How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp


How to Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

There many windows via Selenium web drivers. that clicking on a link which opens the page in a fresh browser screen. Selenium web drivers keep tabs on glass windows it opened throughout a session. Any browser windowpane Exposed Opened by a prior treatment of Selenium Webdriver period. We mean the duration of the time instantiates a WebDriver occasion enough time. we kill it via WebDriver.Give up or by hand killing the process.

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

This will click on the “New Browser Windowpane” button 3 times. As a result, you will see 4 house windows that will come into existence. Take into account window opened during driver initialization is the Parent home window.

How to Handle Screen in Selenium CSharp?

To identify a web browser Selenium WebDriver map of Opened windows VS Window Deal with. It distinctive string value identifies an Internet browser screen on the desktop. It guaranteed that every browser will have a unique window cope with. To get Screen handle WebDriver program provides two methods CurrentWindowHandle – WindowHandles

The current window handle method returns a string value. its profits the Window take care of current focused browser windows. WindowHandles. This method results in a ReadOnlyCollection of all Window handles browsers opened period.

Console Output: This is the output that gets on the system. Focus on the Window take care of values, they can be unique to the other person

The way to handle Many House windows in Selenium CSharp?

Their idea of currently focused windows selenium web driver commands focused home window. By default the emphasis definitely on the Parent windowpane, please start the screenshot. To shift concentrate from Parent Window to any child home window. We use the next command line on WebDriver – driver.SwitchTo(). Home window This control takes in a window handle and switches the driver context on that screen. Once the Transition happens all the driver commands will go to the focused home window. That important to comprehend, without switching to the desired window. we will never be able to perform any action on that windowpane. Which across all the open up glass windows and navigates to a specific page in every the open windows one at a time.

Concluding all the Windows

There quite two commands. that people use to close browser windows WebDriver.close() and WebDriver.Quit().

WebDriver.Close() command line will close the current window on which the focus is present. This used to close glass windows. The windows would like to nearby use the right Window take care. the call the WebDriver.Close command word. That may close the existing browser window.


It will close all the house windows exposed in the program. This command shuts down the driver instance and WebDriver leads to the exception. That’s pretty much it that people have for handling many windows.

Handle Multiple Browsers in Selenium CSharp

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Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium CSharp

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp


Different types of Alert And Popup Box in Selenium CSharp

Alert is a pop-up window that arises on screen. There are various user activities that can cause an alert on display. customer clicked on a button that displayed a note or when you entered a form. HTML web page asked you for some extra information. We understand to Handle kinds of Alert And Popup Container in Selenium CSharp.

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp

Alerts are different from regular house windows. The primary difference is the fact that alerts are blocking in nature. They will not allow any action on the root web page if they are present. So if an alert exists on the website and make an effort to access any of the factors in the fundamental page

Handling Alerts using Selenium WebDriver

Selenium provides us with a software called IAlert (It is an Interface).
It is present in the OpenQA.Selenium.IAlert package deal. Alert interface gives us following methods to deal with the alert:

  • Accept() To accept the alert
  • Dismiss() To dismiss the alert
  • Content material To get the text of the alert
  • SendKeys() To create some text message to the alert

Simple Alert

Simple alerts have an OK button on them. They used to display some information to an individual. The first alert on our test web page is a straightforward alert. The following code will browse the text message from the Alert and then allow the alert. the note that people swap from the main windowpane with an alert using the driver.SwitchTo().Alert().

Confirmation Alert

This alert possesses an option to accept or dismiss the alert. To accept the alert use IAlert.Accept() and also to dismiss use the IAlert.Dismiss().

Prompt Alerts

In prompt alerts, get an option to add text to the alert container. This used when some input is necessary from an individual. We use the SendKeys() method to type something in the Prompt alert box.

Different types of Alert And Popup Box in CSharp

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Hadoop Training Advantage

Career the Hadoop Training Advantage

Hadoop Training Advantage

This training and qualification for experts opened up a world of opportunities. it’ll enable professionals to assist in proper structuring and management of business data.

