Big Data Handling Techniques

Hadoop Hadoop among the most progressing technical fields in today’s day. the changes in the fads of the world, many changes made in the different fields of solutions. Many new technologies brought into action. but only a few of these technologies were able to live long. Big Data Handling Techniques Big Data Handling Techniques developed technologies. ..

cucumber gherkin

cucumber gherkin tutorial Cucumber Gherkin not used to create automated exams. Gherkin used to write structured tests. which can later utilize as project documents. The property structured provides us the ability to automate them. This automation performed by Cucumber/SpecFlow Types of Gherkin keywords Feature Background Scenario Given When Then And But * Feature: Keyword Each ..

SpecFlow Feature File

  What is SpecFlow Feature File? A feature file is an entryway to the SpecFlow test. That is a file where identify lab tests in Descriptive language. It an important part of SpecFlow, as it functions as an automation test script as well as live documents.  History of SpecFlow Feature File An attribute file can ..

Selenium Test using NUnit Framework

What is NUnit Framework? NUnit is a unit testing platform for performing unit testing based on the .NET platform. It is a trusted tool for unit testing and is preferred by many designers today selenium training in Hyderabad. Selenium Test using NUnit Framework NUnit absolved to use. NUnit does not create any test scripts alone. ..

How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

  How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp There many windows via Selenium web drivers. that clicking on a link which opens the page in a fresh browser screen. Selenium web drivers keep tabs on glass windows it opened throughout a session. Any browser windowpane Exposed Opened by a prior treatment of Selenium Webdriver ..

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium CSharp

  Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium CSharp Alert is a pop-up window that arises on screen. There are various user activities that can cause an alert on display. customer clicked on a button that displayed a note or when you entered a form. HTML web page asked you for some extra ..

Hadoop Training Advantage

Hadoop Training Advantage This training and qualification for experts opened up a world of opportunities. it’ll enable professionals to assist in proper structuring and management of business data. Career the Hadoop Training Advantage This construction as most known has become a “buzzword” on the market since its release on Apr 7, 2014. It expected to ..

Big Data Use Cases of organizations

Big Data Use Cases of organizations That big data is clear, let’s have a look at the different possible use situations. Of course, for each industry and each individual type of firm, the possible use cases change.  Possibilities of Use Big Data for Organization 1. get to know customers, all them in real-time.  we used ..