Reasons Why should you learn MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence)?

Why should you learn MSBI | msbi training institutes in kukatpally hyderabad

Reasons Why should you learn MSBI?

Hi readers in this below article I am given details about why should you learn an MSBI and introduction of MSBI

I am said one word MSBI in your mind having Question like is an abbreviation of MSBI and where it use in real time.

MSBI software application designed to analyze the data, regain, transform and reading the Business.

MSBI stands a Micro Soft Business intelligence is a one of the tool related to the Database. MSBI is a tool use for many purposes to generate the reports and dumping the data from one tool to another tool. MSBI transfer the Data to information, this information helps to take Quick decisions.


What is the difference between Data and Information?

Data: Data is the raw material that is to process the information or for collections of details. It is the erratic data or facts that are use to process.

Data is useless unless it processed or changes into something. The Data doesn’t have any meaning when it is not interpreted.



Information is an incentive mean in some context for its receiver. When information stored in a computer, it usually referred to data. After processing (such as formatting and printing) output data can again change to information.


 Key difference between Data and Information:

  1. Information is the output language for human and Data is the input language for a computer.
  2. Data unprocessed facts but information processed data which has sense of.
  3. Data does not depend on information but information depends on data. Without Data information unable to processed.
  4. Data is not important but information is specific enough to generate meaning.
  5. Data is the raw material but the information is collect a detailed meaning generate from the data.


In the above, article you learn what is MSBI and what is the difference between Data and information. Next article I am discussion about what are tools Of MSBI what are the importance of the MSBI tools.



what is the future scope of hadoop technology?

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Future scope of Hadoop

IT companies are expanding too many new technologies can update maintain New Data. Big Data and Hadoop is more complex, but a not just store, but manage this voluminous chunk of the data.

Big data has been a critical component of the data center but it takes few years time to establish. The potential behind the massive data collection of technology market seems to be limitless.

75% of the Fortune 2000 multinational companies will be working, based on Horton works. Hadoop clusters for coming for feature years.

Although Hadoop might be the most popular big data solution worldwide. Its deployment and management challenges are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective for updated manner.

Big data technology implemented Hadoop. It is an open source software stack. Open source is a crowd-sourced project that no one owns and everyone can use free manner.

What kind of software is Hadoop?

But named after a stuffed elephant. Hadoop is a part of core, resilient and scalable data storage software.

Hadoop is a quick analysis of a process. Hadoop is one of the projects of the Apple iPod. The size of storage and features will change to move on the next coming generation. Finally, you get tired of the associated price increase. Instead of going out and buying new versions. It flips the settings to run as data storage and connect all the old or updated versions.  Files duplicated across many devices for redundancy. If some older device fails, but swap in a working device for the old one. You were before limited to 64GB of data on a single device. Now that you have hooked all your devices together, you have plenty of space. How many pictures, songs, and movies can you store now?

Why not develop a system that allows you to string together many commodity servers. They overlay a brilliant method for replicating data. All a sudden, you have cheap infinite storage.  The increasing ability to process that data at high-speed with the added computer power.

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what is selenium testing? | selenium introduction for beginners

what is selenium testing

Selenium is an open source technology. it is provides a portable software testing framework to software testers.
Selenium published in 2004. Selenium functional testing tool has come a long way. selenium is free testing tool in software industry.
it is available for all major platforms and works on major browsers.

Advantages of Learning Selenium

Learning Selenium is a wise option for who looking for a thriving career in the testing industry. selenium holds especially true for
the software industry. it Can execute scripts on various operating systems. selenium Supports for mobile devices. it’s Supports only web-based applications.
Selenium IDE(integrated development environment)

IDE is a Firefox plugin , It is use for recording, creating, & enhancing scripts. Testers will be record
their actions. they want to follow the workflow what they want need to test. IDE records scripts in a special scripting language called as Selenese.
This language easier to provide commands for the tester the browser.

Selenium RC(Remote Control)

RC was the flagship testing framework. It’s allowed more than simple browser actions & linear execution. It’s allow write automated web application, UI tests with the
help of programming languages. such as Java, C#, Perl, Python, and PHP.

