Selenium Automation Testing Scope?

  Selenium Automation Testing Scope: Future of software testing is always good. It will always need. Customer will never accept the product without software test. Testing is always good as it gives everyone a confidence of the work . It’s always good to add more processes while the test, so that should not think testing ..

What is Big Data?

The term Big Data is use almost everywhere on the planet – online and offline. And it is not related to computers only. But, Big Data comes under a blanket term called Information Technology. Which is now part of almost all other technologies and fields of studies and businesses? What is Big Data? The data ..

Big Data Hadoop future scope in India?

Big Data Hadoop future scope Hadoop and Big data technologies only scope of future jobs. In future, most of the companies might exploit this new technology. Come to your question. It has three paths. The first path is Hadoop administration, second path Development and finally Analytics.  Hadoop development is the best choice for you. But ..

What are tools Of MSBI? | Importance of Microsoft Business Intelligence tools

MSBI is a software application. It designed for analyze the data, regain, report and transform the data. This application read the data before stores, repeated though no need of Data Warehouse. What is the use of Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools? MSBI having a three internal tools and technologies: 1.      SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services): SSIS ..

Reasons Why should you learn MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence)?

Reasons Why should you learn MSBI? Hi readers in this below article I am given details about why should you learn an MSBI and introduction of MSBI I am said one word MSBI in your mind having Question like is an abbreviation of MSBI and where it use in real time. MSBI software application designed ..

what is the future scope of hadoop technology?

Future scope of Hadoop IT companies are expanding too many new technologies can update maintain New Data. Big Data and Hadoop is more complex, but a not just store, but manage this voluminous chunk of the data. Big data has been a critical component of the data center but it takes few years time to establish. ..

what is selenium testing? | selenium introduction for beginners

Selenium is an open source technology. it is provides a portable software testing framework to software testers. Selenium published in 2004. Selenium functional testing tool has come a long way. selenium is free testing tool in software industry. it is available for all major platforms and works on major browsers. Advantages of Learning Selenium Learning ..

what is msbi developer? | MSBI Introduction

What is MSBI Developer? MSBI divided in to a 3 main categories: SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services. SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services. SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services. Explain about SSIS? SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services.):SSIS integrates different types of formats like an Oracle, Sybase, MySQL in one format. While doing integration it first refreshes ..

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft business intelligence is also named as MSBI. Business Intelligence is techniques for transforming data into meaningful and useful for analysis purpose. This type of information helps to make quick decisions. Microsoft business intelligence is capable of handling large amounts of data and unstructured data. It helps to identify and to create new strategic business ..

Hadoop training centers in Hyderabad | Hadoop training in Hyderabad

Kosmik is the best Hadoop training centers in Hyderabad. We offer online big data Hadoop training in Hyderabad by real time experts. We had experienced faculty in our Hadoop training centers in Hyderabad. kosmik technologies teach interview skills along with online Hadoop training in Hyderabad. We provide hands on training in our Hadoop training centers ..