ASP.NET Data Source

  Data bound controls connect with the data source. It may protect the complex data binding process. Deletion, sorting, insertion, and updates these are the tools to control the data. That the data offers the data bound control.   Every data source control the particular data. To provide the relational database, custom classes, and XML ..

Introduction to Statistics

  Introduction to Statistics is wide range of subject. In different field they are using statistics with the applications. referred that the statistics is a method. To analysing, collecting, interpreting and drawing conclusions from the information. In another method the scientists and mathematicians are says that. Introduction to Statistics developed for collecting the data from ..

ASP.NET Life Cycle

ASP.Net Life Cycle explains that The ASP.NET edited the pages . ASP.NET produce and processes the pages output is in . The server pages and the applications prepared and instantiated. The ASP.NET Life Cycle can divided into two ways. They are Application life cycle Page life cycle   ASP.NET Application Life Cycle ASP.NET includes the ..

ASP.NET Introduction

    ASP.NET is also one of the parts in Microsoft .Net. It is a web development platform. This used to increase robust web applications for PC. Thorough programming model, comprehensive software infrastructure and different service applications needed. And also mobile devices required. It may be works on the top of the HTTP protocol. And ..

SalesForce Reports and Dashboards

An analytical side of the CRM is  SalesForce Reports and Dashboards. These are used to convert business requirement into visual representations like Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables, Scatter Chart, Gauge, Metrics, Funnel chart and etc…. types of reports in Salesforce These Reports used to display the required business data by in the form of Columns and Rows ..

Database Management

Collecting the data and managing the data known as Database Management. Is the database is and collecting the tables. Schema, reports, queries, views, and other elements. As a database server Microsoft SQL server known as relational Database Management system. It developed by the Microsoft. It can operate by any laptop or system. Through the powered ..

Blue Prism

  Blue Prism: It explains that the healthcare of the organization’s benefits and features. And it is a repetitive process and integrated system. It based on increasing providing facilities. To the patients and quality to care for the patients. Classification of methodologies and combination of operating models are also explained. This Blue Prism can calculate ..