Introduction of Manual Testing

Introduction of Manual Testing

What is Manual testing?

Manual Testing is a process to find the defects. The testers play an important role as an end user and verify all features of the application. The ensure that the behavior of the application. The Manual Testing is the very basic type of testing. This helps to find the bugs in the application under test. It is preliminary testing, must carry out before start automating.

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The test cases and also need to check the feasibility of automation testing. The Test plan creates & follows by the tester to the comprehensiveness of testing. The automation testing tool using without executing test cases In Selenium.
It is not necessary to the knowledge of any testing tool for manual software testing. The Software testing fundamental always 100% Automation is not possible. So the Manual Testing is very important For Selenium.

Goal of Manual Testing

The Goal of Manual Testing to make an application under test is defect free. The software application is working as per the specification document Using Selenium.
This type includes the testing of the Software manual. Without using any automated tool or any script. In this type, tester takes over the role of the end user. Test the Software to identify any unexpected behavior or bug. There are different stages of Manual Testing. Like Unit testing, Integration tests, System tests, and User Acceptance testing.
A test plan document created by test lead. This describes the detailed and systematic approach to testing a software application. The test plan includes a complete understanding of the ultimate workflow. To ensure the completeness of testing test cases or test scenarios created. Manual Testing includes exploratory testing as testers explore the software to identify errors.
After the testing started the designed test cases or test scenarios execute. Any differences between actual & expected results reported as defects. Once the reported defects are fixed. The testers will retest the defect to make sure that the defects fixed. The goals of testing are defect free & deliver quality Product to the customer.

Headless browser for accelerating your Test Automation

Headless Browser of Selenium Training in hyderabad

Headless browser for accelerating your Test Automation

In the Headless browser play very important role in speed up the execution of automation. It is also used by the Build and Operations teams to verify the build deployments over the website. The know about the headless browsers and want to know more about it please go through  Headless Browser Of Selenium Training in Hyderabad.
Kosmik Technologies Provides Online and Classroom Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

Headless Browser of Selenium Training in Hyderabad

What is Headless Browser?

As the name suggest, “Headless” it means a browser who does not have the Graphical interface or UI. That it is an application or software. Which browse the web page without showing them to the end user. Like on the background it opens the website and does certain operations. They’re actually used to provide the content of web pages to other programs Using Selenium Training In Hyderabad.

What is the use of the headless browsers?

The headless browser uses to speed up automation execution speed. It can do the certain level of operations like form filling. For instance, headless browsers use to determine wide that page would appear to be by default for a user. What color text in any element would be, the font family used or even.

Where can I use the headless browsers in the automation?

If have managed the sessions in the automation framework headless browser can do wonders. Most of the data validation and scenario automatable using it. But if you have not managed sessions handling in automation framework. Then use it for all public pages which do not need any kind of session management.
There are several Headless browsers are available in Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

Headless browsers


It is an Open Source Java Custom browser engine. JavaScript support/DOM emulated.


Python only. WebKit-based. Full JavaScript support. Open source.


Python/command line. Custom browser engine. No JavaScript. Open source.

  Phantom Js:

Command line/all platforms. Weskit-based. Full JavaScript support. Open source.


C++/.Net/all platforms. Chromium-based. Full JavaScript support. Commercial/free.

  Simple browser:

. Net 4/C#. Custom browser engine. No JavaScript support. Open source.


Node.js. Custom browser engine. JavaScript support/emulated DOM. Open source.


JavaScript via Java/Rhino. Custom browser engine. JavaScript support/emulated DOM. Open source.

  Watir Web Driver with headless gem:

Ruby via Web Driver. Full JS Support via Browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Safari/IE).


It uses PyQT and WebKit and Python only.
Headless browsers that have JavaScript support via an emulated DOM. It has issues with some sites that use more advanced/obscure browser features. It has functionality that has visual dependencies. So whilst the pure JavaScript support in this headless browser is generally complete. The actually supported browser functionality considered as partial only.

