Kotlin For Android Developers

Kotlin For Android Developers Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. Now Kotlin supported by Google For Android.   Kotlin comes from industry, not academia. It solves problems faced by working programmers today. As an example, the type system helps you avoid null pointer exceptions. Research languages ..

Steps to configure Selenium WebDriver with java to develop test scripts Pre-conditions: We need below files Step 1: Download and Install JDK 8 Follow below URL http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Select Accept License Agreement radio button Choose version to download: Windows 86 or x64 based on your OS (jdk-8-windows-i586.exe and jdk-8-windows-x64.exe) wait until complete download. copy downloaded file ..

c# Dot net interview questions

c# interview questions and Answers 1.When call by value, call by reference, call by out?    CALL BY VALUE: Whenever we want to pass some value to a function. The modifications are not expecting to reflect back. To actual parameter then we will pass it as CALL BY VALUE.   CALL BY REFERENCE: Whenever we ..

c# interview questions and answers

    c# interview questions and answers for freshers 1. Why C#.Net?   A) To develop any type of application by using Dot NET. we must one Dot NET LANGUAGE to write the business logic of that application.   2. Explain about primitive data types?    In C#.NET, according to the type of the data ..

RPA interview questions

rpa interview questions:-   1.What is difference between error and exception? Errors are those occur at development time and exceptions. Are unforeseen errors which occur at run time. 2.hat are two major types of exception? All the exceptions in blue prism categorised under two types. Business exception and System exception. 3.How do you handle an ..

What is Robotic Process Automation

          What is Robotic Process Automation     What meant by RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?   “Robotic Process Automation refers to a style of automation. where a computer can mimic human in completing rules based task.”   Which is quite mean that creating software robots to perform repetitive and rules-based computer ..

robotic process automation blue prism   1) Blue Prism?   Blue Prism is one of the RPA tool. Which used to automate business applications. like windows applications, web applications, Java applications and mainframe applications. creating flowcharts using flowchart elements called stages in a blue prism. and create business objects that interact with external business. applications ..

Angularjs interview questions

  Angularjs interview questions   What is dom? Dom means document object model is representation of html web page in objects relationship model. Java scripts manipulate HTML elements in the help of DOM methods.DOM can access Html elements ID’s   class, tag names to and modify and delete Html elements. It can set CSS properties values. ..

Angularjs  introduction

  Introduction to Angularjs:– AngularJS Introduction AngularJS is a JavaScript framework.Architecture, Advantages Angularjs Architecture Diagram.User events trigger the functions which are stored inside your controller. The user events are part of the controller. What is angularjs ? Angularjs is a client side (browser side) technologies,which is developed by google & Framework of Javascript. By using ..

  dot net interview questions and answers for freshers 1.Difference between .Net Framework and VisualStudio.Net? .NET FRAMEWORK It is a run- time environment, which we can use to run applications. It is required for .net developers and .net application end users It is a freeware which we can download from Microsoft Website. VISUAL STUDIO .NET ..