What is Apache Hadoop | Hadoop Training in Hyderabad


What is Apache Hadoop | Hadoop Training Hyderabad


Now a day’s most Java developers are switching to Hadoop. Because Hadoop presents an easy and convenient way to deal, unequal data and it will give a meaning of it.


What is Apache Hadoop?


Apache Hadoop is nothing but Hadoop these days. Hadoop is an important tool to maintain the big amount of data and analyze. It is an easy process when compared to the Java development. So, we use for better productivity and business growth.


It is the best way to earn benefits from this Technology. It increases benefits for your organization. First thing, is life is full of options and choose right option that is most important in our life.


For example, if they are two girls seat in front of you. The first girl is very cute and beautiful, interesting and anybody would attract to her. The second girl is average looking and not so impressive when compared to the first girl. Which girl you will love…?  You see, life is full of options, choosing the right option is more important. If you are a Java developer, then you have a lot of choices to make the switch from Java to Hadoop.


Bid data and Hadoop are the two most popular repeated words in the industry. We have options for java developers, many of your colleagues switch from java to Hadoop.  The difference from Java to Hadoop, it is not only updated with the latest technology. It is about being competent and keeps your career in the highest gear.


The great news for Hadoop developers is that Big Data industry has crossed $60 Billion. Worldwide top 720 companies’ uses big data Hadoop.




  • According to IDC report, The Apache Hadoop industry is growing at the rate of 31.7% per year
  • For java developers, it is the best replacement option to set career in Apache Hadoop.
  • Hadoop developers enjoy a mighty 250% pay hike than Java developers, as stated in an
  • Analytics Industry Report


Special Things of Apache Hadoop:


Apache Hadoop offers the cheapest and quickest way to store data and the huge amount of data. For this reason, big data is popular in corporations, government organizations, universities financial services etc… This is the best way to check out a beginner’s Apache Hadoop course online. 



Now, see some Reasons Why Java developers Switch to Apache Hadoop

  1. Easy to learn for Java Developers
  2. It will help to keep you at top position in competition
  3. We have chances to move into other domains
  4. Packages are more when compared to Java developers
  5. To improve quality of work
  6. It is easy to process & less time taken when compared to Java
  7. Grow with the industry


Some industrial Applications of Apache Hadoop:


  1. Business: business industry uses Big Data for profit analysis
  2. Hospitals: It involves to record patient record & clinical, financial data analysis.
  3. Banks & financing: Hadoop to find solutions for easy workloads. It improves the efficiency of the data.
  4. Retail industry: It connects the customers, forecasting their buyers and preferences.
  5. Manufacture industry: To analyze import and export product data using Hadoop.


These are important reasons why learn hardtop and how it can help to set your career decision in your life. If you are not familiar this then easy to learn the basics of Hadoop is all about to do Google search.


Hadoop Training  Hyderabad


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Fresher’s Job scope in Big Data Hadoop | Hadoop Training Institute Hyderabad


Fresher’s Job scope in Big Data Hadoop | Hadoop Training Institute Hyderabad


Fresher’s Job scope in Big Data Hadoop



2016 is the best year for fresher’s to start their career in Big Data using Hadoop. Big Data is a trend right now and many developing start-ups are hiring fresher’s on Hadoop. Recently MNC’s like TCS and other have also started people on Big Data domain.



The need to start your career in Hadoop is a good command on Core Java. Once you step into Hadoop can have many choices to work on. Hadoop framework has a complete package of people can work on the tools of their choice and interest.



Hadoop framework built on Java so a fresher who knows Java can survive in the field of Big Data. If a fresher interested in SQL, then he/she can work on HIVE which is very like SQL. A hive is a processing tool on the top of Hadoop Ecosystem developed by Facebook. Hadoop has HBase is an open source, non-relational, distributed database model. Then Apache Pig is top of its Ecosystem write scripts to process the data.


It would be an added advantage to fresher’s if they have knowledge about Big Data at the time of interview.



How about the Job after Big data Hadoop Training?



The job market for people with Hadoop skills is extraction. Amazon is looking for software engineers, database administrators, and developers. They are looking for engineers to lead teams developing distributed storage systems. Software developer and test engineers of senior software developers to build new APIs. A host of other skill sets for jobs across the company.


eBay is a deep commitment to Hadoop. It is recently rebuilt search engine with a Hadoop foundation. Whereas Search engine Yahoo for sale. But it is still one of the most active recruiters for people with Hadoop experience. According to Yahoo is looking for people with Hadoop skills to support search engine. Its platform group and application development process manner.