Career the Hadoop Training Advantage

This construction as most known has become a “buzzword” on the market since its release on Apr 7, 2014. It expected to be a boon in disguise for businesses worldwide. it includes a way for better data managing strategy. the center of the training central idea-the dependence on utilizing data management level. This will prevent scattering of data clusters in the unstructured environment. What this framework focuses on provides a thorough solution. that assist businesses in controlling their existing data and adding information bits ease.

The salient aspects of construction opened the entry doors an future of specialists.

Will This Training Profit professional?

It amazing to even think of the quantity of data. That created, assorted, managed, analyzed, and stored every day around the world. Almost, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. which is an upwards slope where future creation concerned.

 That almost 90% of the info that exists in the world today created two years. Another bit of information: Eighty Percent of the captured unstructured called Big Data.

Important component of Hadoop

That’s where this training comes into play handy. It’s the perfect open-source software construction. that professionals system administrators, DBAs, BI analysts, ETL data architects. data experts use for analyzing of data or big data within the lesser time frame.

Once complete this training, Developer. It is heralded as an important element of the modern data architecture. As part of the training, become familiar with best to complement and incorporate. The systems in organizations for the creation of a scalable and reliable enterprise data.

 Discover 3 key areas trained in platform help professionals to target and they’re:

 Iterative Analytics:

It’ll empower professionals having the ability to store data in any format. It able to create schema when you choose to assess the stored data.

Sole cluster – many workloads:

Whenever find out about Apache Hadoop YARN. It able to leverage its potential to support many access methods. like in-memory, real-time, batch, loading, and others, for one common data set. Learning allows to see and convert data in different ways obtaining close-loop analytics. This will bring “time-to-insight” very close to real time.

Date warehouse marketing:

It’ll enable offload any low-value processing tasks like remove, transform, and insert. This jobs can take in significant venture data warehouse resources. It able to use Hadoop for freeing up important resources like the data warehouse. so that it can perform high-value functions like businesses and analytics.

Career the Hadoop Training Advantage

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Big Data Use Cases of organizations

Possibilities of Use Big Data for Organization

Big Data Use Cases of organizations

That big data is clear, let’s have a look at the different possible use situations. Of course, for each industry and each individual type of firm, the possible use cases change.

 Possibilities of Use Big Data for Organization

1. get to know customers, all them in real-time.

 we used concentration organizations and questionnaires to find out who our customers where. This is always outdated the moment the results arrived in and it was far too high over. With big data, this isn’t necessary anymore. Big Data allows companies to map the DNA of its customers. Knowing the client well is the main element to having the ability to sell to them. The benefits associated with knowing visitors are provided tips or show advertising. that customized to the average person needs.

2. Co-create, improve and innovate your products real-time.

Big data analytics organizations gain an improved knowledge of customers of their products. Through tuning in on social media and blogs people say about a product. it can give more information about it than with a normal questionnaire. Particularly assessed in real-time, companies can act after possible issues immediately. Not the sentiment about products assessed. That different demographic grouping or in various geographical locations at different timings.

3. Determine much risk organization faces.

Determining the risk a company faces is an essential rule of today’s business. To be able to define the chance of a possible client or supplier, an in-depth profile of the client produced. place it in a certain category, each using its own risk levels. This process too extensive and obscure and quite a person or dealer in a wrong category. so receiving a wrong risk profile. A too high-risk account isn’t harmful, aside from lost income. but a too low-risk profile could damage a business. With big data, it is possible to determine a risk category for specific customer or provider. their data from days gone by and present in real-time.

4. Individualize website and charges in real-time toward specific customers.

Companies used split-tests and A/B testing layout customers in real-time. With big data, this technique will change. A variety of web metrics examined and in real-time as well as merged. This will allow companies to have a fluid system. where the look, feel and layout change to reveal many influencing factors. It will be possible to give each individual visitor a website designed to his / her desire. A customer might see another website weekly or month later depending on his / her personal moment.

