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Play 2.4 Moves to Dependency Injection and Java 8
Typesafe's Play team has released version 2.4 "Damiya" of their web framework, almost exactly one year after the previous major release Play 2.3. The release has been named Damiya in memory of Play »
Machine Learning with Spark
Machine learning is about making data-driven decisions or predictions about the future by building models from existing data. Machine Learning is getting lot of attention in the recent years because »
Junit overview – Selenium
What is JUnit? JUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java programming language. Units are the smallest module of functionality in a computer program. These are usually in the form of a method »
Pig Introduction-Hadoop
Introduction Read in two data files that contain New York Stock Exchange dividend prices and stock prices, and then use these files to perform a number of Pig operations including: Define a »
IBM DataPower is considered as an SOA Appliance. Then, you might ask the question, what is SOA and what is an appliance. First let me explain what is an appliance in terms of IT and then I will »
Disaster recovery options for SharePoint-2013
Introduction The scope of this article is the supported high availability and disaster recovery solutions for each SharePoint 2013 system and service application database. These solutions address »
Introduction to Appium
Appium is an open-source tool you can use to automate mobile native, mobile web, and mobile hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms. “Mobile native apps” are those written using the iOS or »
Overview of Database Mirroring
Database mirroring maintains two copies of a single database that must reside on different server instances of SQL Server Database Engine. Typically, these server instances reside on computers in »
short note on Selenium Framework
Selenium is an open-source automated software testing tool for testing web applications. Selenium is a set of tools which helps testers to automate web-based applications more efficiently. The main »
Designing and Building RESTful Web Services with WCF 3.5
Overview The Web has become the most successful distributed computing platform ever developed, thanks to years of investment and widespread usage. The Web platform includes concepts that you’re »

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