Espresso Test Automation Tool

Benefits of Espresso Test Automation Tool

Espresso Test Automation Tool

The Android designer has known with Google’s Espresso Test Automation framework. It is an open-source tool for developers and extends within their working environment. The discussing the benefits of Espresso understand the motivations and pains developers. test automation engineers trying to confirm their Android application build/dev/test workflow Benefits of  Espresso Test Automation Tool.

Benefits of  Espresso Test Automation Tool

  Each form needs approving after code changes made. Conditions on remote servers and different workstations for testing moderate down the procedure.Unit and functional tests easy to execute from both IDE and integration perspective.
Apps tested using the latest Android OS APIs. That backing new stage components and OS forms. Testing needs to happen on both emulators and genuine gadgets.

challenges of the Espresso automation framework

 These challenges clear adoption of the Espresso automation framework is high. Espresso instrumentation-based test framework. it has many benefits to both developers and test automation engineers. It uses JUnit underneath the hood. Espresso is easy to use within leading IDEs and useful testing annotations. It’s integrated within the leading Google Android IDE Android Studio.

Here are four main benefits of using Espresso:

1. Espresso workflow is simple to use

The Espresso works are developers to build a test suite as a stand-alone APK. that installed on the target devices application under test and executed.

2. Fast and reliable feedback to developers

 Developers are trying to speed up deployment. Espresso gives fast feedback on their code changes. they move on to the next feature or defect fix. It has a robust and fast test framework plays a key role Benefits of  Espresso Test Automation Tool.

Espresso does not need any server to speak with. it runs one next to the other with the application and conveys quick test results to the designer.

3. Less mobile testing flakiness

 Espresso offers a synchronized method of execution. the stability of the test cycle is very high. There’s a built-in mechanism in Espresso before moving to the next steps in the test. validates that the Element or Object is actually displayed on the screen. This eliminates test execution from breaking. when confronted with “objects not detected” and other errors Benefits of  Espresso Test Automation Tool.

4. Developing Espresso test automation isn’t hard

Developing Espresso test automation is quite easy. It based on Java and JUnit, which is a core skill set for any Android app developer. Espresso works within the Android Studio IDE. there’s no setup or increase and no “reasons” to move quality in the in-cycle phase of the application SDLC.

Benefits of  Espresso Test Automation Tool

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Java Game Development Tools

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java Game Development Tools

The Java language is basic language that any programmer learns. Since many programmers interested in developing their own game, they use Java language to create a simple one. There are different Java game development tools. For example, Java 3D, Swing, AWT, LWJGL, Slick and JGame for game development.Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Java 3D, Swing, AWT & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java 3D, Swing and AWT are game libraries not designed for game development. However, they have slight advantage. The advantage is the fact that Java 3D, Swing, and AWT are already installed on Java system automatically. This means that new programmer need not deal with specific configurations. This makes easier for programmer to use Java and game development tools to make easy games. However, Java 3D, Swing, and AWT have their own disadvantages. For example, these programming tools designed for making Graphical User Interfaces. Java 3D, Swing, and AWT are not best tools for creating Java based games. This is mainly because the developer needs to focus on synchronizing audio and video.Java training institutes in Kphb.

The Lightweight Java Game Library

The Lightweight Java Game Library is powerful Java game engine. The LWJGL gives Java game developers chance to access Open audio library and Open graphics library. The LWJGL also provides specific functions that allow developers the ability to access and create game pads and joysticks. The engine used in both games made for hobbies and commercial ones. As long as someone understands Java programming language, the LWJGL can be of some use.Java training in kukatpally.


The Slick Java game development tool is easy to use.The Slick gaming interface built on top of the LWJGL interface. Since open audio library and open graphics library can get little complicated. Slick replaces open AL and open GL with simple method calls. In addition, the Slick Java based game development tool features built in game skeletons. The built in game skeletons designed to be useful for game designers who need to handle the options screen and the main menu for a Java based video game. However, the negative aspect to the Slick Java game development tool is the fact that Slick only supports 2D graphics. This can get frustrating when a game designer wants to create one that features high quality 3D graphics.Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.


Instead of using the LWJGL, the JGame uses the AWT, Swing, and Java Open GL libraries. In fact, the JGame application built on top of these libraries. The JGame Java tool used to make many different games. In fact, JGame can used to create Web browser video, desktop video, and even cell phone games. However, the cell phone or computer needs to have Java installed. JGame also supports simple methods like DrawImage and PlayAudio. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.