5. Better service support for your customers.

With big data, you’ll be able to machines from a (great) distance and check the way they are doing. Using telematics, each different part of a machine-checked in real-time. Data delivered to the manufacturer and stored for real-time analysis. Each vibration, noises or problem gets diagnosed. The algorithm picks up a deviation from the standard procedure, service support warned. The device even program for maintenance at a time when the device is not used. the engineer involves fixing the device. he knows to do anticipated to all the information available.

6. Find new market segments and business opportunities by incorporating data with public data.

Companies discover unmet customer wishes using big data. By doing routine and/or regression analysis by yourself data. find needs and desires of customers didn’t know they were present. organizations to find new market segments, target organizations or business opportunities aware of.

7. Better understand your competition and more, stay before them.

You skill for your own organization done, pretty much, for competition. It will help organizations better understand the competition and knowing where they stand. It can offer a valuable head start.

8. Organize your business more and save money.

By analyzing all the info in company find areas increased and structured better. The logistics industry become efficient using big databases available in the resource chain. Electronic On-Board Recorders in trucks reveal where these are, fast they drive. Receptors and RF tags in trailers and syndication help on-load and off-road trucks. combining road conditions, traffic information, weather conditions of clients save money and time.

 Possibilities of Use Big Data for Organization.

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Web Element Extensions Method in Automation Framework


Selenium Web-driver is a powerful framework for web test automation. There’s always room for improvement. This improvement produced by leveraging the prevailing features of Selenium Web Driver. Selenium Web Element Extension Method in Automation Framework useful for selenium web driver.
 Web Element Extensions Method in Automation Framework

Cases of modifying Selenium Actions

Some Cases of modifying Selenium Actions given below. They are
1: Web Element Send Keys
It observed that on some word fields principles are pre-filled. the Selenium SendKeys action work, it does not take away the old text and add or append content material to it.
2: WebElement Click
There may be situations where Click action cannot work on any given aspect. In that case, we conclude clicking on the element with the aid of JavaScript or MouseHover click. To help make the code reusable we always create functions of reusable activities.
3: Logging
Logging is an essential activity in any framework. Logging can be Step Level or Action Level. Action Level logging is difficult to control, as required to enter log after every action. it becomes an automation script-write. To keep up the reliable logging on the platform.
What are Extension Methods?
Extension Methods existing types without creating type, recompiling or modifying the original type. An extension method particular kind of static method. they called as though case methods on the extended type. An expansion method static approach to a static class. where in fact the “this” modifier applied to the first parameter. The sort of the first parameter will be the type prolonged.
How exactly to Create Extension Method?
We create an expansion way for a WebElement type. So WebElement gave a parameter for this extension method. That method called by the Web Element using the dot operator.
Enter Text() instead of Send Keys()
This function is simple, it makes our code a little from concise. The original Selenium HANDY REMOTE CONTROL RC, SendKeys clear a wording field. Then send the mandatory word. In Selenium 2, word fields aren’t cleared first unless carried out. the method EnterText(), were passing a Web Element type with ‘this’. So that it called by any factor variable, in other words, a WebElement illustration.
Is Displayed() instead of Displayed()
Selenium’s default behavior is to throw an exception if a factor is not found. Displayed method catches exclusion. To test the visibility of the elements without execution program.
Select By Text of Select Class
This put into action every action of Selenium in own way. It logging for the reason that or use try capture stop or anything.

Web Element Extensions Method in Automation Framework

Step 1: Build an Element_Extensions Class
1) Create a new folder and name it as Extensions.
2) Create a fresh C# course in the Extensions folder, name it as Element_Extensions.
3) Write the execution of the Component_Extensions class.