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Automation Testing Tools

Automation Testing Selenium Training in Hyderabad

Automation Testing Tools

There are tons of Functional and Regression Testing Tools available in the market. Here are 5 best tools certified by our experts in Automation Testing.

Automation Testing Tools Selenium Training in Hyderabad

1. Selenium

It is a software testing tool used for regression testing. It is an open source testing tool. That provides playback and recording facility for regression testing. The Selenium IDE only supports Mozilla Firebox web browser.
• It provides the provision to export recorded script in other languages. like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, JUnit and TestNG
• It can execute many tests at a time
• Auto-complete for Selenium commands that are common
• Walkthrough tests
• Identifies the element using id, name, X-path, etc.
• Store tests as Ruby Script, HTML, and any other format
• It provides an option to assert the title of every page
• The supports selenium user-extensions.js file
• It allows inserting comments in the middle of the script. The understanding and debugging in Selenium Training in Hyderabad


It uses for functional and regression testing. It addresses every major software application and the environment. The test creation and maintenance, it uses the concept of keyword driven testing. It allows the tester to build test cases from the application.
• It is easier to use for non-technical person to adapt to and create working test cases
• The fix defects faster by documenting and replicating defects for developer
• Collapse test creation and test documentation at a single site
• Parameterization is easy than Win Runner
• QTP supports.NET development environment
• The better object identification mechanism
• It existing QTP scripts without Application under Test. It is available by using the Active Screen in Selenium.

3. Rational Functional Tester

It is Object Oriented automated functional testing tool. That is performing automated functional, regression, data-driven testing and GUI testing. The main features of this tool are
• It supports a wide range of protocols and applications. Like Java, HTML, NET, Windows, SAP, Visual basic, etc.
• It can record and replay the actions on demand
• It integrates well with source control management tools. Such as Rational Clear Case and Rational Team Concert integration
• It allows developers to create keyword associated script so that it can be re-used
• Eclipse Java Developer Toolkit editor facilitates. the team to code test scripts in Java with Eclipse
• It supports custom controls through proxy SDK
• It supports version control to enable parallel development of test scripts. The concurrent usage by the distributed team in Selenium.


It is an open source testing software for regression testing. It enables to write tests are easy to read and maintain. Watir supports only internet explorer on windows. While Watir web driver supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.
• They support many browsers on different platforms
• It using proprietary vendor script. it uses a full-featured modern scripting language Ruby
• It supports web app regardless of develop

5. Silk Test

Silk Test design for doing functional and regression testing. For e-business application, silk test is the leading functional testing product. The product of Software takeover by Borland in 2006. It is an object-oriented language like C++. They Use the concept of an object, classes, and inheritance. Its main feature includes in Selenium Training In Hyderabad

• It consists of all the source script files
• It converts the script commands into GUI commands. On the same machine, commands run on a remote or host machine
• To identify the movement of the mouse along with keystrokes, Silk test executed. It can available both playback and record method or descriptive programming methods.
• It identifies all controls and windows of the application under test as objects. The determine all the attributes and properties of each window

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Error Handling in Data

Error Handling Msbi Training in Hyderabad

Error Handling in Data

The data flow component transformation to column data extracts data from sources. Loads data into destinations, errors can occur. Errors occur because of unexpected data values. A data conversion fails because a column contains a string instead of a number. An insertion into a database column fails because the data is a date and the column has a numeric data type. An expression fails to test because a column value is zero. The resulting in a mathematical operation that is not valid in Error Handling Msbi Training in Hyderabad.

Error Handle Msbi Training in Hyderabad

  Data conversion errors:

if a conversion results in loss of major digits. The loss of in major digits, and the truncation of strings. Data conversion errors also occur if the requested conversion is not supported in Msbi Training in Hyderabad.

  Expression evaluation errors:

The expressions that evaluated at the run time perform invalid operations. Incorrect because of missing or incorrect data values.

