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Hi guys, Kosmik is the best software training institutes in kukatpally, hyderabad. please have a try for better career. – Sravani


Python Podcasts
  Python Podcasts The Python community produces the wealth of free. The low-cost resources both new and experienced software designers. These resources include several  Podcasts on »
What is Agile Testing?
What is Agile Testing? The agile evaluation is a software practice. which comes after up the ideas of agile software development. it started from the task with constant integration between »
  Development and benefits of Microsoft dot net training institutes in kukatpally In simple language, by Dot Net development we mean development of different kinds of web applications by »
Selenium Automation Source Performance Testing
Selenium Automation Source Performance Testing  It is open source, portable, software testing software, possessed by the Apache Software Basis. the same possession that has blueprinted JMeter »
Benefits of Python
Benefits of Python Python dynamic object-oriented programming language. that compared with Java and Microsoft's.NET. It based dialects as a general-purpose substrate »
Web frameworks
  Web frameworks A web construction is a code catalog. which makes a developer's life easier. when building reliable, scalable and maintainable web applications Web frameworks use Python »
Importance of Continuous Integration
Importance of Continuous Integration Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice. Those developers to integrate their code into a distributed repository at least daily. which contributes to many »
Python Differ from Other Languages PHP or Ruby?
Python Differ from Other Languages PHP or Ruby? Python sticks out because it is simple to learn and easy to comprehend. Many consider Ruby a great destination to start. like Python, yet the last »
XSLT Report in Selenium
XSLT Report in Selenium The test record is the most crucial feature of the Selenium construction.In Selenium, TestNG provides its default reporting system XSLT Report in selenium training in »
Python Web Frameworks
Python Web Frameworks The languages and frameworks used in Web development. PHP and ASP.NET enjoy near-ubiquity over the Web. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and open-source Web applications designed »

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    kosmik Technologies is the Best certified Software training in hyderabad kukatpally. we are providing selenium, testing tools, Hadoop, MSBI, Core Java, Tableau, Android, Digital marketing, .net classroom and online training in kphb.

    What we do

    We build students programming and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support & reach practical recommendations. We bring out the ability of students to fully participate in the training and lead any project work.

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    We have a team of certified and real time faculty working with latest technologies in CMM level top MNC’S.

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