Feature and Property of Expansion Methods

  • It static method
  • This situated in a static class
  • The “this” keyword as the first parameter with a sort in.NET. which method called by a given type illustration on the client side.
  • An extension method in the same namespace as employed. import the namespace of the course by a using statement.
  • Any for the course that comes with an extension method but the course should be static.
  • If add new solutions to a sort and do not have the source code for this. The solution is to use and install extension ways of that type.
  • create expansion methods that have the same personal methods. the type extending, expansion methods called.


Weird Ways Big Data Is Used Around the World

Big Data Use of Weird Ways

Weird Ways Big Data Is Used Around the World

Big Data” is the word business use transformational computer evaluation and business supervision. It suggests the lowering and tremendous informational indexes find new.  shocking bits of knowledge and information into the way the world works. It’s hot field at this moment in view of twin upsets heading. The measure of Computer information accessible to contemplate. It sensational development of computations and inspection used to study that data.

Big Data Use of Weird Ways 

Where PC researchers limited to simple gigabytes or terabytes of data. they’re examining petabytes and even Exabyte’s of data. I don’t have to know the math to realize gigantic sum. With the recognition of this principle, their experts in the IT field.
Here are four odd ways data utilized these days

1. Big Data Billboards

Outdoor marketing company, Option is utilizing tremendous information to characterize and legitimise. its estimating model for publicising space on announcements, seating, and sides of transports. open-air multimedia valuing evaluated “per impression” in light of any gauge. variety of eyes would start to see the advertisement in a given day. they’re utilizing advanced GPS, eye-following programming, and inspection of movement samples. which special offers seen the most – and hence be the best.

2. Big Data and Foraging

The site joined up with wide open data from the U.S. Bureau of Agriculture. Metropolitan tree inventories, maps, and highway tree databases to give an instinctive guide. where in fact the apple and cherry trees and shrubs in the neighborhood may drop the natural product. The site’s expressed goal is to tell urbanites. that farming and regular sustenance do exist in the location need to get to a niche site to discover it.

3. Huge Data on the Slopes

Skiing resorts are still engaging in the information diversion. RFID labels embedded into lift tickets curtail extortion and hold up times at the lifts. It helps skiing resorts comprehend activity designs. which elevates and works times of day, and help trail the advancements of an individual skier. if he somehow managed to conclude lost. They’ve also taken the information to the population, giving sites and applications. that details, from a number of works, slalomed to the variety of vertical foot crossed. then discuss via web-based networking mass media or use to family and companions.

4. Enormous Data Weather Forecasting

Applications long time ago utilized information from telephones to populate activity maps. but, an application WeatherSignal takes advantage of Android os telephones weather information too. The telephones include a measure, hygrometer, bordering thermometer and light meter. which can collect information to climate gauging and bolstered into prescient models.

Big Data Use of Weird Ways

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JSON  Introduction

Overview Of Json

JSON  Introduction

JSON is one of the most used Data-Exchange formats. It is a lightweight format represented as pure text. Due to the ability of almost all the languages to parse text. Json becomes independent of the programming language.

 Overview Of Json

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.  It human and machine-readable format to represent data as Structured Data. JSON used to transfer data from one computer to different programs on the computer.

Key Value Pairs

Key-Value pairs in JSON used to represent a property of the Object. In the above example, we tried to represent a Person.
Key-Value in JSON we have to follow these rules

  • Key value pairs separated by a : (colon)
  • Key is always present in Double Quotes ” “
  • Value could be anything about the Data Type

Values can be of following data types

  • Boolean: True or False
  • Number: Numerical values
  • Object: An associative array of Key-Value pairs
  • Array: Associative array of values

Object in JSON

In JSON an object represented the collection of Key-Value pairs. This collection of Key-Value pairs grouped using (opening and closing curly braces}. Rules to writing an Object are

  • Key-Value pairs separated by a, (Comma)
  • Each Object should Start with an Opening (Opening Curly Brace)
  • Each Object should End with a Closing (Closing Curly Brace)
Array in JSON

Arrays are like Arrays that you know from any other programming language. In JSON an Array is the collection of Values separated by Comma. Here are the rules to write an Array

  • An Array starts with an opening [ (Bracket)
  • An Array ends with a closing ] (Bracket)
  • Values in the Array separated by, (Comma)

To understand an Array let us add one more property to the Person Object. Let us add hobby also, a Person can have many hobbies. This makes it suitable to represent hobbies as an Array.

