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hadoop training in hyderabad

Kosmik technologies is brand for providing quality Hadoop training in Hyderabad, India. Kosmik Technologies is the best Hadoop Online training institute for students in world wide.

About Hadoop Training

Kosmik technologies providing Hadoop training in Hyderabad by highly Qualified Faculty and certified Staff. Big data & Hadoop are two kinds of the technologies that can analyze and manage the data. The course on Big data and Hadoop is to provide technical skills needed to become an efficient Hadoop Developer. Big Data comes in on Tb and even PB. Big Data flown continues, time sensitive, streaming flow. Big Data extend structured, including semi structured and unstructured data of all variety. Apache is a frame work that allows for the distributed processing of large data debts across clusters of commodity using a simple programming mode. Hadoop was created by Doug Cutting, the creator of Apache Lucene, the widely used text search library. Hadoop is Efficient, reliable, easy to use. Kosmik technologies have the real time faculty to handle the Hadoop training in Hyderabad.

Hadoop Training Objectives

  • Architecture of Haoop 2.x
  • HDFS and Map Reduce Framework
  • Implantation of integration by Map Reduce and HBase
  • To write Complex Map Reduce Programs and set up Hadoop Cluster
  • Making Data Analytics by using Yarn, Pig and Hive
  • Flume and Sqoop for learning Data Loading Techniques
  • To Advance Usage and implement Indexing
  • Working on Real Life Projects on Big Data Analytics
  • To Schedule jobs with the use of Oozie application

Who is Eligible for Hadoop Training?

Kosmik technologies are the only Hadoop training in Hyderabad with great expertise in Hadoop. It is one of the fastest growing technologies in the IT industry. Big Data and Hadoop is the essential technology in the market to stand tall in the rapidly growing competitors. Many IT Industry employees are looking for online Hadoop training in Hyderabad.

  • Software Testing Professionals
  • Aspirants of Big Data Services
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Project Managers of It Firms
  • For BI/ETL/DW Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Graduates
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Warehousing Professionals
  • System Administrator
Selenium Training in Hyderabad, Classroom & Online Training

About Selenium Training in Hyderabad

Kosmik Technologies providing best Selenium Training in Hyderabad, we are offering Classroom and Online Selenium training by real time experienced faculty. Our faculty is Certified, dedicated and Highly Qualified. Kosmik Technologies provide 24/7 days online support for the students. Our selenium Training course content designed as per the latest trend. We are offering job oriented selenium Training. We are covering each & every topic in detail and real time projects. Kosmik Technologies is the best institute for Selenium Training in Hyderabad.

Course Highlights

selenium testing tool introduction
selenium components and architecture
selenium vs other automation tools
selenium features advantages
Testing framework in selenium
eclipse framework

Selenium Architecture:

selenium RC and webdriver architecture
webdriver vs selenium RC
advantages of webdriver for selenium ide

Locator techniques in selenium:

Introduction Locator concept
About different locator techniques
selenium XPath locator contains text

Selenium IDE:

Download & Installation
record and playback in selenium
how to modify script using IDE
convert selenium ide to selenium RC
validate the locator using IDE

Selenium Setup:

step by step Explanation for setup
integration of selenium with eclipse

Selenium RC:

selenium server start
test annotation in selenium
basic selenium script

Webdriver in Selenium:

selenium webdriver setup
webdriver commands with examples
event handling in different browsers
webdriver methods in selenium
selenium webdriver programming
RC commands from webdriver
migrating selenium rc to webdriver
project structure organization

Testing Framework in Selenium:

selenium test framework design
testing annotations in selenium
testing configuration
suite execution from command prompt
testing suite parallel execution
report generation in selenium webdriver
assertion selenium
selenium verification errors
listeners concept in selenium
Preparing customized report using selenium & Java

Auto IT in selenium:

Autoit tool in selenium webdriver
create AutoIt script
au3 to Exe converter
Autoit script in selenium webdriver

Selenium Grid:

selenium grid setup
selenium grid parallel execution
simple script execute commands

Tableau Training in Hyderabad, Classroom & Online Training

About Tableau Training in Hyderabad
Kosmik Technologies is the best institute for Tableau Training in Hyderabad. Kosmik Technologies provides Data Visualization Tool Tableau Training in Hyderabad by qualified and certified faculty. We are offer Training on Tableau Server, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, Tableau Online etc. This course is designed for the beginners to the intermediate and advanced level Tableau users. it is for anyone who works with analytical background or data regardless of technical.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau introduction and overview
Bi overview presentation
what BI stands for?
Need of bi tools
types of bi tools
data realization
data realization
what is self BI
Self-service BI
need for self-service BI
target audience types
pros and cons of self-service bI
tableau history of innovation
tableau product line
tableau server architecture
reader tableau
public tableau
tableau cloud server
tableau variance
tableau features list

Tableau features list

Architecture tableau
metadata management
tableau architecture explanation
data server in tableau
tableau application server
Vizql server in tableau
connecting data in tableau
data strategy
native database support
tableau multiple fact tables
custom SQL in tableau
publishing and re-using data connections
building extracts