Debugging Data Flow in SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS configured components in Debugging Data Flow


Debugging Data Flow in SQL Server Integration Services

SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio provides use SQL Server Integration Services package. The tools sample a subset of data, capture data flow row counts. The view data passes through data paths. It redirects data that generates errors, and package execution. This tool for package contains data flow, destination or transformations are being performed  SSIS configured components in Debugging Data Flow.

 SSIS configured components in Debugging Data Flow

The better understand the debugging tools, the more efficient troubleshoot data flow. The test environment includes comma-separated text file table in a SQL Server database. that retrieves data from the text file and inserts it into the table. The text file contains data from the Person  SSIS configured components in Debugging Data Flow.

 SSIS configured the package following components

  • A connection manager to the AdventureWorks2008R2 database.
  • Connection managers to the text file with the source data.
  • An Execute SQL task that truncates the Person Name table.
  • A Data Flow task retrieves data from the text file. creates a derived column, and inserts the data into the Person Name table.

The data flow components processing the Person data. the OLE DB Source, Derived Column, and OLE DB Destination components. The Derived Column transformation first and last names into the column named Full Name. The other components in the data flow are specific to debugging the rest of the article.

Working with a Data Sample

 The building up an SSIS bundle recovers huge amounts of information. it can be useful to work with the subset of information the point issues in the information stream. SSIS provides two data flow components work with the subset of data. The Row Transformation Component number of rows want to random data sample. the Percentage Sampling Transformation component percentage of rows.
Both components support two data outputs: the sampled data and one for the unstapled data. Each component seed value samples are same each time run the package.

Verifying Row Counts

 The data passes through a data flow the SSIS design surface. The displays the number of rows passing along each data path. The count changes as data move through the pipeline. the package has finished executing, the number displayed is the total number of rows. that passed through the data path in the last buffer. If there were many buffers, the final number would not provide an accurate count.

 The Add Row Count Transformation component to the data flow. The transformation provides a final count. that add the rows from all buffers and stores the final count in a variable. This valuable to guarantee specific point in the information stream contains columns. Then compare a number of rows in source/destination.

Adding Data Viewers to the Data Path

 The troubleshooting data flow used to view the actual data passes through a data path. This by adding one or more data viewers to your data flow. SSIS supports several types of data viewers. The most used grid data viewer, which displays the data in tabular format. The create data viewers that display histograms, scatter plot charts or column charts. These types of data viewers tend to be useful for more analytical types of data review. The basic troubleshoot grid data viewer is the best place to start.

Configuring Error-Handling on the Components

Many data flow components handle to data generate an error. By default, if data causes an error, the component fails. The configure components to redirect problem rows.

Monitoring Package Execution

The device for information stream identified with the execution and SSIS configuration surface. At the point when a bundle is running the information stream to occurring with every part. Row counts displayed the data paths and the components change colors. they’re executed By observing colors.

  • White. The component has not executed.
  • Yellow. The component is extracting, transforming, or loading data.
  • Green. Component has completed its operation.
  • Red. Component generated errors and package execution stopped.

 SSIS configured components in Debugging Data Flow

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Java Packages And Programs

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java Packages And Programs

Package defined as grouping of related types with access protection and name space management. It used to prevent naming conflicts, to control access, to make searching/locating and usage of classes, interfaces, enumerations and annotations easier, etc. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Some of the packages in Java & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

  • java.lang – groups the fundamental classes
  • – classes for input, output functions grouped in this package

Programmers define their own packages to bundle group of classes. It is a good practice to group classes implemented so that a programmer can easily determine that classes, interfaces, enumerations. Since package creates new namespace there will not be any name conflicts with names. Using packages, it is easier to provide access control and it is also easier to locate the related classes.Java training institutes in Kphb.

Creating a package:

When creating a package, you should choose a name for the package. Also put a package statement with that name at the top of every source file. That contains the classes, interfaces, enumerations, and annotation types that you want to include in the package.Java training in Kukatpally.

The package statement should be the first line in the source file. There can be only one package statement in each source file. It applies to all types in the file.

If package statement is not used  class, interfaces, enumerations, and annotation types will be put into an unnamed package.Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

Types of Java programs:

Applications and Applets

Applications – Java programs that run directly on your machine.

I). Applications must have a main().

II). Java applications are compiled using  javac command and run using  java command.