Selenium Testing WebDriver

WebDriver is the successor to Selenium Remote Control. it’s sends commands to browser and retrieves results. It’s interacts with the
browser without any intermediary.

Selenium Grid

It is a tool used to run parallel tests across different machines and different browsers. results minimized in execution time. Grid is accelerates the testing process
across browsers and platforms.

Selenium Grid has a Hub and a Node

Hub – hub can also understood as a server. It’s acts as the central point where the tests will triggered.
Grid has only one Hub and it’s launched on a single machine once.

Node – Nodes are the Selenium instances, it’s attached to the Hub then execute the tests.
it’s can be one or more nodes in a grid it’s contain any of the Selenium supported browsers.

what is msbi developer? | MSBI Introduction

what is msbi developer?

What is MSBI Developer?

MSBI divided in to a 3 main categories:

  1. SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services.
  2. SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services.
  3. SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services.

Explain about SSIS?

  1. SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services.):SSIS integrates different types of formats like an Oracle, Sybase, MySQL in one format. While doing integration it first refreshes the data and cleans the data.  This type of integration method is online transaction processing component of my SQL server. SSIS performs wide range of data migration tasks. In an SSIS Finally data can be load in parallel to many different destinations.

 Customer befits of SSIS:
SSIS perform a data flows process large volumes of data efficiency.

Many predefined adapters and Transformations reduce hand coding. It has an object model, Data cleansing features, Data mining, imputation of incomplete data.

Explain about SSAS?

  1. SSAS (SQL Server Analytical Services.): SSAS analyze service, SSAS analyze from the stored data. This analyzing process done with a online analytical process component and data mining capabilities. For analyze process it construct a multi dimensional structures called cubes.Advantages of SSAS:

SSAS is having a wizards and Editors as well as data viewers.
SSAS is a flexible data model, SSAS have a many storage options, partitioning. It has a multi dimension and cube types, write-enabled options.

What is SSRS?

  1. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services.):SSRS is a reporting service, now represent analyze data in a graphical way SSRS issued. SSRS generate reports, analyze data, Plans, Scorecards, Dash boards, Excel etc.
    SSRS 2005 had two separate services. SSRS 2008 is easier to configure, deploy and manage without losing any functionality. SSRS Shares internal components with SQL Server. It enables better memory management capabilities. It has Supports single instance, multi instance and Scale Out.

For more information about MSBI developer click here

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft business intelligence is also named as MSBI. Business Intelligence is techniques for transforming data into meaningful and useful for analysis purpose. This type of information helps to make quick decisions.

Microsoft business intelligence is capable of handling large amounts of data and unstructured data. It helps to identify and to create new strategic business opportunities. BIDS releases SQL Server 2012 version of Microsoft Business Intelligence. Later Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) renamed to SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

Microsoft Business Intelligence tools

 we have three Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. They are

  • SQL Server Reporting Service
  • SQL Server Analysis Service
  • SQL Server Integration Service

SQL Server Integration Service:

  • SQL Server Integration Service is the ETL tool from Microsoft product.
  • SSIS is a platform for building high performance, data integration, and workflow solutions.
  • We can process the data from various locations and various formats. Data can save into a centralized repository as a Data Warehouse.
  • It’s including extraction, transformation & loading (ETL) operations for data warehousing.
  • SQL Server Integration Service includes graphical tools and wizards for building and debugging packages.

SQL Server Reporting Service:

  • SSRS is an enterprise reporting platform
  • It’s supporting traditional & interactive reports delivered over the web or through custom applications.
  • SSRS supports various data sources like these dimensional and multi-dimensional.

Features of SSRS:

  • Easy subscriptions options
  • Retrieve data from different source
  • Support for Ad-Hoc reporting
  • Report builder helps to customize the reports for the end user.
  • Export functionality with lots of formats.
  • Web-based access to reports
  • Display reports in various ways like tabular, chart, Gauge and so on.

SQL Server Analysis Service:

  • Process of converting two dimensional rows & columns data into multi dimensional data model.
  • SQ Server Reporting Service will help you to analyze the large volume of data.


In this article, we explored the basic idea of Total MSBI