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Msbi Online Training Hyderabad

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Msbi online training Hyderabad:


Msbi means Microsoft business intelligence tool. Business Intelligence is techniques for transforming data into meaningful and useful for analysis purpose. This type of information helps to make quick decisions.

Microsoft business intelligence is capable of handling large amounts of data and unstructured data. It is help to identify and to create new strategic business opportunities. BIDS releases SQL Server 2012 version of MSBI. Later Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) renamed to SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

Microsoft business intelligence has three tools

  • SQL Server Reporting Service
  • SQL Server Analysis Service
  • SQL Server Integration Service

SQL Server Integration Service:

  • SQL Server Integration Service is the ETL tool from Microsoft product.
  • SSIS is a platform for building high performance, data integration and workflow solutions.
  • We can process the data from various locations and various formats. Data can save into a centralized repository as a Data Warehouse.
  • It’s including extraction, transformation & loading (ETL) operations for data warehousing.
  • SQL Server Integration Service includes graphical tools and wizards for building and debugging packages.

SQL Server Reporting Service:

  • SSRS is an enterprise reporting platform
  • It’s supporting traditional & interactive reports delivered over the web or through custom applications.
  • SSRS supports various data sources like these dimensional and multi-dimensional.

Features of SSRS:

  • Easy subscriptions options
  • Retrieve data from different source
  • Support for Ad-Hoc reporting
  • Report builder helps to customize the reports for end user.
  • Export functionality with lots of format.
  • Web based access to reports
  • Display reports in various ways like tabular, chart, Gauge and so on.

SQL Server Analysis Service:

  • Process of converting two dimensional rows & columns data into multi dimensional data model.
  • SQ Server Reporting Service will help you to analyze the large volume of data.


In this article we explored the basic idea of Total MSBI