Components of a JSON

See how many hobbies represented using an Array. Array starts and ends with [ ] and contains values separated by,
These are the various components of a JSON, using these components we can create complex JSON.

 Overview Of Json

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Career Advantages of Big Data Certification

Advantages of Big Data Certification


Career Advantages of Big Data Certification

It’s never again an inquiry whether an association needs a Big Data system. It’s an issue of how soon they grasp it. IT experts scrambling to get prepared in Big Data or Hadoop. which required to end up the most sultry tech-aptitude in a couple of years. Enormous Data getting to be everywhere throughout the world. The organizations like utilities, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, vitality, and grasping the date IT.

Advantages of Big Data Certification

The truth of the matter is, organizations are attempting to get Hadoop ability. Ventures embracing Hadoop guaranteed. That individual they contract can deal with the petabytes of Big Data. The endorsement is a proof in such manner, making a man in charge of the information Hadoop training institutes in Hyderabad.


The part of the basic preferences Big Data confirmation offers.

  • Selection representatives and HR groups are chasing for applicants having Hadoop confirmation. It’s an unmistakable favorable position over those having no accreditation.
  • Huge information confirmation gives an edge over different experts, about the compensation bundle.
  • Hadoop accreditation enables a person to quicken vocation development activity posting process.
  • One of the significant points of interest Big Data confirmation. that useful for those endeavoring to change over to Hadoop from specialized foundations.
  • Hadoop accreditation supports hands-on understanding of working with Big Data.
  • Confirms that an expert knows about the most recent Hadoop highlights.
  • The confirmation helps in talking about the innovation to the organization. while organizing with others.

How to get Big Data certification?

A major preferred standpoint of Big Data affirmation obtained through web-based preparing. Classroom preparing benefited. In any case, the last may not be helpful for working experts due to their bustling life. Internet preparing bodes well. Many establishments offer online live preparing. The advantages of such preparing are massive in light of the fact. that there’s degree for a live intelligent session from the best Hadoop experts.

Who will profit?

Hadoop confirmation is perfect for work searchers needing contracting in IT organizations. Experts hoping to catch up on their abilities and their CV more grounded. The existing representatives hoping to ride up the vocation step. The upside of Big Data affirmation perceived everywhere throughout the business.

Experts from different spaces

Hadoop affirmation focused for experts to construct a profession in Big Data examination. Programming, investigation, testing experts, additionally ETL engineers administrators can profit by this accreditation. Truth any individual intrigued to fabricate a strong Hadoop design establishment the confirmation. Information warehousing and centralized computer experts additionally getting intrigued to get Hadoop ensured.


It’s basic appreciate the most extreme advantages from your Big Data confirmation. The courseware must incorporate the most recent themes in Apache Hadoop. It’ll help you to stay up to date with the latest advances. The confirmation enables to refresh insight and take next level accreditation tests. A confirmed Big Data proficient actualize the systems of Hadoop advancement and investigate.

Advantages of Big Data Certification

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Explicit Waits FluentWaits in Selenium C#

Explicit waits fluent waits selenium C-Sharp


Explicit Waits FluentWaits in Selenium C#

we call them explicit waits because they applied to await conditions. Also, each explicit holdout is different from the other one in the core waiting for logic.

We will solve this problem using pursuing waits

  1. WebDriverWait
  2. DefaultWait 

Explicit waits fluent waits selenium C-Sharp

The mentioned two waits, generally speaking, the explicit waits, are smart waits. They called smart because they don’t wait for the max periods. Instead, it waits for the time till the problem specified in .until method becomes true.

