It’s another name is data driven science. DATA SCIENCE has more than one branch in scientific methods,. It can be understanding data in various forms or extract knowledge. In either structured or unstructured obtaining data. It is a topic related to data analysis, unify statistics and other methods. The actual circumstance can analyse an understand the data. The data has give theories and techniques on many fields on wide areas. They are mathematical statics, computer science and information science. The sub domains in special forms classification.  The interpretation on mathematical statics and data analysis. The term data science has recently developed.




After few years we have to know about WHAT IS DATA SCIENCE. And forecast the future as developed by research from MIT. It is already reached their goal from their excellent research. At present they are forecast about the features on movie scene. IT may be small problem to understand. By the end of this blog it is not a problem. And we will get good results. We have to help many industries in decision making process through data science. It employs theories and techniques in analysing or examines the data in many fields.
These are more important in Data science programming
· mathematical statics
· mathematical modeling,
· computer science
· statistics,
· mathematics,
· Pattern recognition, data ware housing, high performance, data base, visualization and AI.

Data Science Components:

1. Datasets:
We have to need a lot of data to analyse. What data will you analyse and why? We have to keep the data from different researches. Which conducted in past. This data have to keep data analytical data and algorithms.
2. R Studio:
It is  known as R language. This is software environment and an open source programming language. For graphing and computing. It sustained by R foundations.
Utilities on R studio:
· Easy and Simple to learn
· Data analysis and visualization
· Programming and statistical language
· open source and free
3. Spark R
It is set of R groups. To use R with Apache Spark is lightweight. For using Tradition R application what will be use? It offers for improving different data framework. That it provides operations on data sets.  aggregation, selection and filtering.
4. Hadoop:
It used or helps us to process large data sets in distribution fashion and in parallel. It is a big framework.
5. Big Data
Big data is  known as collection of data sets. It is too difficult and large. If using traditional data processing applications or on-hand database management tools. The process on this complex in big data.


It is main purpose for testing and automate the web applications. It is not limited. Some of the broad web browsers publishers use on take steps for make it native part. This is the core technology in other browsers framework, automation tools and APIs. In web applications software testing framework is portable for it. In test scripting language SELENIUM provides a playback tool. It is no need for learning the script. If you write any tests it is offers test domain language. It contains the courses Scale, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Java, Perl, and PHP. These language set up Windows, Linux and micros platform. Without charge we can download and use it. Under Apache 2.0 License open source software released.


our topic used for web applications. In this programming language it used for automatic interact with the web browser to do any task. In this SELENIUM WEB DRIVER we discuss about the tools and features. Using  Firebug and IDE we can build a few scripts. These scripts moved and locating the strategies. Into the different type of web elements.


-Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Html Unit
– Android Drive
– Internet Explorer


1. Web Driver:
It is very useful for Selenium. Commends are send to the browser and agreed by this. Browser-Specific driver achieved by this content. Commands are sending to a Browsers and gets results. Most of programming applications are launch and access by the browser drives. It is  known as HTML Unit browser. the driver encouraged to browse using HMTL Unit.
2. IDE:
It is complete information about integrated development environment for testing the tests. It extended through Add on Firefox and let on editing recording and testing on debugging. Recorder known as Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE is suitable with Selenium RC and it is little maintain and put down.
3. client API:
In different programming language can written in  tests an alternative written tests. This is discuss with Selenium in different methods. our programming language offers programming languages are Python, Java, Ruby, Java script and C++.
4. Remote Control:
It is also called as Selenium RC. Which agreed the commands in HTTP. It written in Java. Automated test written in web applications programming language by using RC. It is very useful for promoting Selenium Unit test frameworks.
5.  Grid:
It is a web server. Selenium grid used for remote machine running and it agreed for tests in web browser. One web server act as a hub. To know about the access on browser instance tests contact the hub. Hub has a list of web servers that provides browser instance used as tests and access.
Some programming languages are given below:
· Java
· C++
· Pearl
· Python
· Ruby
-It is not supported to extend the functionality and features.
-Not important for start executing scripts to start server prior.
-Testing on iPhone and android servers is support to add.
-Extracting the objectives is big problem. It is get to extract the object bulk.
-AJAX- based, Drag and Drop, and page navigation based UI elements used to support the features.
-Coordinates of any objects we can find through the web driver.
-Web driver can coordinate with testing frame work like Testing and J unit.
-It offers and improves reliability between browsers.
– Implementation of listeners is most important feature.