  Lookup errors:

which occur if a lookup operation fails to locate a match in the lookup table.

Use error outputs to capture row-level errors

Many data flow components support error outputs.  The component handles row-level errors in both incoming and outgoing data. The component behaves when truncation or an error occurs by setting options on individual columns in the input or output.That the component should fail if customer name data truncate. But ignore errors on another column that contains less important data In MSbi Training In Hyderabad.

The error output connected to the input of another transformation. The loaded into a different destination than the non-error output. The error output can be a connected to a Derived Column transformation. That provides a string for a column that is blank Msbi Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Configure Error Output dialog box

The Configure Error Output dialog box error handling options for data flow transformations. That supports an error output.

Input or Output

View the name of the output.

Column View

the output columns selected in the transformation editor dialog box.


If applicable, specify when an error occurs. Ignore the failure, redirect the row, or fail the component.


If applicable, specify when a truncation occurs. Ignore the failure, redirect the row, or fail the component.


View the description of the operation.

Set this value to selected cells

The selected cells error or truncation occurs. Ignore the failure, redirect the row, or fail the component.

Apply the error handling option to the selected cells.

Errors are either failures or truncations

Errors. An error indicates an unequivocal failure and generates a NULL result. Such errors can include data conversion errors or expression evaluation errors. A string that contains alphabetical characters to a number causes an error.

Truncations. A truncation is less honest than an error. A truncation generates results that might be usable or even desirable. The select to treat truncations as errors or as acceptable conditions.

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Core Concepts of Maven Training in Hyderabad

Maven Selenium Training in Hyderabad

Overview of Maven core concepts

The Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. The concepts of a project object model manage a project’s build. It reporting and documentation from a central piece of information in  Maven Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

The Maven center on the concept of POM files. A POM file is an XML representation of project resources. Like source code, test code, dependencies. The POM contains references to all these resources in Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

 Core Concepts Of Maven Selenium Training in Hyderabad

The POM Files

The execute a Maven command POM file to execute the commands. It executes the command on the resources described in the POM

Build Life Cycles, Phases, and Goals:

The build process in Maven split up into build life cycles, phases and goals. It consists of a sequence of build phases, and each build phase consists of a sequence of goals. When you run Maven you pass a command to Maven. This command is the name of a build lifecycle, phase or goal. If a life cycle requested executed, all build phases in that life cycle executed. If a build phase requested executed, all pre-defined sequence of executing in Selenium Tool.

Dependencies and Repositories

 The Maven executes is to check the dependencies needed by your project. Dependencies are external JAR files that your project uses. If the dependencies are not found in the local Maven repository. The downloads them from a central Maven repository and puts them in the local repository. The local repository is a directory on your computer’s hard disk. You can specify where the local repository located. The specify remote repository to use for downloading dependencies in Selenium.

Build Plugins

The Build plugins used to insert extra goals into a build phase. The perform a set of actions project. Which are not covered by the standard Maven build phases and goals, add a plugin to the POM file. Maven has some standard plugins you can use, and you can also install own in Java need to Selenium Tool.

Build Profiles

The Build profiles used if you need to build your project in different ways. The instance needs to build project for local computer development and test. The need to build it for deployment on the production environment. These two builds may enable different builds. The add different build profiles to POM files. When executing Maven tell which build the profile to use in Selenium Frame Work tool.


Synchronization in Selenium Web Driver

Synchronization in Selenium Webdriver

It is a mechanism which involves more than one component to work parallel with Each other to Selenium Training in Hyderabad.
Generally, in Test Automation, we have two components
1. Application under Test.
2. Test Automation Tool.
  These components have their own speed. We should write our scripts in such a way. That both the components should move with same and desired speed. So that we will not encounter Element Not Found errors. This will consume time again in debugging in Selenium Training in Hyderabad.
Synchronization classifies into two categories
1. Unconditional.
2. Conditional Synchronization.