Applets – Java programs that can run over the Internet. The standard client/server model  used Applet is executed. The server stores the Java Applet. The sent to client machine running the browser.  the Applet is run. Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

I). Applets do not require a main(), but in general will have a paint().

II). An Applet also requires an HTML file before execution.

III). Java Applets compiled using javac command, but run either with a browser or with the appletviewer command.

Important Features of Java

Java is a “platform-independent language”.

Java program compiled into Java Bytecode program. The compiled program can run on any computer. That has an interpreter for the Java virtual machine.  The languages re-compiled for each platform in run. The point about Java is that executed on  different types of computers without being recompiled. Java training institutes in Kphb.

An object consists of data together with a set of subroutines that manipulate that data. Object kind of “module,” or self-contained entity that communicates with the rest of the world through a well-defined interface. An object should represent some coherent concept or real-world object). Java training in kukatpally.

Java platform designed from ground to support concurrent programming. With basic concurrency support in the Java programming language and the Java class libraries.



Selenium Test Automation Industry

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation

Selenium Test Automation Industry

Selenium is the most powerful used freeware and open source automation tool. The benefits of Selenium for Test Automation are immense. Selenium is an Open-Source tool and easy started with web applications of  Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation.

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation

 It enables to record and playback for testing web applications. The run many scripts across various browsers. The Selenium 3.0 is testing experts are mapping the roadmap for 4.0 and 5.0 versions. the benefits of Selenium test automation hold relevance across diverse business segments.

 1. Open-Source:

 The earlier, the biggest strength of Selenium is freeware and a portable tool. It has no upfront direct costs involved. The tool freely downloaded and the support for it is available, as it is community-based.

2.Supports languages:

Selenium supports languages, including Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript. It has its own script, but it doesn’t limit it to that language. It can work with various languages and the developers/testers are comfortable with.

3. Supports Operating Systems:

Selenium operates and supports many Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX. Selenium solutions, testing created the platform and executed on another one. The create test cases using Windows OS and run it with ease on a Linux based system.

4. Support across browsers:

Selenium provides support across many browsers, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. This resource executing tests and testing across various browsers.
The browsers supported by the Selenium packages are:

  1. Selenium IDE used with Firefox as a plug-in
  2. Selenium RC and Webdriver supports diverse browsers such as Internet Explorer
5. Support for programming language and framework

Selenium integrates with programming languages and various frameworks. It can integrate with ANT or Maven type of framework for source code compilation. The integrate with TestNG testing framework for testing applications and reporting purposes. It can integrate with Jenkins or Hudson for Continuous Integration. The integration with other Open-Source tools to supports other features.

6. Tests across devices

Selenium Test Automation implemented for Mobile web application. It automation on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. This help generating results and address issues on a continuous basis.

7. Constant updates

Selenium support community-based and active community enable constant updates and upgrades. These upgrades are available and do not must specific training. This makes Selenium resourceful and cost-effective as well.

8.  Loaded Selenium Suits

Selenium is not singular tool or utility. it a loaded package of various testing tools and referred to as a Suite. Each tool designed to different testing needs and requirements of test environments.

9. Ease of implementation

Selenium offers interface helps create and execute tests. Its Open-Source features help users to script their own extension. that makes easy to develop customized actions and manipulate at an advanced level.
Tests run across browsers and the user’s tests are being executed. Selenium’s reporting capabilities are reasons for choosing it. it allows testers to extract the results and take follow-up actions.

10. Reusability and Add-ons

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation Framework uses scripts. that tested across many browsers. it is possible to execute many tests with Selenium. The covers almost all aspects of functional testing by implementing add-on tools. that broaden the scope of testing.
There are another thought talks about some gaps in Selenium Automation Testing.

 Benefits Of Selenium Test Automation

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How To Become A Java Developer

Java training institutes in Kukatpally

How To Become A Java Developer

Find out Java’s Strengths & Java training institutes in Kukatpally

Java is one of many development languages in the IT industry. You could even know a few of these languages already, or may have heard of them – ASP, C, PHP are a few examples. Thus, with all these examples, why should you go with Java? Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

I am not here to state that Java is the best or worst language. What Let me mention is that Java has its place, and you have to know its strengths. Java is a good terminology for large systems, and ones that need the performance . It is most likely not the best language choice for smaller tasks or smaller websites – it’s possible but it’s not where Java’s strengths rest.Java training institutes in Kphb.

