MICROSOFT SQL SERVER: Microsoft SQL servers are all seems as same at first time. First time it is confused. But Microsoft SQL server is easy to understand As much you try to get grip on this servers and what type of servers involved. We have to prefer the layman’s guide to learn and know about ..


          JAVA BASICS:   It is computer programming language for general purpose.This technology is getting good image. By using the consumers devices related to high level companies by developing applications. consumers need JAVA BASICS to learn about java.   Basic Java operators:   Java offers some operators to change variables. They are ..


  POWER BI:   Microsoft introduces power bi for business analytics service. It offers business intelligence capabilities with self service. By interactive visualisation that means one of the graphic visualisation. Then the customer are also create dashboard and reports by their own by the POWER BI  app. they are not depending on others like staff ..


Tableau: Now a days it is very popular and fast growing Business intelligence. and data visualisation tool. Tableau is an interactive reporting, business intelligence, dynamic. And data visualisation software tool generated by software. It is fast to expand, very emotional to customer use and easy to learn. Contestants are very easy to study and understand. ..


TESTING TOOLS:   These conducting tools are from software testing. It will explain as the product agreed one or more activities on test. The required from planning, creating a build. Need, test execution, defect logging and test analysis. These TESTING TOOLS classified into different parameters. They are   · The technology used · The Activities ..


WEB DESIGNING: It is the development of building and maintains websites. It has various appearance. Like as website wire-frame, colour combination, website layout. Graphic design, fonts, and web interactions. WEB DESIGNING  has visual appearance. Effective ideas linked with web design to communicate . In web development web designing is one of the most important tasks. ..


DATA SCIENCE:   It’s another name is data driven science. DATA SCIENCE has more than one branch in scientific methods,. It can be understanding data in various forms or extract knowledge. In either structured or unstructured obtaining data. It is a topic related to data analysis, unify statistics and other methods. The actual circumstance can ..


ANDROID:   It is a set of complete software programming for mobile device. They are computers, phone, and electronic etc. ANDROID has based on Linux-based software. key mobile applications and middle ware. It can known as mobile operating systems. This is not belonging to the mobile operating systems. Now a days it used in different ..


SELENIUM:   It is main purpose for testing and automate the web applications. It is not limited. Some of the broad web browsers publishers use on take steps for make it native part. This is the core technology in other browsers framework, automation tools and APIs. In web applications software testing framework is portable for ..


BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:   Business Intelligence or BI all about taking logical. Profitable and valuable decisions in any organisation. Now a day we can see around the world a large number of companies and entrepreneurs. They are facing main problem on Decision making process. Many of the companies struggling to take right decision for problem. They ..