Top most brand Apple is investing in Hadoop and other related technologies such as NoSQL. An iOS engineer to build for the next generation of Apple Cloud services.



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Introduction To Selenium IDE | Selenium Training Institute in Hyderabad



Selenium IDE



Selenium IDE is the simplest of the tools in the Selenium suite. The easiest way to started with creating scripts. But it only supports record and playback within Firefox. For automating other browsers use one of the more advanced Selenium tools. Such as Selenium RC or Selenium 2.0 but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! First, let’s install Selenium IDE, which is an add-on for Firefox.

 To allow Firefox to start the installation process. Once installed, prompted to restart Firefox.

 Firefox restarted Selenium IDE installed and available in the Tools menu. You can also open Selenium IDE in a sidebar by selecting View Selenium IDE. The functionality is the same regardless of the way launched.

There are quite a few things here but we only need to understand record and playback a simple script.

In fact, let’s record some commands before we even explain the interface. Move the Selenium IDE window to one side so that you have both Firefox and the IDE on screen at the same time. What is QA link on the right ‘Getting Started’. The page has loaded, take a look at Selenium IDE has done. It’s recorded actions because by default Selenium IDE is recording launch it. The ‘Play current test case’ icon and watch Firefox replay actions.

So what did having the record mode on do for us? Well, first it filled in the ‘Base URL’, which is the domain name of the website that you want to create a script for. This separate from the rest of the script. Useful two very similar sites testing.

Two commands also appeared in our script. The first command was ‘open’ and the location opened was ‘/’. The second command was ‘clickAndWait’. This is appropriate because clicked on a link, and to wait for the resulting page to load. The Target and Value columns. We’ll look at those in more details later in the series.

The script is pretty good, but it’s not a test until we have some checks. In Selenium IDE can assert things and verify things. The difference is quite simple. If the assert fails then the script will stop running at that point. The failure will be logged but the script will continue. A common use asserts the titles of the page is correct and verify items on the page.

In Firefox, you should still have the ‘What is QA?’ page open. Right-click anywhere on the page, and you should see a context menu popup like the one on the left.

Highlight the ‘Show All Available Commands’ item and another menu should appear. QMO – quality mozilla.org and select it. A new command appears in Selenium IDE add a verify command to check the page content.

In Firefox, click and drag over the heading highlight. Then right-click and select the item verifyTextPresent. If click ‘Play current test case’ in Selenium IDE the script will run again.

Now our script is much better, but there’s still something that concerns me. The last command is only checked appears somewhere on the page. This text actually appears twice on the page in the heading. The heading the location of the current page shown. The heading changed our test would still pass, and a genuine bug.

A better command to use here is ‘verify Text’ location of the text wants to check. It also gives a much more useful message. This time select verify Text. The bit in the middle is the locators explain in more detail later in this series. Delete the verifyTextPresent command delete key on keyboard run the test again.

 The ‘assertTitle’ has not gone green or red. This is because an assert failed result, the script stopped running. The details of the failure in the Log section at the bottom of the window. It says that the actual value does not match the expected value. It provides both values so that you can see why the check failed.



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Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop | Hadoop Training Institutes Hyderabad

Hadoop Training Institutes Hyderabad



The large of data generate every day is Big Data Analysis. This data is getting the necessity for every organization. A Hadoop serves as a Big Data Analytics. They data organizations to manage Big Data Analysis


Big Data Analytics


The process of gathering, regulating and analyzing the data called Big Data Analytics. Under this process of different patterns and other helpful information identify the factors. Those boost up the profits.


What is it required?


Analyze the data process turns very helpful. It makes use of the specialized software tools. The application helps analysis data optimization and text mining details. It needs some high-performance Big Data Analytics


The process consists of functions integrated and provides the analytics high-performance. The tools of the software idea making decisions for the businesses. To the relevant data study, the market trends have analyzed the process.


What Challenges does it face?


Many organizations get various challenges. The reason behind is a large number of data saved in different formats. Like structured and unstructured formats. The sources of data generate from different sections of the organization.


 The data store in places on different systems the challenging tasks manner. Another challenge is sorting the unstructured data on the way. That becomes available as the access of structured data.


How is it used in Recent Days?


 The breaking down data into small chunks of the business. It helps in the transformation and growth manner. The analysis also helps the research to analyze the human behavior. The trend of responses toward particular activity in DNA combinations. The terrorists plan for any attack by studying the trends.