Download the Necessary Tools 

To get started learning Java you’ll need to down load the tools and software to develop with. You’ll need two things – the Java Development Kit and a development environment (also known as an IDE, which is short for Integrated Development Environment). Some IDEs that are quite popular are Net Beans and Over shadow.   Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

These are both available from the Java website. Once you’ve downloaded and installed them, it’s time to begin learning the language.Java training in Hyderabad Kukatpally.

Learn the Java Language

To become a Java programmer you must learning how to put in Java. In the event you already know many it, that’s great – it’ll make this part easier. If not, you can learn how to program in Java from several sources:

Web-affiliated tutorials. Many websites offer tutorials how to develop in Java, from novice concepts to advanced subject areas. Do a Search to find some for you.   Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Textbooks – Shopping for a textbook is a great way to learn the vocabulary, as it also includes beginner and advanced ideas. Many of them have exercises and examples which are helpful.

Programs at university or college. A whole lot of colleges or universities offer short courses and some may include Java development. This has the benefit of being in bunch environment and having a teacher, rather than self-learning from a book or website.Java training in Kukatpally.

Start Your Very own Java Project

Once you have got the basics dealt with, you can start your own project to help advance your Java skills. This can be whatever you like. The aim is to train and develop your Java skills, so you’re more proficient in the Java development language and how to use the IDE. You’ll get practical experience on debugging, growing your own code, and sticking to best practices. These items should have been learnt from your tutorial or other learning methods, but putting them into use is a good way to improve these skills.Java training institutes in Kukatpally.

Take the Next Step

Once you’re self-confident in your Java development abilities. This is the toughest part of the process. Many companies will vary experience requirements, which may include certifications, degrees and professional.

These kinds of positions may need some kind of recognition or demonstration of your abilities. This is where your side project comes in  when you have built applications or websites.Java training institutes in Kphb.

Automation Using Coded UI Test

Test Automation Framework Using Coded UI Test

Automation Using Coded UI Test

Coded UI Test is a new feature introduced by Microsoft for UI Automation. The automated tests created by CUIT used for the functionality Test Automation Framework Using Coded UI Test.

Test Automation Framework Using Coded UI Test

This tool, we started exploring its ‘Record and Playback’ feature. A very simple test case initiated effort following steps

  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Navigate to
  • Search for “Code UI Test”

Confirm the result returned “How to: Create a Coded UI Test” link.

 It generated huge code for such a simple test case. the Record and Playback process highlighted the strengths of this tool. The well-structured code and powerful element identification mechanism caught our attention.

Playback Engine Performs Coded UI Test

The CUIT playback engine is also powerful. Playback engine performs duties such as searching for a control and ensuring. the control is visible and ready to act upon. Once the control is ready the engine performs actions such as ‘Click’, ‘Select’, ‘Set a Value’, etc. on it.

The recording feature is of course, not enough for building a full-fledged automation suite. But, CUIT’s recording feature helps decide to write own scripts. It helps in getting the proper hierarchy of controls on the page and a set of properties. That used to identify a particular control.

We also developed a UI Automation Framework using CUIT. While developing this framework, we experienced that CUIT has got several strengths. Its Recording feature helped us save development time to a good extent.


  1. The element identification mechanism is powerful
  2. Uses C#, the compiled language. which comes with its own advantages over the scripting languages
  3. Works well with The Web as well as Desktop applications
  4. Strong support for Synchronization. The Playback Engine allows settings such as “WaitForReadyLevel”. which can be either “UIThreadOnly” or “All Threads”. It makes the Test Execution stop until either UI Threads or All threads are ready.

Other supported settings are “Stop on Error”. “Match exact hierarchy”, “Search in minimized window” etc.

  1. It supports AJAX
  2. The tests run on Remote Machines with the help of Tests Agents
  1. Generates huge code for even a small UI operation and maintainability to some extent
  2. Code Reusability limited. it regenerates code even if it was already generated for a particular action
  3. It uses almost all the Property Value pairs to identify and locate the UI Controls. which at times seems to affect the performance of the script
Guidelines for Automation using Code UI Test
  1. Test creation is a time-consuming task, but it is worth going for it. the application under test is pretty stable and large number of tests executed
  2. it is not worth putting efforts in generating Test Scripts for an application. which has to change functionality
  3. this used for The Web as well as Windows applications. It supports,
  • AJAX
  • Silver light

 The advantages and reliability of the scripts, CUIT appears for the UI Automation. There are other areas to explore.