Best Selenium Web Driver Training in Hyderabad


In this specify timeout value only. We will make the tool to wait until a certain amount of time and then proceed further.
The main disadvantage chance of unnecessary waiting time the application is ready.
Where we interact for third party systems like interfaces. It is not possible to write a condition or check for a condition. We have to make the application to wait for a certain amount of time by specifying the timeout value.

Conditional Synchronization:

We specify a condition along with timeout value. So that tool waits to check for the condition to nothing happens.
It is very important to set the timeout value in conditional synchronization. The tool should proceed further instead of making for a particular condition to meet.
In Selenium we have implicit Wait and Explicit Wait conditional statements.

1. Implicit Wait.

An implicit wait is to tell Selenium WebDriver to poll the DOM for a certain amount of time. When trying to find an element or elements are not available.

The default setting is 0. Once when we define the implicit wait, it will set for the life of the WebDriver object instance.
It is a mechanism written once and applied for the entire session. It applied immediately once we start the Webdriver.
The implicit wait will not work all the commands/statements in the application. It will work only for FindElement and FindElements statements in Selenium Training in Hyderabad.
we set implicit wait, find element will not throw an exception if the element is not found in the first instance. It will poll for the element until the timeout proceeds further. We should always remember to add the Webdriver statement.



2. Explicit Wait:

We wait statement for certain condition satisfied until the specified timeout period. If the Webdriver finds the element within the timeout period the code will get executed.

The Explicit wait for a specific content attribute change after performing any action. When application gives AJAX call to the system and gets dynamic data on UI.

3. Fluent Wait:

Using FluentWait define the largest amount of time to wait for a condition. The frequency to check for the condition.

The user can configure to ignore specific types of exceptions. Such as NoSuchElement Exception when searching for an element. NoSuchElement exception thrown by findElement and findElements. Whenever it tries to find any element it returns the first matching element on the current page. It throws NoSuchElementException when no matching elements founded.

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Debugging Selenium Scripts with Logs

Selenium Scripts Training in Hyderabad

Debugging Selenium Scripts with Logs

The current tutorial, we would motion towards some advanced concepts. Those help in optimizing the Automation framework and visibility to the users in Selenium  Training Institute Hyderabad.
The logging feature, its potential, debugging capabilities and much more.
Sometimes logging considered being an overhead upon the existing script creation mechanism.

Advantages of Logging in Selenium Scripts Training in Hyderabad

  • Grants a complete understanding of test suites execution
  • Log messages store in external files for post-execution scrutiny
  • Logs are an exceptional assistant in debugging the program execution issues and failures

Logs review to find out the application’s health by the stakeholders

Log4j – a Java based Logging API

 The technical details about logging discuss the origin of the API. That we would be using throughout the log4j tutorial to generate logs. It is a result of collaborative efforts of people at Secure Electronic Marketplace in Selenium. To develop a utility that would help us generating logs. The log4j came into limelight in the year 1996. It is an open source tool and licensed under IBM Public License.

There are three main components constituents of log4j. These components represent the details the log level, formats of the log message in Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad.

Constituents of Log4j

   1.  Loggers
  2.   Appenders
  3.   Layouts

#1) Loggers

The steps need to done to install loggers in the project.

 1. Creating an instance of Logger class.

 2. Defining the log level.

Logger Class:

It is a java based utility. That has got all the generic methods already implemented so those unable to use log4j in Selenium.

Log levels:

Log levels are known as printing methods. These uses for printing the log messages. There are five kinds of log levels.






Thus to be able to generate logs, all we need to do is to call any of the printing methods over the logger instance. We will have a broader look into it during the implementation phase.

#2) Appenders

That generate logs next thing that should pop up into our minds.

The Appenders use to specify the data source/medium where the logs generate. The scope of data sources stretches from various external mediums. Like console, GUI, text files in selenium.