Benefits of Big Data Analytics


There are three classifications of benefits


1. Cost Savings


The software helps the business in storing the massive amount of data. Getting spending the amount on the traditional database. The data is stored in the clusters of traditional database analysis required manner.


2. Competitive advantage


The analytics help the organizers to access before unavailable data in access manner. These increases in data access help to understand the product and work on it. Like planning the business strategies; hence, facing the competitive challenges


3. New business offers


 the trending business opportunities help in many enterprises knowing the customer trends. They maintain launching the new product ranges.

 This Big Data Analytics is helping the organizations to growth their business technologies. Like sales of revenue turnovers, marketing results, and reducing risks. An analyst is great importance to the organizations and learning all. The concepts formal training of Hadoop chose around the globe.


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Hadoop Training Institutes Hyderabad: We Provide Hadoop Training Institutes Hyderabad by real time experts.  we offer online and classroom by Hadoop training in Hyderabad

Apache Zookeeper


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Apache Zookeeper is a software project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a distributed hierarchical key-value store. Which is use to provide a distributed configuration service. Synchronization service and naming registry for large distributed systems. The zookeeper was a sub-project of Hadoop but is now a top level project in its own right.



Zookeeper: A Distributed Coordination Service for Distributed Applications



A Zookeeper is a distributed, open-source coordination service for distributed applications. It exposes a simple set of primitives. That distributed applications services for synchronization, configuration maintenance, groups and name design. The use a data model styled after the directory tree structure of file systems. It runs on Java and bindings for both Java and C.



Design Goals



Zookeeper is simple



The Zookeeper allows distributed processes to coordinate with each shared hierarchal namespace. This is organizing to a standard file system. The namespace consists of data registers – called Znodes. In Zookeeper parlance – and these are like files and directories. A typical file system design for storage in Zookeeper data in-memory. This means Zookeeper can high throughput and low latency numbers.



The Zookeeper implementation high performance, available and ordered access. The performance of Zookeeper means use in large and distributed systems. The reliability aspects keep it from being a single point of failure. The strict ordering means that synchronization primitives can install at the client



Zookeeper is replicate



 The distributed processes it coordinates. Zookeeper replicates a set of hosts called an ensemble



The servers of Zookeeper service must all each other. They maintain memory image of the state. To along with transaction logs and snapshots in a persistent store. As long as the majority of the servers are available in the Zookeeper and service are available



Clients maintain to a single Zookeeper server. The client maintains a TCP connection sends requests, gets responses. If the TCP connection to the server breaks but, the client will connect to a different server.



ZooKeeper is order



Zookeeper stamps each update with a number. That reflects the order of all Zookeeper transactions. Next operations can use the order to put in place higher-level abstractions. Such as synchronization primitives



Zookeeper is fast



It is fast in “read-dominant” workloads. Zookeeper applications run on thousands of machines. It performs reads are more common than writes, at ratios of around 10:1.



Data model and the hierarchical namespace



The namespace provides by Zookeeper is a standard file system. A sequence of path elements separated by a slash. Every node in Zookeeper identifies a path of the namespace



Nodes and ephemeral nodes



The each node in a Zookeeper namespace can have data associated with as children. It is like having a file system that allows a file to also be a directory. We use the term Znode to make it clear that we are talking about Zookeeper data nodes.



ZNodes maintain a structure. That includes version numbers for data changes, ACL changes and timestamps. To allow cache validations and coordinated updates. Each time a ZNode’s data changes the version of number increases. Whenever a client retrieves data it also receives the version of the data.



The data stored at each Znode in a namespace read and write manner. Reads data bytes associated with a Znode and write replaces of all the data. Each node has an Access Control List (ACL).



Zookeeper also has the notion of ephemeral nodes. These Znodes exists as the session that created the Znode is active. When the session ends the Znode is deleting. Ephemeral nodes are useful when you want to put in place [TBD].


