RPA interview questions

rpa interview questions:-   1.What is difference between error and exception? Errors are those occur at development time and exceptions. Are unforeseen errors which occur at run time. 2.hat are two major types of exception? All the exceptions in blue prism categorised under two types. Business exception and System exception. 3.How do you handle an ..

What is Robotic Process Automation

          What is Robotic Process Automation     What meant by RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?   “Robotic Process Automation refers to a style of automation. where a computer can mimic human in completing rules based task.”   Which is quite mean that creating software robots to perform repetitive and rules-based computer ..

robotic process automation blue prism   1) Blue Prism?   Blue Prism is one of the RPA tool. Which used to automate business applications. like windows applications, web applications, Java applications and mainframe applications. creating flowcharts using flowchart elements called stages in a blue prism. and create business objects that interact with external business. applications ..

robotic process automation interview questions

Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions  for freshers and experienced, Robotic process automation is the Set of Soft Bot technology that allows a company to configure computer software. Here we provide Top 10 RPA technical Interview questions and Answers.     RPA interview questions & answers   1. What is RPA?   A)RPA alludes to a style ..