Definition: Cloud computing services are generally known as the sharing and accessing information. through internet web spaces using the hard drives, local servers and personal computers. “Cloud Computing ” can referred as the internet web space.

 Cloud Computing

Cloud computing Introduction

It provides everything in the internet services. It can operate and allow the service in access and manage the internet from anywhere. Cloud Computing Introduction explains the Data centres and many data centres. This  involved in the cloud computing technology. This is connecting the every network and its comprises computing software and storage.

History of Cloud Computing

Starting stage of the developing technology the client-server is very famous. It is using with combination of the terminal application and the mainframe. During that time the information stored at CPU. This is very expensive. It connected with mainframe and the both types of resources. They are arrange them and connected to small client-server. This is famous by storing the huge amount of data. It is revolution the mass storage and storage capacity.

Cloud computing companies

Cloud computing Companies taken from the shapes and sizes. Large vendors are the having the process of launching one or the offering the space. They are launching the different types of products in many startup companies. The major vendors in cloud computing services given below. There are,
Cloud computing company’s services infrastructure:
  • AMAZON: It provides and including S3, simpleDB and EC2
  • Rackspace’s: It provides and includes the cloud sites, cloud drive and cloud servers.
  • GoGrid’s: It offers and including cloud storage and cloud Hosting.
  • IBM’s: It provides and including the computing on demand. And having the smart business storage cloud.
  • AT&T: It provides and includes the service in Synaptic storage and the service as a computing.
Platform as a Service cloud computing companies
  • Google App Engine: It used to developing the Python and Java by using the platform of Google app engine.
  • com: It used to develop the proprietary programming language and Apex. By using the platform of
  • Microsoft Azure: It provide the developing the .net by using the Microsoft Azure.
Software as a Service companies
  • Google: It is providing the Saas Space. It includes the Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar and Picasa.
  • IBM: it is offering the web based email services and Lotuslive iNotes. it provides the calendaring capabilities and messaging to business users.
  • Zoho: It is look like as the Microsoft office suite on online products.

Importance of the cloud computing

Now a day’s cloud computing is more important than the internet service. In 90s the utilisation of the internet is broad. At the same time present days the cloud computing services are also having the same range. All are believing in that cloud computing.
Cloud computing is already a reality:
In future it will get high value in internet service. This is essential for everyone in future. It is all comes to continuity for itself. This need for the high energy, physical space and especially the ideology. Have better economy.
Arguments in favor of the use of Cloud Computing:
There are several argumentative reasons for defending the cloud computing. They are discussing in few points. They are
  • Elasticity Demand
  • Cost Savings
  • Speed
advantages and disadvantages:
  • Cost efficiency
  • High Speed
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Back-up and restore data
  • Security issues
  • Low bandwidth
  • Flexibility issues
  • Incompatibility

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