Tableau Desktop

trend lines in tableau
Reference lines and statistical analysis in tableau
creating groups in tableau
data blending in tableau
understanding the tableau workspace
tableau show me
shelves, cards & pills

Creating views in tableau
marks card tableau
size, Transparency & Highlighting
Data Aggregation
continuous and discrete Data
Understanding Charts
understanding charts tables and graphs
Heat and Tree Map
Bar charts
Scatter Plots
Combo Charts
Bubble charts
Dual Axis
bins in tableau
Hierarchy and sorting
filters and sets
Drill down & Drill across
Format Options
parameter passing methods
Input control types
adv geographical mapping
complex calculations in tableau
adv chart types
dashboards tableau
creating stories in tableau
publishing workbook to tableau server

Tableau server architecture

Prerequisites to learn tableau

Licensing tableau server


Tableau server security Model

Pick up domain

Simulate real time scenario

Tech specs requirements

Dashboard specs

Publish to tableau server

MSBI Classroom & Online Training in Hyderabad

About MSBI Training in Hyderabad

Microsoft Business Intelligence [MSBI] is a power full suite and an Extract Transform and load [ETL] tool helps for data mining queries and to find solutions for BI. It uses SQL server and visual studio. Three main components of Microsoft Business Intelligence are SIS integration tool, SSAS analysis tool & SSRS reporting tool. User can create work space to share in the spread sheet and ad-ho transnational report. It wills effectively analysis data to drive value to the organization. Microsoft Business Intelligence training enable students can able to extract data from multiple data sources & load it into single central destination.
Mind Majix deliver comprehensive MSBI training in Hyderabad in depth knowledge on SSIS, SSAS and SSRS covering introduction, administration, architecture and implementation. We provide classroom and online MSBI training in Hyderabad by real time experts.

MSBI Training Highlights

• We are providing classroom and online training with certified trainers.
• We will provide MSBI demo at student’s flexible timings.
• We will provide job oriented MSBI training.
• We are offering Fast track and weekend Batches.
• We will provide Interview Guidance.


Introduction to Data Warehouse

  • Difference between BI, DWH, Data Mining and Data Mart
  • Uses and Application of BI
  • Future for BI
  • MSBI and its Modules

Chapter -2

  • Introduction to SSIS
  • SSIS Components
  • SSIS Framework/Architecture
  • SSIS Overview of Components
  • Blocked and Non-Blocked Transformations
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Transformations

Chapter -3

  • Control Flow Elements
  • Containers in Control flow
  • Tasks in Control flow
  • Script Tasks (Basic Script like pop-up window and Message Window)


  • Data Flow Tasks
  • ETL Process
  • Types of Source and Destinations
  • Transformations
  • Error Configurations
  • Error Handling and Event Handling Techniques
  • Audit Errors
  • Different type of Events
  • Configure Check Points
  • Break Points
  • Transactions in SSIS Packages


  • Deployment and Scheduling the Packages
  • Configuration Files and Deployment
  • Different Deployment Options
  • Deployment Utilities
  • Create SQL Server Agent Jobs and Schedule
  • Monitor Jobs


  • Data Profiling and Data Cleansing
  • Data Profiling Tasks
  • Data Cleansing



  • Introduction to SSAS
  • Brief Introduction to SSAS and ITS Components
  • BIDS Environment for SSAS
  • Creating Project SSAS


  • Dimensional Modeling
  • Introduction to Dimensions and Fact Tables
  • Building Data Warehouse with Dimension and Fact Tables
  • Snowflake and Star Schema Methodology
  • SSAS Architecture


  • Data Source and Data Source Views
  • Named Queries
  • Options in DSV
  • Named Queries


  • Cube Designing and development
  • Different Ways to Create CUBE
  • Measures and Measure Groups
  • Diff between BUILD, DEPLOY and PROCESS
  • Calculated Columns


  • Hierarchies
  • Creating and Managing Hierarchies
  • Translations
  • Cube Development Life Cycle
  • Exploring all the options in CUBE Development


  Processing Options

  Understanding Processing

  Different Processing Options


  • Relationships
  • Different Types of Relationships
  • Creating Relationship between Fact and Dimensions


  • MDX
  • Intro to MDX
  • Tuple, Set, Attribute, Hierarchy
  • Functions in MDX
  • Storage Modes
  • Different Storage Modes
  • How to select different Storage Modes


  • Partitions-Aggregations
  • What are Partitions and How to create Partitions?
  • On what basis a Partition are created?
  • Aggregations


  • Actions, Calculated Fields and KPI’S
  • What are Actions and How to create IT?
  • How to Configure CF’s?
  • What Are KPI’s? How to use KPI’s
  • Configuring KPI’s
  • Chapter-11-Deploying
  • Different Approaches to Deployment
  • Deployment Process and Documentations



  • Introduction to SSRS
  • What is a Report…?
  • Architecture of SSRS
  • Components in SSRS
  • Types of Reports


