebDriver Advantages over various Platforms
• Selendroid and IOS Jars Configuration on Eclipse
• Integration of WebDriver and Appium
• Concept of UI Automator
• Concept of Locators (id, name, Xpath, Css Seclectors)
• Finding Locators on Mobiles
• Finding Elements by texts using Android UIAutomator and Appium
• Building Xpaths
• Touch Events automation
• Simulating Multiple Gestures
• Long Press and Delete Elements
• Handing Toggle Buttons
• Pinching, tapping, holding
• Multiple Touch Events
• Building a Simple test and Execution
• Getting Values form TextView
• Waiting – Implicit and Explicit Wait
• Mobile Data Driven(Parameterization) Testing Flatfiles, Excel and Databases

Mobile Test Execution with Maven

• Introduction Maven
• Comparing Maven and Ant
• Installation of Maven
• Maven Repositories
• Maven Architecture
• Maven’s Dependency Mechanism
• Handling Selenium and other Dependencies in Maven POM.xml file
• Integration with Eclipse and TestNG
• Mobile Automation Project Building
• Mobile Automation Project Execution using Maven