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KOSMIK Technologies is a premier software solutions and integration services provider »


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KOSMIK is a Global leader in training,development,and consulting services »



Hi guys, Kosmik is the best software training institutes in kukatpally, hyderabad. please have a try for better career. – Sravani


How to verify single checkbox in a webpage using selenium? TestSteps Open the Firefox browser Navigate the AppUrl Identify Checkbox1 Select Checkbox1 Verify Checkbox1 Close the »
Manual testing interview questions
1) Difference between Regression and retesting?   Retesting:   When QA identified a defect, then it should be assign it to Developer. Once developer gives fix, then »
What is testing tools? Before knowing Software testing, we need to know what is meant by the word “TEST”. In real world, we see TEST as Test exam: Conducting an exam to check the students »
Android Basic Interview Questions
Android Developer Interview Questions 1.What is android?  Android is open source Linux based operating system with middle ware and some key applications 2.What are the advantages of android? »
What is a frame? Frame is just like as a container where few elements can be grouped. How to identify frame inside a webpage? There are different ways to identify frame inside a webpage Way »
Kotlin For Android Developers
Kotlin For Android Developers Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. Now Kotlin supported by Google For Android.   Kotlin »
Steps to configure Selenium WebDriver with java to develop test scripts Pre-conditions: We need below files Step 1: Download and Install JDK 8 Follow below »
c# Dot net interview questions
c# interview questions and Answers 1.When call by value, call by reference, call by out?    CALL BY VALUE: Whenever we want to pass some value to a function. The modifications »
c# interview questions and answers
    c# interview questions and answers for freshers 1. Why C#.Net?   A) To develop any type of application by using Dot NET. we must one Dot NET LANGUAGE to write »
RPA interview questions
rpa interview questions:-   1.What is difference between error and exception? Errors are those occur at development time and exceptions. Are unforeseen errors which occur at »

About Us

Who we are

kosmik Technologies is the Best certified Software training in hyderabad kukatpally. we are providing selenium, testing tools, Hadoop, MSBI, Core Java, Tableau, Android, Digital marketing, .net classroom and online training in kphb.

What we do

We build students programming and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support & reach practical recommendations. We bring out the ability of students to fully participate in the training and lead any project work.

Why we are

We have a team of certified and real time faculty working with latest technologies in CMM level top MNC’S.

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