Angularjs  introduction

  Introduction to Angularjs:– AngularJS Introduction AngularJS is a JavaScript framework.Architecture, Advantages Angularjs Architecture Diagram.User events trigger the functions which are stored inside your controller. The user events are part of the controller. What is angularjs ? Angularjs is a client side (browser side) technologies,which is developed by google & Framework of Javascript. By using ..

  dot net interview questions and answers for freshers 1.Difference between .Net Framework and VisualStudio.Net? .NET FRAMEWORK It is a run- time environment, which we can use to run applications. It is required for .net developers and .net application end users It is a freeware which we can download from Microsoft Website. VISUAL STUDIO .NET ..

robotic process automation interview questions

Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions  for freshers and experienced, Robotic process automation is the Set of Soft Bot technology that allows a company to configure computer software. Here we provide Top 10 RPA technical Interview questions and Answers.     RPA interview questions & answers   1. What is RPA?   A)RPA alludes to a style ..

Tosca Meaning

  Nowadays software testing tools are very useful, better and easier to lead our life. Testing tools are being used in management defects and the case of the management tests. These are very famous and popular among the masses. These Tosca Meaning of testing tools concerned about the functionalities. Tosca Meaning or Tosca is one ..

Cloud Computing

 Definition: Cloud computing services are generally known as the sharing and accessing information. through internet web spaces using the hard drives, local servers and personal computers. “Cloud Computing ” can referred as the internet web space.   Cloud computing Introduction   It provides everything in the internet services. It can operate and allow the service ..

Data Warehousing

  In every organisation data warehousing supposed to use in decision making process. It integrated, subject oriented, time-variant and non-volatile collection of data. The object of the Data Warehousing is to help the people to understand. The high level data of the implementation of the successful DWH project. The experience on this projects. To help ..


  Big data is the word that explains the data volume. That is both structured and unstructured data. That indicates the overflow of the data in day to day basics. It is not related the amount of the data importance. In every organisation that what data will be do the matter in the data. Big ..