Usually “Angular.js” or “AngularJS 1.X” known as ANGULAR JS. It is an open source JavaScript based web application. This web application provided by Google. Single page web applications are developing. By the community of individuals and corporations of many challenges. Cross platform mobile apps are developing by this JavaScript component. Apache Cordova complimented to the Javascripted. ANGULARJS aim is to provide the facilities. They are both developing and testing  applications. Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM), and Model-view-controller (MVC) architectures provided to develop the framework. These components used in Internet applications. During the time 2014 the Angular JS team has  working with Angular.

ANGULARJS Introduction:

 By studying the HTML page the framework of Angular JS will be working. It is apply to the new custom tag. AngularJS Introduction explains the attributes. The attributes on the page input and output parts are difficult to apply. This model represented by the variables of standard JavaScript. The values of the Javascripted variables put within the code, or recovered from the dynamic and static JSON resources.

Scope of the Angular JS:

The computer science fundamentals are like the Angular JS scope. The difficulties of the program are valid in scope of the Angular JS. The scope of the Angular JS acts as the gum and the controller and view are difficulties. Angular JS scope is one type of object. That means the angular JS usual rules are variable in the scope. If the scope is mention  it refers to the angular JS scope, not to the name binding.

Two-way data binding in Angular Js:

 Two-Way data binding  the most important feature.  It completes the responsibilities  the server backend relaxed. According to the data have the model scope in plain HMTL templates.  Angular detects the changes in HMTL model. Model changes the view and HMTL expression by the controller. By comparing the current values Angular JS find the changes. Earlier values stored  the process of dirty-checking,  Ember.Js and BAckbone.js. The model values changed.
ANGULAR JS developing APPS

      ANGULAR JS developing APPS:

  • The Guardian
  • YouTube for PS3
  • Weather
  • Freelancer
  • Netflix
  • jetBlue
  • Upwork
  • iStock Photo
  • Lego
  • PayPal
Amazon Web Services


 Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services:

Cloud computing services are also known as Amazon web services. They are providing building block services.These services are providing any type of applications in the cloud. This building blocks are makeup with each other and the results are very practical and flexible. Amazon Web Services as a set of demanding services. These services can provided to the each customer on cloud computing pricing methods.It may say about the application running or designing the server. AWS runs the operations on the cloud same as the way how to you do on physical computer. The AWS interact with the use of electricity as how much you pay.

Introduction to AWS:

Amazon Web Service is one of the branches of Introduction to AWS explains that the best platform to government, companies and individuals. It provides on-demand cloud computing services to everyone. On the agreement based it is free option for 12 months to the contestant. AWS is safe and cloud function policy. For development and commercial extension it provides catalogue storeroom, content release, Computation authority and erstwhile functionality. Present AWS cloud mechanism attract the customers. AWS is complete cloud computing program offered by the Amazon.
In the basic computer the browser acts as window. AWS setup their systems internet based services to their customer benfits. The technology of the AWS is famous for throughout world. Fees can decided on the combination of usage.

AWS categories  can be classifying on the following way:-

Database Services
Storage and Content Delivery Services
Security and Identity Services
Compute and Networking Services
Application Services
Analytics Services
Management Tools


Significance of Amazon Web Services:-

Easy to use: For Amazon Web Service access getting hosting platform . By using the AWS management documented web service.
Flexible: The operating systems, database, web application platform, programming language and other services. These services used to setup the AWS application.
Reliable: AWS is the real and important service of the That takes the advantage of secure
Global computing infrastructure and reliable. The online business brings multi-billion dollar honed.
Secure: AWS secured our infrastructure, software, operational and physical operations.
End to end process utilized by the AWS.
Cost effective: you may pay only the electricity, data storage, and other resources. In this long term contractors are not committed
Scalable and high performance: your application demand based on the scale. This scale increased by the use of AWS tools, Elastic load Balancing, And Auto Scaling.
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