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Automation Testing Tools




There are many Functional and Regression Testing Tools available in the market. Here are 5 best tools certified by our experts


1.  Selenium



It is software testing tool use for regression testing Process. It is an open source testing tool. That provides playback and recording facility for regression testing. The Selenium IDE only supports Mozilla Firebox web browser.

It provides the script in other languages like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, JUnit and TestNG.

It can execute many tests at a time

Autocomplete for Selenium commands is common tests.

Identifies the element using id, name, X-path etc.

Store tests as Ruby Script, HTML and another format

It provides an option to assert the title of every page


It supports selenium user-extensions.js file

It allows inserting comments in the better understanding and debugging




It is functional and regression testing. The addresses every major software application and environment test creation and maintenance. The concept of keyword testing allows building test cases from the application.

It is easier to use for non-technical person to adapt to and create working test cases

It fixes defects faster by documenting and replicating defects for developer

Collapse test creation and test documentation at a single site

Win Runner Parameterization is easy



QTP supports .NET development environment.


  It has better object identification mechanism


It QTP scripts without “Application under Test” being available, by using the Active Screen



3. Rational Functional Tester



It is an Object-Oriented automated functional testing tool. That is capable of performing automated functional, regression, data-driven testing and GUI testing. The main features of this tool are


It supports wide range applications like Java, HTML, NET, Windows, SAP and Visual basic etc.

It supports wide range applications like Java, HTML, NET, Windows, SAP and Visual basic etc.

Record and replay the actions on demand


Control management tools such as Rational Case and Rational Team integration.


Control management tools such as Rational Case and Rational Team integration.


It allows developers to create keyword associated script can be re-use


Eclipse Java Developer Toolkit editor team to code test scripts in Java with Eclipse


It supports custom controls through proxy SDK (Java/.Net).


This version control to parallel development of test scripts and concurrent usage.





it is an open source testing software for regression testing. That enables you to write tests easy to read and maintain. Watir supports only internet explorer on windows. While Watir web driver supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.

It supports many browsers on different platforms


Than using vendor script it uses a full featured modern scripting language Ruby


It supports web app regardless of development


5. SilkTest



Silk Test designed for doing functional and regression testing. For e-business application silk test is the leading functional testing product. It is a product of Segue Software take over by Borland in 2006. It is an object oriented language like C++. It uses the concept of the object, classes, and inheritance.

It consists of all the source script files

It converts the script commands into GUI commands. The same machine run on a remote or host machine

To identify the movement of the mouse along with keystrokes, Silktest executed. It can avail both playback and record method or descriptive programming methods.

It identifies all controls and windows of the application. The test as objects and determine all the attributes and properties of each window


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JUnit  Framework in Selenium




JUnit Framework in Selenium


JUnit  Framework


The JUnit is an open source framework. It designed writing and running tests in the java programming language. The evolution of test-driven development. This is part of a larger software design paradigm known as Extream Programming (XP).


The JUnit is a unit testing framework for java programmers. This is important for the development of test-driven development. This open source framework. It designed by Kent beck and Erich Gamma. We used to write and execute test cases for java programmers. As it is used for the testing web application, the application can test without the help of a server. JUnit develops a relationship between development and testing process.


JUnit annotations


  @Before Class – Run once any of the test methods in the class.

  @After Class – Run once after all the test methods in the class have finished running.

  @Before – Run before @Test

  @After -Run after @Test

There are many such annotations. But these are the most used Selenium commands. JUnit Framework can be incorporated with selenium and the process is very simple. JUnit for unit testing and selenium is for functional testing. Both these tests are different, then why to incorporate JUnit with Selenium. The purpose of adding JUnit is to write test scripts.


Advantages of Using JUnit in Selenium



Test cases and test data can generate.

  Reusability of test cases and test data for new tests available

  Generating test cases sticking to their previous test values is possible

  Test Driven Development can promote

  Reporting technique is comprehensive and excellent.

Apart from these general advantages, there are also several technical advantages. In total, the testing process easier and smoother. Productivity increased and the production cost reduce
The Installation of JUnit is very simple as one can do it by going to the official website of JUnit. and by clicking on the download options. There you have to select the download source in zipping format and extract it. After downloading to see the documents and jar files for installation.

