c# Dot net interview questions

c# interview questions and Answers 1.When call by value, call by reference, call by out?    CALL BY VALUE: Whenever we want to pass some value to a function. The modifications are not expecting to reflect back. To actual parameter then we will pass it as CALL BY VALUE.   CALL BY REFERENCE: Whenever we ..

c# interview questions and answers

    c# interview questions and answers for freshers 1. Why C#.Net?   A) To develop any type of application by using Dot NET. we must one Dot NET LANGUAGE to write the business logic of that application.   2. Explain about primitive data types?    In C#.NET, according to the type of the data ..

  dot net interview questions and answers for freshers 1.Difference between .Net Framework and VisualStudio.Net? .NET FRAMEWORK It is a run- time environment, which we can use to run applications. It is required for .net developers and .net application end users It is a freeware which we can download from Microsoft Website. VISUAL STUDIO .NET ..