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Selenium Remote Control ​



Selenium Online Training in Hyderabad


Selenium RC is the old version of selenium. It’s powerful but has many issues as well. The core engine of selenium RC is based on JavaScript (like IDE). Selenium RC tool in many languages such as: – Ruby



Selenium Remote Control (RC)



1. Overview


  • While Selenium IDE a productive and efficient tool for write test-cases. it many features of a testing tool


  • Conditional statements


  • Loops


  • Logging


  • Exception handling


  • Reporting


  • Test fixtures and data-driven tests


  • Test dependencies


  • Taking screenshots


  • It follows a client/server model. The allowing client libraries to execute tests on a browser controlled by the server


  1.  Selenium Server


  • Selenium server is the program that drives the browser


  • It embeds Selenium Core framework and injects it into the browser


  • It communicates with the running test client and drives the browser


  • Client tests sends commands that the server interprets to drive the browser


  • The server sends back results to the client


  • Client and server communicates via HTTP GETs and POSTs can easy plug into


  • Server is configurable at startup via command-line options. use java -jar selenium-server.jar -h to see the list of options


  1. Client libraries


  • Client libraries provides the API to program tests and execute them on the server


  • Each implementation provides access to all Selenium commands


  • Supported API implementation exists in:


  • Java (also accessible via Groovy)


  • .Net


  • PHP


  • Python


  • Perl


  • Ruby



4.Lab 3: Installation of Selenium RC



           4.1. Prerequisites


  • A JVM installed on the system


  • A Ruby distribution with the rspec and selenium-client gems installed if


  • you’re working


  • The Selenium RC archive


4.2. Download the Tested Application


  • In the folder of your choice, execute the following command: git clone http://github.com/wolframarnold/selenium-test-app.git


  • Go to the selenium-test-app folder and run the following


  • cp ./vendor/plugins/active_scaffold/test/mock_app/config/database.yml ./config/


  • rake db:migrate


  • to lauch the application with the script server available in the scripts folder: ./scripts/server


  • The application should be available at http://localhost:3000


4.3. Running the RC Server


  • Unzip the Selenium RC archive somewhere on your system


  • Go into the selenium-rc, then the selenium-server folder


  • Open a terminal in this folder and enter the command java -jar selenium-server.jar


  • If there’s no error message, your Selenium RC server should be running now


4.4. Running a Test (Java)


  • Create a new Java project in Eclipse or your Java IDE


  • Add the selenium-java-client-driver.jar jar to the project’s classpath


  • Add a new JUnit test-case to the project. When asked, select Junit 4


  • You should now have an empty .java file


  • Open the lab2 test-case on Selenium IDE


  • On Selenium IDE, open the Options menu then Format… and click Java (Junit)


  • Copy/paste the contents in the JUnit file on Eclipse


  • Change the package name at your will


  • You may have to fix the imports


  • Click on the following icon and choose the most appropriate option to correct the file


  • press Ctrl + Shift + O to let Eclipse do it


  • At this point you shouldn’t have any more errors and you are ready to run the test


  • Selenium RC will open a couple of Firefox windows and run the test


4.5. Running a Test (Ruby)


  • Open the lab2 test-case on Selenium IDE and export it as Ruby (rspec)


  • A little workaround need, open the exported file:


  • Run the test with spec <filename>.rb


  • Selenium RC should launch a couple of new browser windows and run the test





  • Junit is the reference unit-testing framework for Java


  • The framework allows test your applications. classes containing the logic actions on the tested classes and checking the results


  • Eclipse provides support for Junit, so we’ll be using that


  • JUnit 3 uses named methods to detect set-up and test methods





  • RSpec is a Behavior Driven Development framework for Ruby


  • It provides a framework that tests your apps according to defined behaviors


  • In Behavior Driven Development (BDD), you first define the behaviors of your app. the client’s need write the tests confirm behaviors and start to develop application


  • It is Agile-oriented


  • Behaviors spec file containing set-up methods. the methods providing tests for a given behavior


  • run tests with the spec command in a terminal






  • Selenium works based on JavaScript, you can use it in your tests


  • It is an excellent way to extract information from the pages for later reuse


  • There are 2 methods available:


  • getEval(script): it takes the script as a string. Executes it and return the value to which the script evaluates too. In ruby use get_eval or js_eval


  • runScript(script): it actually adds a <script> tag. the current page of the tested application, making it easier to debug



 8. Fixtures


  • Usually, fixtures choose the environment setup for the test-cases


  • It is a very abstract notion and in practice. it could be very different from a project to another depending on the project’s features


  • the test of an application under a pre-determined environment that produces previsible results


  • The main motivation is to avoid errors. due to changing environments and the side-effects that may occur


  • Selenium doesn’t provide any support for fixtures. it by hand using your test framework’s fixtures capabilities


  • RSpec and JUnit have support for fixtures through the set-up methods


9: Lab 4: Improving a test


9.1. Current Situation


  • Test is brittle: change in the structure of the table. displaying suggestions breaks the test


  • Locators are complex


  • We can’t do Fixtures


9.2. How are we going to change that?


  • You will first creates a suggestion


  • Then you will find a way to delete that suggestion using only the id of the delete link



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Selenium Automation Testing



Selenium Training Institutes in Hyderabad


Selenium Automation Testing




Selenium is an open source, portable, software testing application. The Apache Software Foundation, the same ownership that has blueprinted JMeter tool. Selenium Automation is one of the easiest utilities. Those allow the users to record and write test results without a programming language. The testers to get reports in various popular programming scripts, like C#, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, etc.