 The JUnit has a graphical user interface (GUI). It possible to write and test source code. JUnit allows test suites to measure progress and detect unintended side effects. Tests can run continue manner. Results come immediately. JUnit shows test progress in a bar that is green but turns red when a test fails. An ongoing list of unsuccessful tests appears in a space near the bottom of the display window. Many tests can run concurrently. No subjective human judgments or interpretations of test results required. The simplicity of JUnit makes. It possible for the software developer to correct bugs is found.

The Junit written for Java. Spinoffs have developed for several other programming languages. The entire family of related testing frameworks called xUnit.



JUnit  Framework in Selenium:


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Selenium Architecture| Best Selenium Grid Testing Centers in Hyderabad



Best Selenium Grid Testing Centers in Hyderabad

Selenium Grid Architecture


A Selenium Grid is a method of testing using Selenium. That enables testing on different devices running different operating systems and browsers machines parallel


Quick Explanation


Selenium GRID creates a network of HTTP servers. There are two roles

  1. Hub
  2. Node




It is the orchestrator. That takes incoming payload. That contains a request for a certain configuration of the browser. The grid has a node, which matches the browser configuration request in the payload. The hub establishes a session the script commands execute on that browser. If there is no match, then hub returns an error.





It registers to a hub with a certain list of the browser. There are many configuration options we talk in detail. A node can have many instances of browsers.


Architecture and Workflow


Local/Web Driver Execution



We execute a selenium script on a local box. This flow represents local execution, otherwise Web Driver execution

  • Our code (Ruby, Java, c# whatever) communicates with Selenium Web Driver. The Browser specific client driver that acts as HTTP proxy.
  • A session created and then the HTTP request and response communication happen. The request is asking to click, set text etc. Response is getting the result of each command, get text, results of execution
  • The difference between Selenium RC [Selenium 1.0 and earlier] and Web Driver. That Web Driver makes native browser calls whereas RC injects JavaScript into the browser executed







A little more details



 That explains the HTTP calls that happen between the code – Web driver – Browser. The AUT (application under test) URL of the application will load into the DOM of the browser. Once a session establish. After the session create communication between in the same path



RemoteWebDriver / GRID Execution



 The beginning to set up a GRID and another Remote Web Driver. API to consume the capabilities offered by the grid

 A GRID set up already with the browser combinations as mentioned in each Node. Without going into too many details, here are the basic steps to be able to work with a GRID

  1. Versions of browsers required for your cross-browser testing.  A Matrix with the parameters [Browser, version, platform]
  2. Install the browsers on different machines [GRID nodes]
  3.  The Web Drivers (chromedriver.exe, IEdriverServer.exe…) available in environment PATH
  4. Start the Selenium GRID HUB on a machine.
  5. Start and register all GRID nodes to the HUB.
  6.  We should have a Selenium GRID up and running.
  7.  The automation code uses RemoteWebDriver API.   The Desired Capabilities object values [You can use any supported language Ruby, Java, C# ….]
  8. The RemoteWebDriver API will have a URL that points to the GRID HUB.
  9. That is Once executed, it starts on the node that matches the requested browser






  • JSON over the wire:


    JSON messages hold the entire information. That required by the server and instead of RPC. Plain JSON messages exchange between server and client. Also referred to as Web Driver protocol


  • Desired Capabilities

    The Object in automation code that has requesting browser configuration information


  • RemoteWebDriver

    The object in automation code. that knows how to communicate with Web Driver / Selenium GRID


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Big data Analytics


BigData Training Centers In Hyderabad Kphb


Big data analytics



The Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organize and analyze large Datasets. It discovers patterns and other useful information. Big data analytics can help organizations understand the information contain within the data. The data that is most important to the business and future business decisions identify. Analysts working with big data want the knowledge that comes from analyze the data.


Big Data Requires High-Performance Analytics



The analyze such a large volume of data. The Big data analytics performed software tools and applications. It is predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, and forecasting and data optimization. These processes are separate integrate functions of high-performance analytics. Big data tools and software enables an organization to process large volumes of data. That a business has collect data is relevant and business decisions in the future



The Challenges of Big Data Analytics




For most organizations, The big data analysis is a challenge. The volume of data different formats of the data (both structured and unstructured data). That collects across the entire data organization. The  data can be combine, contrasted and analyzed useful business information 


The first challenge is in breaking down data silos. To access all data an organization stores in different places and different systems. A second big data challenge is in creating platforms. That can pull in unstructured data as structured data. This massive volume of data is so large. That it is difficult to process using traditional database and software methods



How Big Data Analytics is Used Today



 The technology that helps an organization to break down data silos. It analyze data improves business can transformed in all sorts of ways. According to Datamation, today’s advances in analyzing big data. They researchers to decode human DNA in minutes, predict where.  Which gene is likely to be responsible for certain diseases of course. Which ads you are most likely to respond to on Facebook.