Once the until method named, pursuing things happen in this sequence

 1: This smart/explicit wait captures the delay start time.
 2: Smart/Explicit wait around checks the problem that mentioned in the .until() method
 3: If the problem is not attained. a thread rest applied with time from the value in the .pollingInterval property call. Inside the example above it is 250 milliseconds.
 4: After the thread sleeping of step three 3 expires, the of start time made with the current time.

wait condition

This process retains ongoing on till enough time either timeout expires or the condition comes out to be true. The important point here’s waiting around condition evaluated after the end of polling time duration. So we don’t already have to wait for the complete timeout.

WebDriver Wait

WebDriverWait is present in the OpenQA.Selenium.Support.UI namespace. This holdout is a particular form of DefaultWait category. We will discuss DefaultWait in the next section.

Here the complete logic of wait encapsulated inside the Func delegate. which is present in System namespace. We must cross Func delegate to the WebDriverWait.until method.

Func delegate

Func delegate like this Func<Type1, Type2>. where Type1 is the source parameter and Type2 is the output parameter. WebDriverWait tied to WebDriver, hence Type1 will always add up to WebDriver and Type2. which does the comeback type whatever want.


The default delay is more universal put it off in the sense that it’s not destined to WebDriver. This wait around used to pass in an object to hold back on. Let’s make an effort to solve the above problem via DefaultWait now.

Explicit waits fluent waits selenium C-Sharp

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Implicit Wait Commands in Selenium WebDriver C#

Implicit wait Commands in C-Sharp

Implicit Wait Commands in Selenium WebDriver C#

The wait is a very important concept in any automation task. Waits are vital to any task due to the unpredictability that comes with automation. Sometimes might find that the component wants to perform an action on packed little late. this automation script breaks.
In case of Web software, this unpredictability boosts quite Implicit wait Commands in C-Sharp.

Implicit Wait following factors

  • Slow internet connection
  • Ajax calls created by elements
  • Database phone calls made by website
  • Slow browsers
  • Delay packed elements, which used to maximize bandwidth usage

There could be a great many other factors too. The main element indicates understand people focus on these delays and write code. so that any hold off taken care of, as well as testing scripts, don’t break. Because of this Selenium Webdriver includes some excellent inbuilt waits. We will see them one by one.

Test web application

Expect a test web application and in the application, there is a link. This link takes a differing amount of time to appear on the site. Some time its present on the web page as soon as the page tons. other times it seems on the web page after a hold off of some mere seconds. I write a simple IWebDriver.FindElement command word. it will sometimes pass with other times NoSuchElement exception in the application selenium training institutes in Hyderabad.

Implicit wait Commands in C-Sharp

The implicit wait employed to inform web driver. there situations when some elements on the website will not be present. In those instances to hold back for quite a while before trying to get the element. This called implicit hang on and below is the code to identify implicit wait.

Important points to keep in mind
  • The default value of implicit wait is 0 a few moments. This means that WebDriver will attempt to get the element only time and after that. it will toss an exemption if an element is not found.
  • Implicit hang on has a default polling time of 250 milliseconds. Which means that WebDriver will poll the Dom after each 250 milliseconds till. The aspect is available or the timeout specified it exhausted.
  • Implicit wait around applied lasts for the whole session. this implies till enough time IWebDriver subject is alive.
  • Implicit hang altered any number of times till the IWebDriver time is alive.
Page Fill Timeout

Purpose: Sets the amount of time to wait for a full page insert to complete before tossing an error. In the event the timeout is negative, web page tons can be indefinite.

Set Script PERIODS

 the quantity of time to hold back for an asynchronous script to complete execution an error. If the timeout is negative, then the script permitted to run.

Sleep Command

Purpose: That is rarely used, as it always drives the browser to hold back for a specific time. Thread.Rest is never a good notion. so in retrospect Selenium provides wait for primitives.

Implicit wait Commands in C-Sharp

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