Add On Element Locator in Firefox

WebDriver Element Locator Firefox Add On

Selenium users know the importance of locating elements for automation script. we have different tools like Browser Inspector, FirePath & FireBug to help us. It makes our lives easy in Selenium Automation world Add On Element Locator in Firefox.

Add On Element Locator in Firefox

Still, location an element and fit factor into the terms script is an automation activity. Sure create locators by hand or use Selenium IDE to get details of these component locators selenium training institutes in hyderabad.

WebDriver Component Locator

WebDriver Element Locator is a significant add-on for Firefox browser. which enables you to do that and save a whole lot of your energy. As this increase to Firebox and to use this, click online element wish to locate. select an appropriate locator string and it’ll copy to clipboard. It would show many options of element locators in your browser’s framework menu. It displays the aspect locator with the entire Selenium script in various dialects. like C#, Java, Python, and Ruby. See below screenshot to see WebDriver Factor Locator in action Add On Element Locator in Firefox.

How exactly to Download WebDriver Aspect Locator?

The other Firefox Add-On, this downloaded from Firefox itself.

  • Go to Tools > Add-Ons
  • Search for WebDriver Element Locator
  • Select Install
  • Restart the Firefox Browser
 some salient features of this add-on.
  1. To help prevent buggy assessments. it will check the locators for uniqueness, signified by red crosses and green ticks.
  2. If elements have long, fragile, auto-generated capabilities. such as id=”ctl00_ElementContainer_Inputs_txtForename”. it’ll attempt to locate based on the final area of the value only.
  3. If locating via traits is difficult, it also tries to find via word value.
  4. This extension will try to populate the context menu with functional web driver. XPath based find element directions for the .net, python and ruby bindings. Support Locator Collection sources for the centered web element.
learn more tools on locators

We learn more tools on locators in this series but in all, additionally. it is a nice and useful add-on to own for automation assessment. Test it out for and let think of it selenium training in hyderabad.

Add On Element Locator in Firefox

We provide Add On Element Locator in Firefox on selenium web driver by real time experts. We offer selenium training in hyderabad by real time project.


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