The Benefits of Big Data Analytics



Enterprises are looking to find actionable insights into their data. Many big data projects originate from the need to answer specific business questions.  The right big data analytics platforms in place. A can boost sales, increase efficiency, and improve operations, customer service and risk management


The business area getting the most attention relates to increasing efficiency and optimizing operations.   They use big data analytics to improve speed and reduce complexity.


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Selenium Web Driver Architecture

Selenium WebDriver Training Centers in Hyderabad Kphb



Introducing Web Driver



The primary new feature in Selenium 2.0 is the integration of the Web Driver API. It provides a simpler. More programming interface also to addressing some limitations in the Selenium-RC API. This is support dynamic web pages. Where elements of a page may change without the page itself reloaded. Web Driver’s goal is to supply a well-designed object-oriented API. That provides improved support for modern advanced web-app testing problems


The biggest change in Selenium recently has been the inclusion of the Web Driver API


Selenium Web Driver fits in the same role as RC. It has incorporated the original 1.x bindings. It refers to both the language bindings and the individual browser controlling code. This referred to as just “Web Driver”.

Selenium 1.0 + Web Driver = Selenium 2.0.


  • Web Driver is a compact Object Oriented API when compared to Selenium1.0
  • It drives the browser much more and overcomes the limitations of Selenium 1.0. the file upload or download, pop-ups, and dialogs barrier like
  • Web Driver overcomes the limitation of Selenium RC’s



Selenium web driver architecture has three parts


  1. Language level bindings
  2. Selenium Web driver API
  3. Drivers




1)Language Level Bindings:


 The Left-hand side here we’ve got some bindings. These are language level bindings of Selenium web driver code. These languages are making a framework.   Interact with the Selenium Web driver and work on various browsers and other devices. So we have a common API that we use for Selenium that has a common set of commands.  We have various bindings for the different languages.  There’s Java, Java, Python, Ruby. There’s also some other bindings and new bindings can add manner.



2) Selenium Web Driver API:

 These bindings communicate with Selenium Web driver API.  This API sends the commands taken from language level bindings interpret. It and sent it to the Respective driver. Right now don’t worry about how it works. I will explain them in upcoming posts.  It contains a set of the common library. This allows sending the command to respective drivers


3) Drivers:

The Drivers here at the right-hand Side.  We have various internet browser specific drivers. Such as IE driver, a Firefox, Chrome, and other drivers such as HTML unit which is an interesting one. It works in the headless mode in text execution faster. It also contains mobile specific drivers as well. But the basic idea here is that each one of these drivers knows how to drive the browser. It corresponds to the Chrome driver knows to handle the low-level Chrome browser. It like clicking the button, going into pages, getting data from the browser itself. The same thing for Firefox, IE, and so on.


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MapReduce Word Count |  Hadoop Online Training in  Hyderabad Kphb



 Hadoop Online Training in Hyderabad Kphb




 A MapReduce program is composed of a

A MapReduce program is composed of a Map() procedure that performs filtering and sorting (such as sorting students by first name into queues, one queue for each name) and a Reduce() procedure that performs a summary operation (such as counting the number of students in each queue, yielding name frequencies).



Map Reduce splits into a large data-set into independent chunks of data. They organize them into key and value pairs for parallel process manner. It improves the speed and reliability of the cluster solutions.



Map Reduce Overview



The Map function divides into the Input Format and creates a map task for each range in the input. The Job Tracker distributes those tasks to the worker nodes. The output of each map task spilled into a group of key and value pairs for each reducer.



The Reduce function then collects the various results and combines them. The process of large data is master node needs to solve. Each reducer pulls the relevant partition from the machines. Where the maps executed, and then write its output back into HDFS. Thus, the reduce is able to collect the data from all the maps for the keys and combine them to solve the problem.



MapReduce is a system for parallel processing of large data sets. MapReduce reduces the data into results and creates a summary of the data.  MapReduce program has two parts mapper and reducer. After the mapper finishes its work then only reducer’s start.



Map Reduce word count Process




The mapper input key & value pairs.




 It reduces a set of intermediate values. Then share to the key set of values.




 the each line split into words.




it combines key and value pair. Where the word is the key and 1 is the value assigned to each key.




Common key value pairs get grouped together.




 The values of similar keys together.



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