Test Automation Framework Using Coded UI Test

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Introduction to Data Flow Diagram

History of Data Flow Diagram Training


Introduction to Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram is a graphical representation of the flow of information system. It is the process of modeling accepts of data. Dfd used for the visualization of processing of structured design.

 History of Data Flow Diagram Training

DFD information will be input to and output from the system. The data advance through the system and data stored. The information processes operate in sequence or parallel flowchart information.

History of the DFD

 The book Structured Design by computing pioneers Ed Yourdon and Larry Constantine. They based on the “data flow graph” computation models by David Martin and Gerald Estrin. The organized plan idea in the product building field. It mainstream in business hovers connected to business examination in circles.

 DFD has two related concepts
 1. Object Oriented Analysis and Design:
 The forth by Yourdon and Peter Coad to analyze and design an application or system.
2.Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method (SSADM):
 The waterfall method to analyze and design information systems. This documentation approach with modern approaches. such as Scrum and Dynamic Systems Development Method.

Three experts contributing to DFD method Tom DeMarco, Chris Gane, and Trish Sarson. They different combinations of the symbols and notations used data flow diagram.

Symbols and Notations Used in DFDs

Two common systems of symbols named after their creators

  • Yourdon and Coad
  • Yourdon and DeMarco
  • Gane and Sarson

 The main difference in their symbols Yourdon-Coad and Yourdon-DeMarco use circles for processes. Gane and Sarson use rectangles with rounded corners called lozenges. There are other symbol variations in use as well. The clear and consistent shapes and notations used to communicate and collaborate others.

 Symbols of DFDs

  External entity:
 The outside system sends or receives data, communicating with the system. They are the sources and destinations of information entering or leaving the system.  It might be an outside organization or person, a computer system or a business system. They use terminators, sources and sinks or actors. They drew on the edges of the diagram.
 Any process changes the data, producing an output. The perform computations, or sort data based on logic, or direct the data flow based on business rules. the short name used to portray the procedure as “Submit payment”.
  Data store:
 The files or repositories information for use database table or a membership form. Each data store receives a simple label, such as “Orders”.
  Data flow:
 The route data takes between the external entities, processes and data stores. the interface between alternate parts and bolts, named with a “Billing Details”.

DFD rules and tips
  • Each process has at least one input and output.
  • Each data store should have at least one data flow in and one data flow out.
  • Data stored in a system must go through a process.
  • All procedures in a DFD go to another procedure or an information store.
  • Information put away in a framework must experience a procedure.
Examples of DFD used

Data flow diagrams are analysis or modeling of systems in different fields.

DFD in software engineering: This is where data flow diagrams got their main start in the 1970s. DFDs can provide a focused approach to technical development. Which research done up front to get to coding.

DFD in the business analysis: Business analysts use DFDs to analyze existing systems. Diagramming the process can uncover steps missed or not understood.

DFD in business process re-engineering: DFDs used to flow of data a business process. BPR pioneered in the 1990s to help organizations cut operational costs. The improve customer service and better compete in the market.

DFD in agile development: DFDs used to visualize and technical requirements and plan. They basic intense instrument for correspondence and coordinated effort to center quick advancement.

DFD in system structures: system or process analyzed to technical and non-technical basis.

History of Data Flow Diagram Training

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Top 3 Reasons for Data Analytics

Data science training in kukatpally

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Data Analytics

The career opportunities in the field of data analytics or data science. Other similar profiles will definitely find a growth like never before. It is a great time to be in and witness this remarkable phenomenon where the industry is evolving so fast and the future isn’t very clear but it is obviously promising. This background provides a fantastic platform for young professionals for taking good thing about build careers in this exciting new field. Listed below are a few reasons why the data analyst/scientist are great prospects for young professionals graduating in a next few years. Data Science training in Kukatpally.

1 ) Interesting Work – Data analytics is unquestionably not as challenging and fun as software development. But it has its very own set of challenges that make it really interesting work. To get one, it aims to answer question related to promote developments and behaviours. More advanced  tasks would involve learning numerical techniques used for figures. Apart from being interesting, one can be part of any industry since the skillset is transferrable in most cases. Data science courses in hyderabad

2. Pays Well – Any professional in this field would testify that this profile will pay well. As, there is so much demand, this trend is not heading to slow down any time soon. Most young graduates, with a technical education. Several relevant industry experience (internships) can be hired as data analysts these jobs should pay around USD 60-70K. Of course, this number grows very nicely as one gains more experience and grows in conditions of designation. A midsection management position would pay starting at USD 90-95K. Data science training in kukatpally hyderabad

3. Growth Opportunities – According to recent studies, the world is merely growing more curious, not less. This kind of implies, that large companies are investing more and more to explore market styles more precisely. This has and will continue to bring about development of new tools, experimental methodologies and business processes across sectors. For young professionals, this implies ample in order to explore career  options based on their industries of preference. Data science courses in hyderabad.