  • Creating Basic Report in SSRS
  • Wizard to develop SSRS Report
  • Shared Vs Embedded Data Sources & Data Sets

  Chapter -3

  • Data Regions
  • Table and Matrix Reports
  • List, Sub Report, Drill Thru Report, Chart, Indicator, Gauge etc
  • Drill down Reports
  • Parameter Reports – Single, Cascading Parameters
  • Report Designer Paging Options
  • Document Map Reports
  • Group and Sorting
  • Page Break Options
  • Sub Totals and Grand Totals
  • Global Variables and Expressions


  • Report Manager
  • Intro to Report manager
  • Deploy Reports to Web
  • Configure Report Manager
  • Create Subscriptions – Timed and Data Driven
  • Subscriptions
  • Linked Reports
  • Security
  • Cache and Snapshot Reports
  • Report Logging


  Report Builder Configuration

  SSRS Report Monitoring & Tuning

  Create Reports with Cube

MSBI Classroom & Online Training in Hyderabad


  • Introducing SQL Server 2008 R2
  • What’s New in SQL Server
  • SQL Server History and Editions
  • Basics of Database Design
  • Introduction to RDBMS
  • ERD Modelling
  • Normalization and Demoralization
  • Business Integrity
  • Constraints in SQL Server
  • Data Types
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Architecture
  • Files and File Groups
  • Transaction Logs


Hadoop Training in Hyderabad | Classroom & Online Training

hadoop training in hyderabad

About Big Data & Hadoop Training in Hyderabad


India requires at least of 1 Lakh data scientist in next upcoming years. The USA alone would face a deficit of 1 Lakh 90 thousand data scientist against its need of 4 Lakh 92 thousand by 2018


Hadoop Training Course highlights


Big Data Hadoop course content



  • Introduction – Hadoop Custom VM
  • Big data volume velocity variety veracity
  • Difference Between structured and unstructured data
  • Big data Application and use cases in different fields
  • Limitations of traditional Large scale system control
  • Distribution strategy way of computing is superior



HDFS Architecture



  • HDFs Overview and Architecture Guide
  • Data Replication definition
  • Safe mode
  • Name Node
  • Checkpoint Node
  • Backup Node
  • files configuration
  • HDFS data flow Diagram
  • Write
  • Read
  • HDFS command guide
  • Administrative
  • System Files
  • Advanced Features of HDFS features
  • HDFS federation Architecture
  • HDFS federation High availability


Hadoop MapReduce – 1



  • Overview of MapReduce
  • Functional paradigm programming Languages
  • Input & Output Formats
  • Hadoop Hive Data types
  • shuffling
  • sorting
  • Input Splits
  • Distributed Cache
  • Partitioning
  • Configuration Files
  • MapReduce Algorithm and Data Flow
  • Word Count
  • MR Architecture
  • Legacy MapReduce
  • Generations of MapReduce (MRv2/ aka YARN)
  • Alternatives to MapReduce
  • Bulk Synchronous Parallel
  • Ad Hoc Querying
  • Graph Computing

MapReduce – 2



  • Developing and Deploying MapReduce programs
  • Hadoop streaming
  • pseudo distributed mode in Hadoop
  • stand alone Mode
  • optimization techniques
  • compression
  • Combiners
  • JVM Reuse
  • MapReduce Practices and Debugging
  • Non-Graph Fundamental MapReduce Algorithm
  • high Temperature
  • Student Data Base
  • Fundamental MapReduce Algorithm (Graph)
  • Page Rank
  • Inverted Index


Abstraction for MapReduce (Pig)


  • Introduction
  • Data types
  • Architecture
  • Different Modes
  • Use Cases
  • construct Pig Latin Language (Store, Dump, Load)

Abstraction for MapReduce (Hive)


  • Introduction
  • Different Modes
  • Different Modes
  • Metastore Implementations
  • Architecture
  • Conceptual tables and view
  • DDL and DML operations in HiveQL
  • Partitions and Buckets
  • Non-Java while Transformation
  • Use Cases
  • Difference Between Pig and Hive
  • Pig and Hive uses in Scream Analysis


NOSQL Databases List – 1


  • concepts of NOSQL
  • RDBMS Review
  • NOSQL Need
  • ACID vs. Base
  • Brewers Cap Theorem
  • Schema on Read & Write
  • Types of NOSQL database
  • Documents
  • Key Value
  • Graph
  • Columnar
  • Columnar Databases List


OSQL Databases – 2



  • Cassandra vs HBase performance
  • HBase Architecture explanation
  • HBase Data Model example
  • HBase Command List
  • HBase coprocessor endpoint example
  • HBase coprocessor observer example

Building Hadoop Cluster using Apache Hadoop


  • What is the stand-alone mode in Hadoop?
  • How to find model of distribution
  • pseudo-distributed mode
  • high Distributed

Apache Hadoop Ecosystem


  • Hama
  • Graph
  • Flume
  • Sqoop
  • Oozi


Hadoop training in Hyderabad : kosmik provide hadoop training and placement in Hyderabad by experts. we offer certified online Hadoop training in Hyderabad.