Future for Tableau software

Tableau is one of the best data visualization tools that. It’s smooth and easy to learn. Tableau’s public version is also quite popular. However, we do feel that QlikView, Qliksense gives some real competition to Tableau. At an enterprise level, We can see more demand for QlikView/Qliksense than Tableau. As of now learning Tableau will ..

HBase Architecture

HBase Architecture Introduction Apache HBase is an open source of NoSQL database. That provides real-time read/writes of access to those large datasets. A non-relational (NoSQL) database that runs on top of HDFS What is HBase The HBase scales to handle huge data sets with billions of rows and millions of columns.  It combines data sources that use ..

Hadoop HDFS Architecture

HDFS Introduction HDFS is distributed file system of JAVA application. It is storage of large volumes of data. The HDFS and YARN from the data management layer of Apache Hadoop. YARN is the architectural center of Hadoop. The resource management framework. They process of data in many ways such as interactive and real time workloads dataset. ..

What is Mapreduce and How it works?

Hadoop Mapreduce Training Hyderabad Mapreduce is the heart of Hadoop. It is a programming model. They associate implementation of process and generate large data sets in a parallel manner. Mapreduce is a framework for the process of parallelizable. They across large datasets using a large number of computers (nodes). But, referred to as a cluster ..

SSIS ( Sequel Server Integration Services )

Introduction to SSIS SSIS is a tool used for ETL. ETL stands for Extract Transform and Load. These are simple day-to-day words we use in our daily lives. The figure below depicts ETL in real world scenario. E-Extract Data: Extract Data from various homogeneous or non-homogeneous source systems. Data could be store in any of the ..

Why Automation testing: The complexity of software development process is increase at a rapid pace. In this situation. There must exist bugs in an application due to human errors. The industry now depends on the software, to test their applications with more precise. This software is also known as an Automation tool. It helps the testers ..

Hadoop History ?

What is Hadoop? Big Data Hadoop is an open source, a Java-based programming framework. It support’s storage and the process of large data sets in cluster computing environment. Apache Software Foundation is installing them. Hadoop History: Hadoop invented by Doug Cutting. Hadoop is a part of Apache Lucene Project. This is the origin in Apache ..

Selenium IDE Commands List

The over all IDE script creation process classified into Three Steps. 1: Recording 2: Playing back 3: Saving Step1: Recording Selenium IDE supports to record user interactions with the browser. Thus the over all recorded actions are termed as Selenium IDE script. Step2: Playing back In this step, first we have to verify track stability and success rate. Then we can execute ..

Microsoft ssas architecture

SSAS architecture: SSAS can have different types of database. The Data Base has a mining objects as well as OLAP (Online analytic processes). The application connects to the particular Data type and Analysis service. Analysis Services is name as “<Server Name> or <Instance Name>”. Parts of SSAS architecture: Server objects Database object Dimension object Cube objects Security Role Server ..

Selenium Automation Testing Scope?

  Selenium Automation Testing Scope: Future of software testing is always good. It will always need. Customer will never accept the product without software test. Testing is always good as it gives everyone a confidence of the work . It’s always good to add more processes while the test, so that should not think testing ..