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Hi guys, Kosmik is the best software training institutes in kukatpally, hyderabad. please have a try for better career. – Sravani


Weird Ways Big Data Is Used Around the World
Weird Ways Big Data Is Used Around the World Big Data" is the word business use transformational computer evaluation and business supervision. It suggests the lowering and tremendous informational »
JSON  Introduction
JSON  Introduction JSON is one of the most used Data-Exchange formats. It is a lightweight format represented as pure text. Due to the ability of almost all the languages to parse text. Json »
Career Advantages of Big Data Certification
  Career Advantages of Big Data Certification It's never again an inquiry whether an association needs a Big Data system. It's an issue of how soon they grasp it. IT experts scrambling to »
Explicit Waits FluentWaits in Selenium C#
  Explicit Waits FluentWaits in Selenium C# we call them explicit waits because they applied to await conditions. Also, each explicit holdout is different from the other one in the core »
Implicit Wait Commands in Selenium WebDriver C#
Implicit Wait Commands in Selenium WebDriver C# The wait is a very important concept in any automation task. Waits are vital to any task due to the unpredictability that comes with automation »
Challenges of Big Data | Hadoop training in Kukatpally
Challenges of Big Data The name of Big Data concealed an astronomical amount of data produced everywhere. Anytime by men and machines to each action they perform. Big challenges of Big »
Encapsulate Selenium Page Objects
Encapsulate Selenium Page Objects Encapsulate Selenium Webpage Things understand the important Object Oriented Coding Rule. It very is necessary for us to put in place the same basic principle in »
Use Hadoop for Data Science
  Use Hadoop for Data Science Apache Hadoop a central store for big data in the venture. This natural system with venture IT now applies data science to many business problems. such as product »
PageFactory CacheLookup
  PageFactory CacheLookup PageFactory provides CacheLookup feature to cache the WebElements. This feature helps scripts to the InitElements method to cache the factor located. Any attribute »
Selenium PageObjects and PageFactory in C#
PageObject Design Pattern  The PageObject Design models areas of a UI as objects within test code. which considered as Object Repository for Web UI Elements PageObjects and PageFactory in »

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Who we are

kosmik Technologies is the Best certified Software training in hyderabad kukatpally. we are providing selenium, testing tools, Hadoop, MSBI, Core Java, Tableau, Android, Digital marketing, .net classroom and online training in kphb.

What we do

We build students programming and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support & reach practical recommendations. We bring out the ability of students to fully participate in the training and lead any project work.

Why we are

We have a team of certified and real time faculty working with latest technologies in CMM level top MNC’S.

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