 Just about every tool in the industry is evolving constantly and coming with newer and improved solutions. This brings about very short and small life on existing systems. However, to be mindful, young professionals should turn to build a skill set, which is conceptually complete so that skills are transferrable. Data Science training in Kukatpally, 

Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for Solution

Data science training in kukatpally


Technology Trends and Business Opportunities for Solution

The business landscape is changing due to rapid technology changes. Innovation, technology and support life cycles are getting shortened; business use cases and application scenarios are changing swiftly due to globalization and technology integration. Companies have to be flexible to quickly adjust to these emerging developments and be nimble to reply to changing market dynamics. Data science training in Kukatpally

Emerging technology trends such as Software Defined everything, Object Storage, Flash, Cloud, Converged Infrastructure, Bring The Own Device, Net of Things, Big Data analytics etc. They are becoming more and more relevant with the emergence of multiple data streams. These impressive trends are transformational and are likely to form the future.  data science courses in hyderabad

Trends and Business Data science training in kukatpally

1. Software identified everything

Software defined everything will cause true interoperability standards, forcing individual technology suppliers to abandon working in silos with proprietary standards. Service providers can only offer value If they have the ability to offer all the matters of computing, storage, and network.

Some of the opportunities for solution providers include:

  • Software Defined Storage
  • Supporting software defined storage applications from leading storage vendors
  • Support these SDS products to extend them to other platforms and make them feature rich, permit integration
    With other ecosystems and so forth
  • Building test strategy, tools and frameworks and different kinds of tests opportunities
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network orchestration and automation, deal with and implement SDN in enterprise data center

2. Flash

Flash technology will definitely show an uptick in the 3-5 year horizon. 1 has to stay committed to conditions
of money, time. There might not be much of immediate progress in Flash adoption by businesses due to the beyond
reach cost, stable legacy set up, evolving enterprise features. Therefore, most enterprises are still in the
experimental period, but there are plenty of business opportunities. Data science training in kukatpally hyderabad

The below trends represent some of the opportunities for solution/service providers:

  • Many flash players are start-ups and would like to keep core work under one building and outsource peripheral  activities
  • Immense product design opportunities will lie with the big industry players in the form of screening wherein they plan to move products from existing  legacy to all display based platforms
  • Expensive storage OEM’s are consuming PCIe based cards, AHCI and NVMe interface and almost all of these solutions are targeted towards cloud service providers. Data Science training in Kukatpally,
3. Object storage space

Enterprises are inspired by the Internet companies’ adoption of object storage. With regard to the object, storage is powered by big data problems of storing and studying a huge amount of data to provide value to the business.

Factors driving growth of thing storage space

  • amassed unstructured data
  • ease of accessibility via HTTP and SMTP protocols and REST APIs
  • growing trend of organizations building their private or hybrid confuses
  • software-defined storage (SDS) approach

A few of the opportunities for solution/service providers include:

  • Ongoing integration of new versions of OpenStack fast with existing storage products
  • Mergers and acquisitions happening in the thing storage industry, that may result in new product transactions by
    large storage vendors. This opens up product integration opportunities for service providers. Data science courses in hyderabad
4. OpenStack

OpenStack is moving beyond the early adoption as more and more businesses and companies are moving towards its adoption.
Telecom space will drive growth for OpenStack. 

Some opportunities for solution/service providers include:

  • Offer storage vendors to permit their storage for OpenStack
  • Help enterprises set up their OpenStack cloud, offer professional services
  • Large storage vendors are building platforms with OpenStack using proprietary underlying infrastructure. This opens up
    integration and automation opportunities. Data science training in kukatpally hyderabad
5. Server SAN

Server SAN is poised to disrupt traditional storage architectures over the next decade. It involves sharing and distributing
safe-keeping across multiple nodes. It is an architecture that turns multiple direct-attached safe-keeping (DAS) devices. Some of the Server SAN solutions include EMC ScaleIO, VMware’s VSAN, and Quantum StorNext. One needs to follow this trend and
see which of the existing solution gains momentum and is likely to come out as a front runner. Data science training in kukatpally


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