The selenium automation installed all operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.



Advantages of Deploying Selenium Automation Testing



It is an open source performance testing software. That can be download from the internet and deployed. Since testing the functionality of a website, application, or web-based program. The operation of free-to-use testing tools has become usual.


High Flexible




Selenium is a very flexible, portable structure. Add functionalities to test cases and framework customizes the project. You do not need any special training, or to strive hard to perform the test. Its advanced interface guides you in this. It can be pronounced as the best feature of Selenium Automation tool.



Free of cost




As said earlier, Selenium is an open source, free to use software testing tool. This can be download from the World Wide Web. Even though its ownership rights are with ASF, but you do not need to buy its license or key to use it. Since free of cost, it reduces the final service charges.







Being a flexible utility. It can run on Windows, Linux. Different web browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Additionally, it allows you to interpret reports in many languages. It requires very fewer efforts in report generation.


Multiple Test Environments



Selenium allows of IDEs and Integrated Development Environments. Such as Eclipse, Netbeans, and Visual Studio, and much more.

With its capable GUIs and advanced features. The testers can use it for continuous integration.



Components of Selenium Application



Selenium IDE



  It is a very useful environment, which can be added to a Firefox browser as an Add-On. The IDE allows the testers to record, edit and debug the test cases and reports.



Selenium Client API



The testers to write tests in many programming languages.



Selenium RC



Selenium Remote Control is a JAVA server. Which test can write in any programming language manner


Selenium WD




Selenium Web Driver is the advanced version of RC, which sends the test commands to a browser.



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Cube Storage



Analysis Services Cube Training centers in Hyderabad


Cube Storage



Storage includes only the cube metadata. It includes all the source data from the fact table. The aggregations defined by dimensions related to the measure group. The amount of data stored in the storage mode and the number of aggregations. The amount of data stored affects query performance. Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services uses storage of cube data and aggregations


  Storage options modes and locations that are most appropriate for cube data



  An algorithm designs efficient summary aggregations to storage without speed



  Storage is not allocated for empty cells.



Storage on a partition-by-partition basis. At least one partition exists for each measure group in a cube. See Partitions (Analysis Services – Multidimensional Data), Partition Storage Modes and Processing. Measures and Measure Groups, Create Measures and Measure Groups in Multidimensional Models



Partition Storage



Storage for a measure group can be dividing into many partitions. Partitions measure group into segments on a single server or across many servers. And to optimize storage and query performance. Each partition in a measure data source and stored using different storage settings



The data source for a partition when you create it. You can also change the data source for any existing partition. A measure group can partition vertical or horizontal. Each partition in a vertical partitioned filtered view of a single source table. If a measure single table that contains several years of data. You could create a separate partition for each year’s data. In contrast, each partition in a horizontal partitioned measure separate table. Use horizontal partitions if the data source stores each year’s data in a separate table



Partitions created with the same storage settings as the measure group created. The details of storage and aggregation data are stored in on the Analysis Services. In the relational format on the source server or a combination of both. Storage settings also determine whether proactive caching to process source data. Changes to the multidimensional data stored on the Analysis Services



The partitions of a cube are not visible to the user. But, the choice of storage settings for different partitions may affect the data. The amount of disk space used, and query performance. Partitions can store on many instances of Analysis Services. This provides a clustered approach to cube storage and distributes Analysis Services servers. For more information, see Partition Storage Modes and Processing. Remote Partitions and Partitions.



Linked Measure Groups



It can disk space to store many copies of a cube on different instances of Analysis Services. But you can reduce the space replacing the copies of the measure group. A linked measure group is in a measure group in a cube in another Analysis Services database. The same or a different instance of Analysis Services. A linked measure group can also use with linked dimensions from the same source cube. The linked dimensions and measure groups use source cube and no data storage of their own. So, by maintaining the source measure groups and dimensions in one database. Creating linked cubes and dimensions in cubes in other databases. You can save disk space that otherwise would use for storage.



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