#3) Layouts

At times, the user wishes certain information append with each log statement. For example, I wish to a print a timestamp along with my log statement. Thus, such requirements accomplished by Layouts in Selenium.

Layouts are a utility that allows the user to opt for the desired format in which the logs render. The Appenders and Layout have a tight coupling between them. Thus, we need to map each of the appenders with a specific layout.

Take a note that user leverage to define many appenders, each mapped with a distinct layout.




Selenium Web Driver Training for a Bright Future

selenium Training hyderabad

Selenium WebDriverTraining for a Bright Future

The world economy is regular growth the software sectors. The significant part of the revenue in today’s world, Actually, IT industry is action a fantastic growth rate which is far ahead of all other sectors. The many of them improvement in the growth of carrier in Selenium Training Hyderabad

As the Selenium technology is going up more areas are being computerized. The many software applications are being developed to new technologies. This is the reason for the higher rate of growth registered in the software sector in Selenium.

The software industry is experiencing wonderful growth for software testers are also increasing. This provides new opportunities for professionals. Who are experts in different test automation tools such as Selenium, UFT/QTP.

Selenium Training Hyderabad

What is Selenium?

The Selenium tool is a free and open source test automation tool. It uses for testing web based applications. Selenium is compatible with many browsers and several platforms. The many programming languages like Java, C#, Python. It used to write test scripts while working with Selenium. These features made Selenium one of the most test automation tools in the world.

Opportunities for Selenium Professionals

The software sector is registering a high growth. The Testing and quality word is an integral part of any manufacturing process. It has importance in software development. The software tested for its functionality, speed, load and performance to ensure quality. Thus there is a demand for software testers in the industry. A rough estimate is that there will be a need for thousands of testers across the world by the end of next year. The interest in growth to carrier joining to the Selenium Training  Hyderabad

Selenium Training Courses

To meet the need for the future, many Selenium experts have come out with Selenium tutorials. There are many selenium training online courses available in Selenium online Training. The trainers will provide Selenium videos as study materials. Each step of the testing process explained with the help of referring infographics. Some trainers are providing study materials in other formats like pdf and eBooks.

The Trainers will provide Selenium interview questions along with the course. They provide chances for working on live projects. This working experience on live projects will help to get familiar with the real issues. That may occur in future work on projects as a part of the job. The trainees can add this experience in their resume to give more mileage to the resume.
As many trainers are offering Selenium training. They may get confused over the selection of the right trainer. The quality of Selenium videos and study materials posted on their official website, the attend people for free demo sessions offered by the trainer to get more details. The information about the trainer through social media or any open discussion forums

Always try to select the best trainer to derive most benefits out of training by selenium.

Selenium Training Hyderabad

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Advantages of Selenium Training | Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad

 Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad


Advantages of Selenium Training

In the past was a current for Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad courses. There is a huge demand for Selenium experts today. The many industry experts demand further increase there are many web-based applications. To meet the new requirements in Online Selenium Training. These new requirements increased computerized Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad.

Use in Selenium testing training in Hyderabad

The Selenium testing training in Hyderabad courses has gained more popularity and wide. It enables even working professionals to attend the course without leaving their job. The without disturbing their present schedules.

Online courses are almost like in-class room courses. The Selenium Testing Training in Hyderabad videos helps to learn the subject. And also trainers will provide chat facility for the students to contact and clear off the doubts if any. Besides, each student will get a free access to a community of Selenium Tool experts. This community can clear doubts and exchange Selenium Testing Training in Hyderabad experts.

Selenium Live Project Training

The Selenium Live Project training is a part of  Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad. It has great significance. When undergoing online training, Selenium Live Project training videos provided. It will contain guidelines for the projects. This referral book for future use Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad.

Then several teams from and each team provided with a task. The team members should interact before taking any step. The inter-team communication is also necessary. Thus it helps freshers to get familiarized with the atmosphere of teamwork.

