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Hi guys, Kosmik is the best software training institutes in kukatpally, hyderabad. please have a try for better career. – Sravani


Retrieving Information From Data
Retrieving Information From Data  Data mining definition is process of retrieving information from data. It has become very important now days. Because data that is process usually kept »
Drill-through Reports
  Drill-through Reports The drill-through the report is a report user opens by clicking a link within another report. Drills through reports contain details about an item. that contained in »
Introduction to JUnit Annotations
What are JUnit Annotations? JUnit is a unit testing system for the Java programming dialect. JUnit has been essential in the improvement of test-driven advancement. To execute Selenium Web Driver »
Java Server Pages
  Java Server Pages & Java training institutes in kukatpally     Java Server Page is technology which allows developers to create the dynamic request like HTML, XML. This »
Add a Hyperlink to a URL
Add a Hyperlink to a URL The add hyperlink to content boxes, pictures, diagrams, and Reporting Services paginated reports. Connections can go to different reports, to bookmarks in a report, or »
Locators for Selenium WebDriver
Locators for Selenium WebDriver Selenium web driver utilizes locators to discover the components on the site page. The accompanying is the rundown of protest identifier or Locators for »
Java Application Development
Java Application Development Java is one of the fastest growing technology. It is an open source application. So the user need not pay as single penny on the licensing charge. They can use it for »
Planning a Report
Planning a Report Report Builder creates many kinds of paginated reports. The create reports sales data, marketing and sales trends, operational reports, or dashboards. Create reports take »
Selenium Based Test Automation Tools or Frameworks
    Selenium Based Test Automation Tools or Frameworks There is no argument test automation required for an organization. The demand for time market and result delivery approach to »
Guide to Science Fair Project
Listed below is guide to help you plan your science fair project. 1. Pick your project idea First, choosing good project idea. You need to find topic that you interested in, that you can »

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    kosmik Technologies is the Best certified Software training in hyderabad kukatpally. we are providing selenium, testing tools, Hadoop, MSBI, Core Java, Tableau, Android, Digital marketing, .net classroom and online training in kphb.

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    We build students programming and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support & reach practical recommendations. We bring out the ability of students to fully participate in the training and lead any project work.

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    We have a team of certified and real time faculty working with latest technologies in CMM level top MNC’S.

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