Selenium live project explanation

You will be working with many experts as teamwork in Selenium, which help you to build new contacts. This will help you in future while searching for better job opportunities. They come across with many problems and issues. While working with live projects as a part of your career. By solving such issues with the help of experts. You will get a better idea about the Selenium technology and how to work with live projects.

Certain trainers are offering Selenium Live Project  Training for the resume. The trainees take part in the project provided with an experience certificate. They can add this experience to their resume. Thus, the chances of getting better jobs will be more.

Now you might have convinced about the advantages of Selenium Live Project training. The trainer provides Selenium Live Project training in Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad.

Best Selenium Training Institutes Hyderabad

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Object identification and management for Selenium WebDriver​

WebDriver Selenium Training in Hyderabad


Object identification and management for Selenium Webdriver



Test automation revolves around GUI, objects i.e. various UI controls. An automation tool to deal with objects is an automation tool for Application-Under-Test. At the same time using Object Management is as important.


Object Management is not objected identification, but a lot more than that.

  1. Object Identification:



The algorithm used to identify objects. Name, ID, Link, XPath etc. that will work across browsers. 


  2. Object Repository:

when objects add other users to avoid relearning and improve reusability.

  3. Object Maintenance:

the objects added or removed within AUT. to understand the impact of the object change.

Object Identification:​

The Object Identification to be more precise. Objects identified demands certain steps not a straight forward experience in Selenium Webdriver.

 The Se-WD offers a range of locators to point to a specific object in AUT. Like name ID, Name, Xpath, and CSS. The user has to make use of Selenium IDE on Firefox to identify objects which are not a full proof solution.

1. User wants to verify text and not performing any other action

2. Se-IDE generates index-based XPath not right approach as maintainability becomes an issue.

3. The Se-IDE locators work only on single HTML reference at a time. The web technology allows nested HTML structure with frames. If Selenium Webdriver to act on an object belongs to frame/iframe, must select the frame first.

Then there are tools such as Firebug that can provide a much deeper understanding of the objects. The drawback is demands understanding of HTML DOM objects to identification locator.

I am getting more technical and automation demand to objects using Selenium Webdriver. This integrates with object identification capability. The combined with locator algorithm within an automation tool would be most ideal.

Object Repository: 

The centralized Object Repository is a test automation to be sustainable. In a multi-user environment, Object Repository reduces duplication of learning objects. If another user has objected. Only new or changed objects need to with. Most automation tools would provide for some form of Object Repository.

  1. Do you know which objects use in which test cases?

  2. Can you bulk-add objects on a page vs. a one-by-one add of objects?

  3. Can you identify objects in the Object Repository that are no longer available in the AUT?

  4. How can you navigate the thousands of objects that live in the Object Repository?

In an Agile development environment, can add object placeholders. So that as development is happening, even automation can begin in parallel. the object definitions as the AUT is being released to QA for testing and automation.

An automation tool provides centralized Object Repository. It helps achieve the bigger goal of Object Management.


Object Maintenance: 

Do we manage objects that are learning so that we can adapt any change in future in a very efficient manner?

A change in the application can be an introduction of new UI or change in existing UI. Which objects are already present in the repository. Which objects in AUT have undergone a change and must update in Object Repository. The lost in this phase, ending up with relearning the objects / making changes to object. As a result to maintain duplicate objects or unnecessary failures during execution.

The help with Object Maintenance is provided Object Identification. Smarter object identification helps ensure that deal with object maintenance.

Automation tools that can help understand. The impact of any object changes the long way in addressing with Object Management.

  1. Functionality that provides a list of test cases. They affected by an object change faster decision-making and changes.

  2. Ability to update an object once and all test cases using that object updated

The tools provide this information post an execution failure. To be reactive vs. proactive in maintaining objects.



WebDriver Selenium Training in Hyderabad​



WebDriver Selenium Training in Hyderabad: We provide professional WebDriver Selenium Training in Hyderabad by Real Time Experts.We Offer Live Selenium  Training Project.